PAW PATROL Mission Paw Sweetie Surprise Eggs of Chase, Skye & Rocky + Paw Patrol Toys & Family Fun

Skye rocky chase hey guys six watching every to enchant I'm Justin and we have Skye rocky and chase and chase is on the case she got these awesome Play Doh surprise eggs be hiding the pups can you tell them to do they not have eyes let's see if those eyes back here they don't have AI oh that's.

Funny looking wait a second what are these are these oh these are Rocky's whiskers oh look look look look.

See how he has his little whiskers right there yep and right there welcome these are is West guys but they fell off that's.

Funny. Okay.

PAW PATROL Mission Paw Sweetie Surprise Eggs of Chase, Skye & Rocky + Paw Patrol Toys & Family Fun

Who should we open first though in the comments below who you think we should open up first I see wish them won't put them all up at the same time what I think.

Let's take up their glasses to reveal there's nothing behind them. Okay.

Looks like Skye is in a orange egg let's see what color of egg rocky is mate Oh green sweet.

This one must be blue it is a look at their mouth Jason oh no no cases let's let's have let's have rocky go this later is.

Cool we love making double play-doh it's.

Much fun oh and we just got this new play-doh kitchen creators set where you can make all sorts of play-doh food it's really cool oh boy that some time but let's take all this play-doh off.

We can check out the toys or candy or magic surprises inside what if I open it up and I got magical powers that would be the coolest surprise egg ever whoa. Okay.

Rocky Rocky's egg fell.

Do you remember which egg was which this was guys this was Rocky's this was chases.

At brand will fall out Oh should we vote alright guys you should vote on your favorite toys that come out of these eggs that'll be fun that will be folks oh my favorite toys are back there jumbo Marshall jumbo rocky jumbo sky those are pretty cool Oh in the mission paw paw patrol vehicle and the paw patrol air rescue vehicle those are.

Cool -.

Let's vote on our favorite toys that come out of these play-doh surprise eggs oh and Sweetie you know the new villain from the paw patrol she's pretty tough and pretty legendary I would say what do you think what do you think of sweetie let us know in the comments below because we read all your comments ok every single one we read doc McStuffins verse Peter Pan verse Jake which one of these do you think should win let me know ok let me know wait a second what is jungle Zuma doing inside of Skye's play-doh head a hole cool and tracker was inside up who's in the middle rocky rocky and Apollo these are cool Apollo was inside of chases let's keep going let's keep going I feel something down here I feel like an egg Oh Arisa stupid egg. Okay.

Reese's versus because you see that vs. Oh a tiny technique she opens up don't play with knives I'm a trained professional I'm not but I'm an adult and I know how to not get cut with a knife because that would hurt oh I've gotten cut with a knife before like making dinner and you get chopped it hurt let's chop this open yeah that was way harder than it should have been looks like we have some peanut butter and some chocolate Reese's are good. Okay, I need to know your favorites K through what if we had a candy giveaway that'd be cool I don't know if we're allowed to do that I'll check I'll check if it's not against the rules we'll do it this has like caramel and peanuts in it Snickers are pretty good and then what if the chocolate surprise egg of Wonder oh cool let's chop it open with a bird came out whatever bird took flight out of there's no bird it's just chocolate.

Fun. Okay, let's keep going it's my kitty cat one of the kitty cats from the paw patrol rubble hopeful I don't I don't even know I don't even know rubble and tracker we're just inside of Rocky's head having a party oh and little baby writer when baby writers and videos is I like to do rather you're awesome dude. Okay, let's keep going.

Keep on guys let me know which of these are your favorites and don't forget they came out of paw patrol mission paw pup heads hmm Club heads they came out of the puppy head oh. This is a smelly that's like strawberry starbursts pretty yummy Oh what's this cherry it's a magical cherry Sabha the smell oh wow that's pretty potent oh sweet we have this. This is unsurprising look at the texture on it if dragons were real which maybe they are now that ah. This is what a dragon egg would look like dull textured and bumpy and oh my goodness.

Delicious sorry rebel sorry to sidetrack track right let's keep going what is this what is that's a huge ring. Okay.

What wins that rings up baby rider oh is that dazu is that Zaza that Zazou sweet and and the goof goofy let's call goofy goof. Okay, you guys do you like Disneyland let me know in the color school if you like Disney I cuz we can go to Disneyland and we'll shoot a bunch of videos there if you want us to what rides should we show you a Disney okay. This is orange the color in the flavor another dragon surprise there oh I'm.

Excited I love Dragon Age let's see if this one has the dragon inside of it oh no dragon oh well I was cheated Peter Pan Peter be him right now where's the peanut like oh sorry everyone Peter well your way Oh beautiful again ah right up Peter come back to me oh ho sweet woody from the paw patrol we had a lot of toys here.

Many cool toys came out of these paw patrol mission pop play-doh surprise eggs solution win which egg was the coolest when the sky was it rocky with the chase which of these toys here is your favorite let us know. Okay, because we just want to keep making videos that you guys like and I'll tell you what for the next month I'm going to respond to every comment this video gets as long as it's nice. Okay, because the the not nice ones the spammy ones go automatically into a folder that we don't see.

If it's a nice comment I'll respond to everyone but don't worry don't worry don't worry sometimes they'll take me a few hours even a couple days to get to your comment because there's gonna be a lot but I'll respond to every single one things watch every toy to kill for your fear thumbs up don't need to click that subscribe button and that Bell notification thing we'll see you next time bye move out of the way. This is how the real planes get it done and thrust metrion crystal on your mark yes god no you look.

Different to me you ever done that I got my chance haha have a drink you tricked me buddy you can even my hair.


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