Paw Patrol Lookout Tower Mission Pups Peppa Pig’s Deluxe Treehouse Rescue Custom Cubeez Play-Doh

Peppa Pig and her friends are playing at the treehouse we this swing is fun look at how fast I can go wheee wow that was cool oh ok George pig be careful while you're riding that bike I'll be fine pepper just to do I'm back Suzy let's finish our Tea Party hmm this tea is delicious oh thanks Peppa I use a new recipe let's go stomp in the mud oh no Peppa you go ahead. Okay, Suzy somebody help me help me oh no that sounds like good feet George what happened he'll help me he'll hold on George let me see if I can move the rock oh no he's ruptured too heavy I can't move in by myself somebody help us hey paw Patrol Peppa Pig needs our help George pig is trapped under a pile of rocks at the treehouse in order to save him you all have to turn into mission trucks.

You'll need to put together chases magic puff house first. Okay, Ryder and after that we'll use our mission here and we'll save George pig there's five more.

You guys have to hurry get together the magic clubhouse.

You can say Peppa I'll see you soon. Okay, paw Patrol in order to say George P we have to put together this magic clubhouse let's get to [Music]. Okay, everybody let's help the paw patrol put together the magic cup house here we have the front of the pup house we'll start out building the sides we'll take this big piece and place it right here and next we'll place the smaller piece behind it there will place another big piece on top to connect these pieces and then we'll place another big piece right behind that piece and next we'll stack another big piece on top of this piece and another one on top of the next piece now we'll do the same exact thing for the other side of the pup house now that resizer finished let's do the top of the house we'll take our two long pieces to connect the top pieces great and now we'll just add the two smaller pieces on the side next we'll put on the roof now let's add the red and the blue light to the roof let's apply all of these stickers and then we're done chases magic the house is completely [Applause]. Okay, paw patrol pups let's turn you into mission pups rubble you're first here we have rubble and his yellow minor vehicle rocky you have next Rocky's missing vehicle is a green repair cart next up we have Marshall Marshalls mission vehicle is a red rescue Rover come on chase you're next let you chase here's mission vehicle is a blue 3 wheeler. Okay, sky your next Sky's mission vehicle is a painting grey sky cycle thanks a lot guys for helping the paw patrol change into mission pokes now let's go save George key but all Jorge want you to help you. Okay, paw patrol let's move these rocks thanks my paw patrol for saving me thank you very much paw patrol for say to my brother it's ok pepper that's what we're here for enjoys you be careful when you're riding your bike I will oh no I'm positive the classes are on fire with yes Marsh is here to help us put out the fire thanks Marshall let's open some really cool Papa Joe toys and we will also find out what's inside of these really neat Papa Joe's line boxes give us a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe let's get started have fun paw patrol toy here's a rescue Marshall say this set is.

Paw Patrol Lookout Tower Mission Pups Peppa Pig’s Deluxe Treehouse Rescue Custom Cubeez Play-Doh

Cool because it comes with an ambulance and a muscle action figure if the patient is really safe Marshall can put them in the back of the ambulance and take them to the hospital while marshals that was quick let's open your surprise in case you have another emergency lots of surprises and red jelly beans oh that's cool does Sophia she's the kinda Moya Princess Sofia the first it looks like morsels taken Sophia on his next rescue our next toy is the honor roll change whoo this set comes with the deluxe police cruiser and a chase action figure it's vehicle is super cool because his police cruiser can transform into a dollhouse transforming kicks it into action that was fun now I've found that what's this out of traces blue Finn oh that's just mouth he's the young adventurer from mouth from Tomorrowland our next is writer from the paw patrol and he's on an ATV why do you. This is a TV to the lawn rescue missions and save the day let's find out what the pasta sent by the slight limp and we got parents from the angry birds parent is the large red angry bird to must to keep to himself our next paw patrol toy is average snowmobile care how that's awesome this kit comes with a snowmobile and an Everest action figure every face today by using the snowplow with moving claws on the front to clear the road I can't wait to find out what's inside of every Purple Panda that's fungus from the lion guard alright yeah almost as much as cayenne and foliage on this paw patrol toy is a jumbo die action pub star is the adorable aviation post from the paw patrol this guy action Pope is really amazing because once you release her wings she can fly to the rescue now McDonough what's her status stars pink al-ahzar Moscow this strawberry-scented bass from Toy Story it looks like he's holding a chain a next popper 220 is level cranky this set comes with one kind vehicle and one ruble figure I think this figure is pretty neat because it has a moveable scoop for digging and a crane I can't wait to find out what's inside of rubble yellow sands bubbles upon is hitting a yummy yellow bubbles [Applause] that time at the crest good finding Dory I'm trying to take his tell me oh but it doesn't come off how cool that was your abiding in on the covercraft he sees through the water on a tub oh crap whenever a water rescue is needed let's find out what's inside of jump oh that's the transformer Jojo and vehicle mode and he has a weapon you can mine oh that was cool I'm next paw patrol toy is a wacky play back this set comes with a really cool recycling truck and a wacky figure if a sparkling truck is really neat it has life and sounds and parts their move I just left out the back of the truck really open I think this paw patrol toy is one of my favorite I'll ask the pod is a start of bunny string ten oh my god daddy but your ass I'm doc McStuffins we hope you enjoyed the video give us a like and share with all of your friends thanks for watching cuz there's a stop button to subscribe to our Channel or you can click on a picture to play another fun video.

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