Paw Patrol Mission Paw Skye Cycle || Keiths Toy Box

Hi everyone welcome to Keith's toy box get ready for another possum adventure with today's surprise toy the paw patrol mission Paul Skycycle it comes with Skye's mission Paul vehicle that actually transforms a sky mission Paul figure and an animated mission Paul card that works with a mission top pad.

Let us open the box and check it out oh very dear and it comes with a mission paw giveaway where you can enter a special promo code for a chance to win a paw patrol risky parties or a mission for toys there's also a checklist of all the missions hot toys that you can collect and there's a skull she's.

Adorable right she's got on her mission paw gear she's also not an action-packed pop.

You can open her pup pack but you can turn her head left and right and move her front paws up and down and here it's really cool trifle check it out I'll have a covering just like a helicopter and that's where she will drive those notches are first finding her securities and here's how it transforms just pull out the wheels like this awesome now I can fly then we can just push the wheels back in to turn it back on every cycle now let's put scram let's take to the sky now let's take the mission top pup pad and try out the mission part hard it's animated because when you shift it in the light the picture changes see that here good wait for help welcome and you 18 they're males a lizard guy I choose your Skycycle rock I kill at your door car ah Rock HQ at your car now if you have the mission cognition Cruiser you can also mess sky on the roof like this.

Paw Patrol Mission Paw Skye Cycle || Keiths Toy Box

Awesome right now here are all the missions all vehicles and the mission cruiser awesome this rocket repair card Zuma's hydro ski Skycycle robodog's mini vehicle that comes for the mission cruiser chases three wheelers marshals rescue Rover and rubbles mini-minor pups there's an emergency in barking bird jeez Marshall rubble to the mission serious paw patrol were on a roll paw patrol paw patrol be there on the double no job too big no pup too small we're on a roll it's much fun Marshall.

That's the paw patrol mission Paul Skycycle please like this video or tell us what you think in the comments below thanks for watching Keith's toy box and remember to subscribe for more videos remember always be kind to others.

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