I don't know hi everyone at home I think Bobby over here is having a little bit of a fit hey sorry. Okay, move you're.

Excited you can't move but you are shaking that's right Bobby it is the paw Patrol and. This is a brand new toy from Spin Master it's chases spy cruiser now. This is brand new and it should be hitting the store shelves here pretty soon as from Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon has da paw patrol don't they Bobby Wow Oh essentially Nick jr. it's a great show you've got to check it out and. This is one of the new toys for 2015 it's chases spy cruiser it comes with a little chase right here on the top and his spy cruiser and he's also got a drone say Houston spine case turns our first island well that's what he uses his drone for.

He can see things and do really cool paw patrol things Bobby Wow you can see here on the back look at that Wow thank you same it out here from me to you yeah it is it's a little different then the drone on the back is black while the drone on the actual one in the front is just a silver car but it's basically the same and it does attached on the vehicle and detain.

That he can go on a secret spy missions wha from the look out with the other paw patrol yeah puppies yeah with the other paw patrol puppies that's right well. This is a fun toy for 2015 I think what we need to do now is we need to use fast forward motion time.


That everyone can see us open this up and be sure to keep watching too because we're going to do a fun playtime video and we also are playing our fine mini Thomas game.

When you see mini Thomas in the video put in the comments where you see him Wow. All right, let's go use fast forward motion time. Okay, Bobby yeah. This is a k-pop with trust Tara well I'm glad you like it. This is what comes in the packaging you get Chase's drone right here that's made of plastic and it's silver you also get chased here's Chase look at it oh come yeah he's got a different hat to spy hat and he's ready for spy action look he's got on his spy boots too whoa his head is articulated it does move back and forth and his legs do mu2.

Basically on dog standard he is fully articulated Bobby and also to it comes with the cruiser Wow and what you do Bobby's you take you a little drone right here and it will fit and launcher on top of the crew I've got two done and then we pick it up put it in there and look at it it's ready to be launched on a spy mission with chase and chase also fits right inside the cruiser.

He can ride along on a spy mission well chases vehicle is the number two vehicle you can see it right there and it rolls because those tires do move it's made of plastic and. This is for three and up why I gotta craving well I knew you'd be saying that Bob because Bobby loves his playtime and I think if we use our imaginations really hard we can come up with a great story for chases cruiser spy vehicle whoa let's go use it chases spy vehicle and do some playtime whoa we bleep chase do you read Mary Goodwin called and said the precious is missing and we think he might be in the area that you are in right now we need you to use your drone to go look for him I'll do that writer. Okay, drone it's launching drone now Shh the drone should be coming up on something here really soon oh wow what is that oh I think I found precious let's go there's precious mmm mmm ooh wow precious we've been looking everywhere for you Oh precious you should have told us you're going to go play in the sandbox then we would have known where you were at. All right, precious let's get you back home because they're worried about you it's time to go. All right, let's get back did you have fun Bobby yeah there was.

Much fun notices kind of way Hey yeah he was trying to get away wasn't he that was all fun adventure Bobby wahoo laughs well I'm glad you liked it hopi you at home enjoyed it too and I hope you have just as much fun with your imagination and this brand-new toy from Spin Master and the paw Patrol whoa well be sure to subscribe to us here on toy time TV for more great reviews on play videos just like this one with me and my orange / Bobby yeah yeah he does he is a great imagination too and also stay tuned to the end of this video for other videos you can click on and go watch of ours here on toy time TV well thanks again for watching all the way through and we'll see you next time say bye Bobby yeah I'll help me change yes Bobby don't forget to tell them about promise yeah and also be sure to make make sure that you put in the comments where you solve many Thomas in this video too yeah alright well we'll see you next time bye everyone ah be sure to click on these other videos to go see some more great stuff here on boy time TV also be sure to subscribe now you're watching on a tablet or a cell phone you can click on this video over here as it pops off you.

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