Paw Patrol Mission Paw Mission Cruiser Robo Dog || Keiths Toy Box

Hi everyone welcome to Keith's toy box get ready for a possum adventure with today's surprise toy the paw patrol mission paw mission cruisers thanks to Spin Master for sending this to us it's the newest paw patrol team vehicle for going on rescue missions load up the paw patrol pups in their mission for many vehicles and launch them to save the day aside from effective paw patrol sound it also comes with Robo dog and his mission Paul Muni vehicle just push the levers at the back of the truck to large all the missions haul vehicles it also comes with a pop-up screen in an animated mission Paul car that works with a mission prep pad.

Just open the box and check it out there's everything including the instructions check out this Robo dog figure and his vicious halt mini vehicle nice right the notches are for putting Robo dog in a vehicle security and here is the animated mission hall card it's animated because the picture changes when we ship it in the light awesome now check out the efficient Cruiser.

Awesome it even has a control deck or a driving death here's the back where you can push this picture to launch your vehicle you can put some putts in here on load up all the missions Hall vehicles in here and. This is how pushing delivers at the back launches the vehicle paw Patrol were on a roll turn for another ruff ruff rescue mission let's check out the pop-up screen within the animated mission work hard the button doesn't correspond to the mission hall card that only works with a mission outside.

The top of screen is read anymore to display the current mission kapaa that you're using here are all the enemies admission hall cards have come with a mission foot pad they all work with a pop-up screen - let's try some of them in the control back we can put in robo-dog and right there to command the vehicle this rider figure comes from the pottery vehicle paw patrol paw patrol theater on the double now let's compare the robot dog that comes through the mission Cringer with a Robo dog that comes with the air patroller you can't move any of its legs but you can turn your head left and right while this rebel dog is an Action Pack pup.

Paw Patrol Mission Paw Mission Cruiser Robo Dog || Keiths Toy Box

We can press don't have to open your foot pad we can move all his forelegs and here's this vicious paw we need be people let's make him riding and get ready for his last mission oh. This is emergency in barking bird trouble dog to the mission to here now here's the mission curve in mix new the paw patroller you can see that it's a lot smaller and here is this next to the pottery in vehicles but what's a mission without the top here's the mission Krueger with all the paw patrol mission tommy' vehicles awesome there's rocks repair cart Zuma's hydro ski sky cycle of course Robo dogs new vehicle that comes with a cruiser chases three wheeler marshals rescue Rover and rubbles mini-minor pups there's an emergency in barking bird cage special level to the mission cruisers there's also a slot on top of the cruiser for Skype psycho command on it cool right paw patrol were on a roll paw patrol paw patrol be there on the double no job too big no pup Simone we're on a roll it's much time Marshall Skye.

That's the paw patrol mission paw mission cruiser thanks to Spin Master for sending this to us please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below thanks for watching Keith's toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos remember always share what you have.

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