P90x Pull Up Bar Installation - Home Doorway Pull Up Bar

Okay I'm going to show you how to hang up your p90x pull-up bar.

The first thing I want to look for this whole flat piece it has a foam strip on it I'm gonna hang it above the doorframe and it needs to be perfectly in line sometimes when you hang it up it'll end up like crooked like that and that's not safe.

I hang it and then I come around make sure it's smooth. Okay, next thing you want to look at come on to the other side you have foam handles which is where your hands hold all over the place but then here you have this rubber crisscross piece you have one on each side you want to make sure that the rubber is on the doorframe on both sides if you end up putting it off too far now this tube is going to make a dent in your wall you don't want that.

Just try to Center it.

P90x Pull Up Bar Installation - Home Doorway Pull Up Bar

That there's rubber touching both sides of the doorframe. Okay.

I'll do some pull-ups.

You can see that because I'm on this side of the apparatus it's not going to fall off over there I have to lift it for it to come down I pull down it's going nowhere I'm going ups and pull ups it doesn't fall off the wall throw do with your chair coming here right there use one foot like that use two feet. However, you want.

I'm going to show you how you can use your tubing if you don't want to actually pull up or use a chair hook your tubing over anywhere there's all kinds of loops anywhere you want to do it and then you can back up the fur you bag up the heart it's going to be but then you can use this there's all kinds of examples there's always somebody showing an example how to use the tubes that's it but it's a good place to hang your tube and wait we want to work we want to work like your lats and you want to have it wider just hook it through. Okay.

I'm coming around yeah you can see what I did. Okay, I hooked it through these walls here this was wider that way I can come down and work wider this way and that's it yeah. Okay, now I'm going to show you how to take it off when you're all done.

I just grab it I lift in English and tada it comes off and I'm just going to go hanging up along the closet wearing for the special spot for it no marks no dance and no hardware or bolts or things holes drilled in my wall.

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