Hey guys! welcome to. Okay, what do we have today what is all this right here looks like brand new one brand new prophet joel but they were different what are they the sole mission paw yeah they Scout a mine you. Okay, you did it well yes all kinds of new vehicles with each new characters for all six character here.

This prequel mission paw paw patrol and check it out they've got these animated mission paw cars.

It looks like these paw cars they go in a they go in the pup pad and they're going to Ryder's pup pad you think let's flip around let's flip around chase here see what it says yeah right there mission pups are on the can figure can ride inside the car and well look at that works with a mission cruiser oh that's pretty cool but there's all the characters right there in all the different vehicles though should we open these vehicles up in these characters up and check out their new letter new outfits pretty cool new off mr. Skye and Zuma and who's that the yellow one yellow I said yellow yellow rubble chase and Marshall red and rocky agree right. Okay.

Let's open these up and check them out. All right.


We got them out of the box and look at them they look pretty cool though they yeah yeah they do. Okay, we've got Zuma and what Zuma's vehicle called you know em goomer azula's hydro Expedia Zuma's hide risky. Okay, and the next is rocky in which Rocky's called mm repair cart Rocky's repair card. Okay, and then next is chase and what's it called ah now a three wheeler chases three wheeler. Okay, and then next is Marshall what's Marshalls called.

Rescue Rover here's the rescue Rover and then sky and it guys called cycle sky cycle yeah cycle. All right, and then rubble rubble on the double what is called mini Minard. Okay, mini-minor. Okay.

Here we go why don't you go ahead and put Zuma in his vehicle let's zoom in the vehicle and the hydro ski. Okay, you put rocky in some case in the three wheeler and Marshall in the rescue Rover and sky in the Cyclops and rubble in the mood -. Okay.

We have all the pups in their vehicles but it doesn't look right what's going on here why are these cars different colors and not lined up we do we fix that and put them where they should go let's match them up going anywhere whoa whoa cool I think we're thinking red with red and green and the T uh there we go there. Okay, this one is orange that'll do much okay. All right, let's check me though these are the card mission cards I can go with the cool new top pad. Okay, look at that how it changes see how that changes that's pretty clear Azula let's go on to Rocky what is Rocky's mission who is that who that patinas better man Wow yeah. Okay.

There's rocky. All right, now what's chases Oh Jaime oh yeah he disappeared he made the paw Patrol or disappeared Oh No. Okay, let's see what's Marshall a little bird a little owl if you get a regular bird rescue all oh. Okay, and then what Skye's card right here what's your mission um oh no all the packages has to be delivered yeah that was it yeah and rocky bozo that's very cool. Okay, and then what's the last one rubbles last one is oh he comes through and rescues who I think a prison break through the wall and rescue the princess oh that's pretty quick right back down oh no sky get sky back in her vehicle oh but also doesn't Sky's vehicle do something different don't you show me oh that's cool it turns into a hovercraft very cool yeah lotion you just flip out these wheels like that Wow oh yeah or you put them in and it can be a cycle.

As managing. Okay, let's put the wheels out just to be a hovercraft oh I never get there. Okay, then does rubble do anything this kind of spins a little bit but he doesn't really do anything. Okay, let's be Marshalls rescue Rover look put them in there put them in here did you didn't really do anything though they just roll. Okay, let's keep cases three-wheeler doing anything cool. Okay, and let's see rocky his digital claw back here kind of spins around that's cool. Okay, and then what about Zuma zuma is hydro ski it looks like a pretty cool jet ski that decline the water entry clear the beach. Okay, well then I can touch base vehicles are pretty cool right what happened oh no this should go right here to rocky right and this red one Oh ddddd oh it goes a Marshall and this one goes that one and that will go to this one there we go went out we got them all set up. All right, here comes Rocky ways I guess that's not Rocky is it Oh max here comes Numa oh that's not ours hmm next we have sky in her cycle hey what's going on that's not nice and it's not sky to do next is chase hey hey chase how you doing wait come on that's not Jake that's lucky check it out here here comes Marshall check out that way second bedroom where are you doing in Marshall vehicle yeah and last is rubble and here's trouble he's in his right hand level good job rubble on the double. Okay, now hopefully when they come back these pups in the right vehicles here comes rubble and right wait that's God guys guy what are you did here comes chase oh man not again that's lucky rocky get out you. Okay, next is Marshall and Michael no but what are you doing get out here you up next here comes humor and wait it says what are you doing. Okay, and now we have rocky and rocky rubble what are you doing get out of Rocky's vehicle right now. Okay, laughs is ow man it Marshall Marshall and Marshalls switching to hovercraft mode because you take Skye's vehicle back right now. Okay, hopefully they're in the right vehicle this time and who that yes Jake Jake is on the case he's 300 he came out. Okay, let it go hello check out a three we'll be right there whoa that one oh good job for these three families. Okay, okay good god he's on the case. This is rubble whoa like a little excuse me look very good me that's how I won hope let's try this out oh there we go good rubble rubble on the double that is rocky rocky in his repressed heart. Okay, rocky didn't do it we will check out that new red hair oh no he fell out of his repair Park let's see some freestyle freestyle moves got to put it in here where are we good Oh check that open all rocky rocky says what wait panting green means go. Okay, rocky green means go Daphne is Marshall in his rescue Rover check em out. Okay, Oh Marshall you are a crazy driver are you sure you're a good firefighter driverless to drive the crew without crashed crashing doesn't Yolo Yolo and marshmallow traffic and everybody right want me Oh would you know what a good there we go okay. All right, Marshall good job what's Marshall say fire it up Nexxus sky n sky is inter cycle cycle. Okay, guys let's see what you can do baby that's our energy stay in that go check out the flip oh look at that now let's put your - a hovercraft like this oh look at that move right there oh she stayed up and she is out oh no. Okay, good job guys and sky says what what take these guys. Okay, exactly next is Duma Oh yuck it is hydro cycle right a hydro ski right. Okay, boom already what good news Larry's peed in that barn anything one more time with real-life jicama whoa did you see that was pretty cool. Okay, what is Dumas a guy named let's dive in. Okay, Zuma dive in Oh Blake easily whoa that was later quick oh no it was judge Marshall rather fast work to do Krieger oh man okay. All right, mark let's get out of here that lightning squeeze family. All right.

These paw patrol pups with their new mission ha vehicles are pretty cool aren't they.

Let's line them up in order can we do that lets the chase is number two right yeah who's number one Ryder go chase his number two then who's number three Marshall then Marshall. Okay, chase Devon Marshall number three then who's number four God God number four then it was on the side rocki rocki then who's number six Oh rubble and then who's number seven Zuma. Okay.

We have Ryder always Ryder we'll just put them right here and then we have two is Jace three is Marshall for the sky five is rocky and six is level at seven is Zuma well that's it for this episode of Chantal make sure you check out my channel for more profit rule mission haul videos and for more exciting toys do you like seeing really cool and exciting toys then select a video to see really awesome toys from the Show and Tell toys channel there are.

Many cool toy videos which one are you going to pick you.

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