Paw Patrol Ionix Jr Lookout Paw Patroller Chase Marshall Rubble Rocky || Keith's Toy Box

Hi everyone welcome to Keith's toy box today get ready to build the world of the paw patrol with today surprise toys the yonex junior paw patrol construction toys build your own paw patrol buildings and visit roles such as Rocky's recycling truck rubbles bulldozer chases Cruiser the lookout the paw patroller and rescue Marshall.

Let's take a look at each one of them starting with the knockout this ionics junior construction playset comes with 20 bricks and allows you to build the base of the tower the Marshall figure and his fire truck the lookout also doubles as a storage container for storing your block.

Let's open the package and take a look here are the stickers and all the bricks are onyx junior blocks and compatible with mega block.

This parts building our lookout and try it out very good awesome rock yeah only absolute pop true double next let's take a look at the avionics G near paw patroller with over 38 pieces it has real working wheels a cabin for Robo dog which is already included and lots of basic brakes.

Paw Patrol Ionix Jr Lookout Paw Patroller Chase Marshall Rubble Rocky || Keith's Toy Box

Let's open the box and take a look here are all the pieces now the pocket watch use me for you now be revolutionaries anarchy next let's take a look at the yonex Junior chases police cruisers it comes with a real working winch and storage for your blocks the police cruiser comes with nine risks including the chase finger there's cheese it looks awesome and look at this face you can turn your head left and right and you have to stop the doctor put in his contacts and here's where you're working with one two three four five six seven eight nine there you go like this ascertain you can start all your blocks inside the police cruisers which also doubles as a storage next let's take a look at rubbles bulldozer the comes inside Rick's including the rebel figure and the year and bucket scoop.

Let's remove the target tiles and try it out there's rubble rubble on the double he's got look at the nose and really push him along the bucket scoop is completely movable you can pull up close or extend it open or you can also move it up and down now let's use the bucket tool to try picking up me laughs now let's bring this to the side there are also starts at the side.

You can build on them let's dig in then let's take a look at Rocky's recycling truck green means go it comes with a moving forklift real working wheels and lots of storage for your blocks at the back of the truck.

Let's remove the tag and ties and check it out let's take a closer look at Rocky he can move his head left and right and has great details just like in the show this three extra bricks four more three in the back of the truck has funds on them.

You can build in them his moving forklift is.

Cool you can actually put bricks on them and the back of the truck has lots of storage for your great don't use it reuse it yes try using 240th lastly let's take a look at rescue Marshall a teacher's p.m. commercial with an x-ray medical scanner pop pack you can also blow this ambulance and customize your clip Snickers.

That open the box we'll check it out here's some bandages more stickers.

Let's start building then let's build Marshalls ambulance now for the stickers Wow Marshall laughing we decided look at his loss and pop back it's awesome x-ray let's just pop back and you even have to slice one saw a bit helmet off and cool helmet just like the shawl I can do scanner and first you can use x-ray. This is a very very awesome Wow let's check out it try let's put Marshall and sighs it look. This is a walk one because that doors in the back and a number for me.

Small there's a fire postage conspire to fetch my details like a shawl we will either bring my darn again regret I seem to have any broken bones there's one chickaletta actually has two sides the second one shows an injury that can come out in the x-ray now for more fun we can combine all the ionic jr. paw patrol construction toys and recreate our own missions oh go boom Marshall go go go go go go go oh oh oh oh oh rocky oh oh oh oh Marshall [Applause] awesome novels going to roll down it tonight down ha ha robo-dog ha ha.

Those are the Onyx junior paw patrol construction toys can connect this video or tell us what you think in the comments below thanks for watching Keith's toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos.

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