PAINT ZOOM Portable Sprayer

Wasting another weekend working overtime on a painting project the uneven coverage of that roller not cutting it tired of battling with the brush had your fill of spills splatters and running up and down ladders say.

Long to those obsolete rollers brushes and paint tray catastrophes because now you can paint like a pro with new spray technology that's.

Advanced it's simple introducing paint zoom the amazing one coat professional power painter that turns any project into a piece of cake now you can transform any ugly space into a designer's showplace in just minutes you just pull the trigger and paint with the paint zoom anyone can paint stained or varnished just type with a superior finish now you can paint like a pro without spending the dough with the paint zoom the paint zoom sprayer is made of ultra light ultra durable construction grade materials to last for years inside the portable power pack is an industrial-strength 650 watt motor that delivers the power you need for the biggest projects just pull the trigger and the paint zoom delivers the perfect amount of paint to any surface you can dial in the coverage you want for vertical or horizontal painting there's even a pinpoint setting to get you into the tightest spaces and places rollers and brushes can't reach the paint zoom does the hard work for you painting and just minutes all of those surfaces that would take you hours with a brush and roller paint flat walls stucco brick paneling concrete wood and.

Much more now you can bring knickknacks and worn-out antiques up from the basement and back to life at Living Color to damage the deteriorated furniture the paint zoom turns back the hands of time turns trash into treasure and turns an ordinary house into a magnificent home and it does it all in one coat cutting your time and paint cost in half now you can paint like a pro with the paint zoom.

PAINT ZOOM Portable Sprayer

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