PAW PATROL MISSION PAW SEA PATROL TOY COLLECTION Sea Patroller Sea patrol vehicles Mission Paw KIDS!

hey there toy time TV'ers years don't go anywhere because you're going to love this paw patrol toy collection video where we get to sea patrol the sea patrol characters know a lot of other cool things but first I want to tell you about this toy right here if you subscribe to us right now by clicking over oh right underneath the arrow you'll get to see a future video where we unbox and play with this really cool sea patrol beach tower toy whoa well guys if you love the paw patrol and you love paw patrol toys give this video a like right now and don't go anywhere because we're about to blow your mind with tons and tons of paw patrol toy toy time TV look everyone it's the sea patroller and it's bringing something really cool if you subscribe like I said you get to see a cool toy video with this brand new Chase and Marshall rescue jet ski from sea patrol paw patrol collection oh hello there's.

Much fun I can't we can floss all those but first guys I'm going to show you all of our sea patrol toys look. This is a sea patroller. This is one of my favorites it's.

Huge as turn into a boat pull that back push that down and now it's the sea patroller boat it's like a transformer it's transformed into look at that oh it transform into a vehicle it's.

Cool it rolls real I kind of do this.

PAW PATROL MISSION PAW SEA PATROL TOY COLLECTION Sea Patroller Sea patrol vehicles Mission Paw KIDS!

Weird it is.

Funny I love the sea patroller now. This is one of the new ski patrol vehicle we've got even more over here bring in a locked opposed here.

That he can see what's going on too and well load off our cannon because you never know who needs rescuing oh boy oh boy hey looky here our first sea patrol vehicle to leave that it's shy and it's this guy's seaplane it's pretty cool look at that oh wow I love the sea patrol and the sea patrol are awesome we've also got chase chase is on the case in his sea patrol boat like if you see patrol boat in that really awesome yes it is oh wow but gets to look at Chase he looks.

Cool you really does he looks.

Awesome doesn't he yeah and look but I got idea there's rocky rocky in his the patrol garbage truck or recycling truck it looks.

Awesome got rocky in it - hey Rocky what you doing.

Lame chemistry and.

We'll go ahead and put rocky back in there and it's kind of cool too because you put stuff in the back also that's really awesome and rocky can move his little arms but. This is three of the sea patrol vehicles any bring in another one rubble in his sea patrol bulldozer it's kind of cool because it transforms let me show you all I have to show you how they all transform I didn't do that I need to do that there's transformed into you to have vehicle right there and yellow fucking doing. This is artwork like that let me show you make sure you're rocky rocky just cool to make transforms transformal Rocky's vehicle Wow look at that that's pretty cool isn't it whoa he's an underwater recycling pup the sea patrol vehicles are awesome and of course. This is chases chases vehicle of PA 1515 oh my god pull it this way.

She fell out and it's on tires moving around hits the water and boom it's look and of course we can't shake this guy guys get is from this right here was just moving along like this Tolleson it's an airplane edge tick tock whoa there we go off we've gotten Zuma here comes in Zuma and his focus and his boat contains something really interesting his boat is a transformer to use the transforms into these arms.

that he can grab things underwater Wow that's rakul isn't it whoa Zuma you're awesome thank you can't high let's go ahead and fold up his arms Zuma the number 7 vehicle I'll put him over here and here comes Oh Marshall Marshall is in his patrol boat now his boat transforms to what it does is then given by v and/or tires fold up that out and it comes like that that's pretty cool isn't it.

Good and I like that in his little book goes we will put them right there now these are all of our sea patrol vehicles but I've got even more let me go get our ski patrol light up pups out here RC patrol light up pumps and the first one is Skye your light up on the back isn't that really cool oh man she's awesome I put her in front of her vehicle right there she can see her and looky here it's Zuma this pups got some light to see on the back his jetpack is ready to go in a sea patrol pup Zuma fashion oh boy I love the paw patrol and let's not forget chase chase is on the case and his lights up too when you press the stop button look at that it's on the top that way these pups from their underwater exploring and rescuing they're able to save the day and use the lights to see what's going on let's go ahead and move him back I love his propellers on the back look at that.

cool oh wow Chase is.

Awesome and our next light up pup is rocky and Rocky's little torch lights up because rocky is a recycling pup that means he's are going to find anything we can to recycle under the water the day oh wow Rocky is awesome rocky the recycling pub can looky here it's rubble rubble on the double and he's got a little light on his little spinner thing on the top is minor.

He's able to save the day and get out of a cave or anything like that that might fall in on them oh and lookie lookie here it's Marshall and Marshalls got his bubble cannon right there he had lights up that's pretty cool then and we also have brighter ZTV but it goes in the sea patroller.

We'll put it back there and the sea patroller is really neat because it's got all kinds of cool things like sounds and lights oh yeah whoo listen this seagulls and we could take you know sky seaplane and it can land right on the back of the seat patroller like that and that cool oh boy the sea Patrol is awesome and I really love their toys we're kidding we've got some more that we're going to show you too but as soon as we get the reviews done on them and we did a play times and stuff and we'll put them together in a really large nothing but sea patrol toy video here on toy time TV well I also want to show you some other cool things too because not only do we have a sea patrol we've also got the mission cruiser and emission paw puppies come on mission pop up ease come on out and play the mission cruiser I wonder who's driving it no one is driving the mission cruiser.

I wonder what might be inside is in oh boy oh boy . This is kind of scary I'm gonna open it up open it up quiet you don't know what might be inside it might be something besides mission paw puppies from the paw patrol Oh dance mission Papa bees writer must have had the mission cruiser on remote control that's why it looked like no one was driving it oh there goes chase chase is on the key in his low three wheeler and there goes Robo dog in his vehicle and looks stuck sorry Marshall there's Marshall in his rescue Rover here you go guys look at these these are.

Cool these are the mission paw puppies in their small little vehicles aren't they awesome they look really really awesome oh wow look it look it look it look it look at Marshall. Okay, look at look at chase I love these and then we have Robo dog and relaod augs vehicle it's kind of special because it doesn't have a number I still say the number of especially 13 for Robo dog but they didn't want to put it on there because 13 is an unlucky number. Okay, we've got more mission puppies oh here comes rubble rubble rubble on the double in his a mini miner and rocky don't leave it reheat it in his repair cart and here's a Zuma and his hydro glider and last but not least we got sky in her sky cycle now guys guys I was really cool because it transforms into a little hover sky cycle again.

Cool Wow I love the mission puppies and these are really neat because these were actually in a mission pot episode they were in royalty spooked they were in quest for the crown and they're really awesome I love the mission pop ups mission pop ups but we've got more on mission power puppies don't we Bobby whoa well let me back these puppies up up here and I've got something really go over show you guys oh boy oh boy oh boy oh hey oh I hear a helicopter I wonder who it is look it's submission off air patroller the air patroller mission paw patroller looks almost identical to the air patroller the only difference is the color now I love it in the episode of the paw patrol with writer makes the air patroller turn into the mission paw air patroller because it goes into stealth mode and. This is exactly what it looks like and. This is one of the really cool toys that we got from Amazon and it's only available over at Amazon it's got like this cool green green windshield and it's got this cool thing on the back here where we can put a paw patrol puppy in the back if we want to and it's all made of plastic and it's really awesome it's got some cool sound effects and of course the air patroller is the number 10 vehicle of the paw patrol vehicles oh boy oh boy I'm going to put this down over here because I've got even more stuff that you are you oh no no no no no no it's Chase's mission cruiser but where is chase oh I've got chase right here a ghost isn't driving his vehicle I was just pushing it along and there's chase and his mission cruiser and we've got rocky and his mission cruiser right here it's not mission cruisers there's a recycling truck what am I saying and these two vehicles our mission pop vehicles now these are cool because they haven't shown these in the cartoon yet and I can't wait until they do because we've got all six of them in our paw patrol collection we've got Marshalls mission paw fire trucks bring him over here.

You can see in there's admission Popeye our trucks it's really awesome and we've got rubbles new mission tall bulldozer move these over at a premium in Sand Key teach one of them see the mission part bulldozer which is really cool-looking it's very unique very different from all the other bulldozers that rubble has had and we've got Zuma's mission paw hovercraft now this one is pretty cool too I really like it also it's got bigger turbines in the back and of course he is the number seven vehicle that it's really awesome and last but not least old boy I'm running out of room move these guys to decide.

We can bring in our last pup here it's guy this pups gotta fly in her mission paw helicopter now all the mission top vehicles have a very unique English and let's bring it over here and show it to you the side will show rubble.

You can see it right there see it's black and it's got their color on it and it's got a circle around it to indicate that's a special special mission and it's a mission paw like when they go into pieces - we and barking bird.

There we go I love the ball patrol really awesome.

You bring you back here because I've got even more mission paw paw patrol puppies to show you these right here are part of our collection some were hard to find like this first one I'm going to show . This is brighter and brighter ism is action Packer munition paw skin board now you've seen this in the cartoon writers been on this before and got his pup pad on the side and he is really ready to go we've also got Skye and her action-packed jet pack remember when Skye said she didn't need a jet pack to shorty had one and fighter gave her a super duper special mission paw backpack that was really cool jet pack and that was really cool I can see it right there.

That's pretty cool and pretty neat guys awesome bring the other pups out here we've got rocky and his mission paw action packed now rocky is special because Rocky's got a radar scanner he presses button his radar scanner goes up and he's able to scan through walls and thinking like he did chase remember it's all chased through all the walls in the very first mission pot and pisode and speaking of chase there's chase he's on the case with his mission paw hook which comes out and he can pull things up - that's pretty cool isn't it it's awesome it's a mission poly tell you a mission paw and we've got right here this will pop this little pup is going on here there we go manfist it Oh me see we've got Marshall and Marshall not being rid of cooperative right now there we go and he's got his wool hydro gun which is like our laser fire cannon remember that oh man that was.

Cool and he was able to cut through that door with it and this being an action-packed Express that and coming out that's awesome and there's a rubble rubble on the double with his action pack grabbing claw the key game his construction fall.

You can grab things oh and they've all got their mission Paul uniforms owning you know when the possible where their mission Paul uniforms it's a special special event and there's going to be some mission paw action in the cartoon show on Nickelodeon oh wow and our last pup is in Zuma and he's got his underwater drone which is right there they walk haul in that cool oh wow I love these action-packed ops but not only do we have the action-packed companies and tubs in the mission top collection we've also got our mission hot air rescue now these are something too that have not been in the cartoon yet I can't wait for them to be in it we've got action pack and then go down under there we go oh there we go we've got action pack Zuma in his mission paw and rescue uniform he's pretty cool isn't he being a hub around in I wish you just turn like in the cartoon.

You could go forward and back in Spain you can go up mean hey come back lucky I mean of Zuma don't go me Ricky I'm sorry Jimmy I mean to call you rocky but we do have rocky right here don't tell me you mutt. Okay, rocky I won't call you and we've got rubble right near rubble rubble on the double staying down there yes and we've got Marshall is right there in stack isn't home with his hat um there's Marshall in his mission paw Air Rescue uniform there's chase and his mission paw arrest uniform and here's Skye and her mission Pop's air rescue Jetta now her Jeff had really souped-up it and she can go like super duper super duper duper fast with that oh wow guys I really hope that you'd like our collection video of the mission pop and the sea Patrol that we have.

Far we're going to have even more we're going to have a video just up our sea patrol toy collection here pretty soon.

Stay tuned for that along with those other two toys that we're going to unbox and have play times and fun fun time with oh man we're going to have.

Much fun with the paw patrol and I hope you really enjoyed the car paw patrol collection video that I've shown you here today I love the paw patrol they make some great toys and we love them it's a mission for everyone here on toy time TV and it's also time for a sea rescue with this bee Patrol well if you like to see patrol and you love the paw patrol mission possibly give this video a like right now also be sure to subscribe to see those other cool videos that we're going to have up here pretty soon because when you subscribe it's all free and you get to see all of our cool paw patrol voice toys that we put up almost every single day because we love paw patrol toys here on tour time all righty we'll see you next time on another fun toy collection here on toy time TV that was lots of fun you can subscribe to tweet I'm TV by touching the little photo of body in the middle of your screen and you can also touch the other photos to watch more videos right now.

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