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And what I love these days for a king convinces to take a nice ride on the tracks that are these troubles no look like elephant recap go right Oh what I'm gonna happen to him god stop it he's trying to run from the bottom jaw are you. Okay, how's the job he knew I was just over here traveling on the train track and put him in an hour no the treasure and he tipped me over I know I can't get back on the train track I know no listen Godzilla is finally rebels paw Patrol Julius Thomas alone we're here on a rescue mission Oh cause he doesn't do and it's right on the faucet roll around another stop job a fight with Godzilla we're trying to save Tunsil Tank Engine and the paw patroller we don't worry writer Oh find a way to help you guys out it didn't hang in here I got no eat you because he doesn't do don't worry rubble well she doesn't she's gonna help out convinced about Oh nothing right everyone applaud not with the train with no sirens ominous harvesting brother yes yes papa tremendous BBQ crooner is the perfect way to house the paw Patrol now let me show you thanks paw patrol missions are missing Cruiser it's a cool Cruiser turn by Robo dog I know hold on there he is right there generating a drug emission Cruiser that's super cool it's got all the results all the pups inside of it and it even makes oh my oh my god come on even as a pop up screen she could get important missions out of it hot open and then you can even load amazing cars back future missions are it watches the vehicles right out of the side of a mission cruiser for you oh it was like that struggle is bars burn.

Christine is the mission here please she took out their special vehicles that caught sight of the mission cruiser oh you even got the vehicle check it out Rocky is your fare card oh that's really cool rocky can use it your paracord ribeiro and we've got chick and it's Brad wheeler I'm Jade look at this tree wheeler looks like it's perfect in the mystic cruiser oh my goodness and we've even got Marshall and rescue broker the other vehicles go with mission cards go we could put the mission card as a mystery critter and see what the paw patrol mission is yeah anyway, you guys read all of the paw patrol mission Tom mission cruiser concocting we can say brother and rötteln Thomas and I've gone Makos men. Okay, the paw patrol mission our mission cruiser in all of their mission Padma and Robyn Thomas from Ghana which let's take a closer look at the paw patrol involvement and Cooper and the paw patrol mission but if you would let me do my job it is a cruiser this thing is amazing look when you push the button it opens up this out. This is where all the missions house in their vehicles can go and up here before you put all of this special mission cards that comes with these. This is the mission card that came with Robo dog Robo dog comes to the mission cruisers and he's got his own vehicle compete you can put him inside of the vehicle like this and you can put them in here doo doo doo doo doo and look. This is where as missing cart goes go pry it out here there's a mission cruiser now that the Super's is gone there's missing their kid and now that I see goodness God and then when you push the button on the top of the mission cruiser it makes cool faucet or poison-free oh and look at this look at the back of the mission cruiser it opened up to that way put keep right back here you can put more up back there or over dog back there and over here you know what this opens up to see and. This is where home dog can drive a real mission cruiser and see back here there's three buttons and we can push them you put the cards in.

The other side in order to come out look like we'll put a rock color it does go back into your car put it right over here and then why leave like the button does robo-dog outside every room here's changes wishing heart. Okay, turn it and then what picture changes oh that's pretty neat oh yeah up here changes Wow that's pretty scary Honda clipper - looks good there that was good there it does good that's their hair stuff Oh rocky on accordingly where's Rocky stereo there's rocky right there and now rocky good that Rocky's over there Wow amazing they both inside of a ninja cruiser it's rusty Roper is my soul I like this one it's a fire truck dynasty put it right in here I'm looking the commercial car recalls the drinking put another paw patrol vehicle like Skye's helicopter woman to perform minutes are you going to need a big accomplishment your commission cruiser the other paw patrol popped up it seems we can save Ryder's control and apologize and Thomas yeah good idea of coins you dozen to. Okay, call that. Okay, robot you have to try bit you got to put your card in the back back there you can't overdose get in the cab you got a try god you're gonna have to come with it you better get in the front row dog we're going to need your helicopter for this mission are you guys ready let's go only right there oh my god let's see Holy Smoke hey they really got dude it really does have rubble in Ryder look look it's the paw patrol mission closer demo see here to help. Okay, guys come on out of the cap we need you to get your helicopter down there. Okay, no problem peace guys what you're a doctor. Okay, [Music]. Okay, sorry Thomas I'm here to help boy I'm sure glad to see you yeah don't worry I'm just going to get over here use my hook rocky I haven't helped you better come to track daddy going honest good as new thanks Rocky I sure appreciate it. Okay, go ahead solid you can run over tracks again I'll get out of your way so. This is take a run on this game thanks paw Patrol nice jump up it totally worked Thomas back on the track and Godzilla safely home the paw Patrol totally syncretic and rough and thomas broken up and it's all thanks to the paw patrol mission common cruiser yeah I can't believe alcoholics mission cruiser anyway, guys we're going to keep going on rescue me sis with some missing Cruiser now we're working on guys don't forget to subscribe to the channel and like the video with all your friends about the video in wine I've picked up some other videos where the gentle and we love you guys we looked at paw patrol.

We both got go up I will see you guys soon go slow because bye.

Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Godzilla Attack !  || Toy Reviews || Konas2002

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