PAW PATROL "Mission Chase" Robot & Super Rubble Action Pup by EpicToyChannel

From paw patrol we have mission chase it comes with 24 missions and over a hundred of phrases you pushes bad Jenny talk you've got is a little net launcher and you've got a light.

We have a bulldozer with the cream let me see the cream there and look at it does it work.

The rubble comes out there's the cream can get long look at that hey gonna pick up something oh good job rubble on the double. Okay, we've got chase all out of the box are you guys.

Excited whoa how do you launch the net can you hold this and then speak in this megaphone whoa did you see that it made your voice loud oh oh and there's the light on those backpacks you getting ready for the next mission. This is you need to make a phone they kept in turbit this man gave me down Oh breath let's try to help him now you try use the megaphone and call Jake that's the light that's that's light now use the megaphone Statham is.



We got super rubble in this awesome cheese.

Cool kick it make sure to let us know in the comments below which of these are the you look super rubble or this giant adventure chase. Okay, kids be sure to hit subscribe and give us a your big thumbs up and we'll see you next time.

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