Paul's Food Comparison Videos - Candy Corn! - Brach's vs. Island Snacks

Good evening boys and ghouls and welcome to another Paul's food comparison videos you may be asking yourself where is Paul you probably won't be seeing him anytime soon I am known as the dark comparison ER hahaha it's halloween time it's time for trick-or-treating and no trick-or-treating and be complete without candy corn haha hope that tastes like candy the brand name Wacha's 10 branches what Broca's I'm not sure how to say that the one that you all grew up with eating as a child but wait another candy corn that's right what is this Oh snacks can't be caught because if there's one thing I want when i'm on vacation enjoying my time at a tropical island it's candy corn all likes to do his blind taste tests i have two cops here and I'm just going to uh well let's see how how am I going to do this I didn't think this through have to put one of them in one pop but not now you know what just one moment hey buddy can you do me a favor and come into my room real quick please come in hi I'm so sorry oh I got some candy corn here and i'm doing a blind taste test okay oh thank you so much um wow I found my candy corn ready to go do I have a mouth hole hmm but now let's try this can be called haha very interesting to be honest I thought they were going to taste exactly the same the candy corn in my left hand tasted a little sweeter odd had a better texture that the one in my right hand let's turn this cup around and see which one win the battle of the candy corn hahaha Island snacks candy corn really seriously freaking ala little snacks this it says since nineteen and for how is this even possible ha this year when you're out trick-or-treating make sure the adults give you and then snacks candy corn not only is it candy but it's also vegetable that's all for this episode of Paul's food comparison videos happy Halloween
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