Paw Patrol Mission Paw Rubble Mini Miner || Keiths Toy Box

Hi everyone welcome to Keith's toy box get ready for another possum adventure with today's surprise toy the paw patrol mission pas rubbles mini-minor it comes with the vehicle a rumble mission pas figures and an animated mission Hawk hard.

Let's open the box and check it out there it is and it comes with a mission tall giveaway where you can enter a special promo code for a chance to win a profitable birthday party or a mission polities [Applause] there's also a checklist of the mission hot toys that you can collect now let's check out the animated mission hall card it's animated because when you shift it in the light texture changes see that cool right and here is the mini minor.

Cute. This is actually Keith's favorite the drill in fact actually turns and look at all the nice details it also comes with two notches.

Rubble can ride security inside and there's trouble he's.

Paw Patrol Mission Paw Rubble Mini Miner || Keiths Toy Box

Adorable he's got on his mission Paul gears he is also not an action pup pack.

You can't open his pup pack but you can turn his head left and right and will be a sprog paws up and down let's put rebel in his leg E minor rubble on the double now let's take the pup pad and try out the mission card thank you and your maybe finer biggest marshal on you and your friend : ah partial I just feel that your question now here are all the missions all vehicles and the mission cruisers awesome there's Rocky's rescue cart Zuma's hydro ski sky cycle Robo dog and Robo dogs mission paw vehicle that comes with a mission cruiser Chase's three-wheeler Marshalls rescue Rover and Robles mini-minor top there's an emergency and barking bird she's washing double to the mission cruiser paw patrol we're on a roll paw patrol paw patrol be there on the double no job too big no pup still small we're on a roll it's Marshall Skye.

That's the paw patrol mission Paro boasts mini-minor please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below thanks for watching Keith's toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos remember always be honest.

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