Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Air Rescue Pups Ryder Skateboard Air Patroller Robo Rog Chase Toys Video

Presenting a growing little ones video hey everybody we've got the paw patrol air patroller and it has lights and sounds and it is.

Much fun to play with it comes with a Robo dog and then once we get it out of the box I'm going to show you the new mission paw air rescue pups and these are for season four mission paw soon we have come in the mail the mission paw air patroller I cannot wait to check that out but today we'll do the original air patroller with the mission paw pups mission pull to the rescue.

Let's get this out and Robo dog wants to help with a mission paw in Barking burg for season 4 episodes and then we need to get out the air patroller this thing is.

Cool it can be an airplane or a helicopter and you can even fit the pups in the back of it a lot of tape back here to undo here it is the air patroller you can pop this open and rope or dog goes right here.

Paw Patrol Mission Paw Toys Air Rescue Pups Ryder Skateboard Air Patroller Robo Rog Chase Toys Video

He can dry and you push this fun for life and sound if you like that and then if you go like this it turns into a helicopter. This is.

Cool. This is one of our favorite paw patrol toys now the neat thing is watch this we have a rescue rider he can fly but he needs his jet pack go that snaps on right there now he is Air Rescue and he's ready to go in the air patroller one two three he's ready to fly and you can put him in here with Robo dogs just like that now in the back it has a place to store the rest of your pump.

Let's get the rest of the air rescue pups here is rubble rubble on the double mission paw Air Rescue and he can fly on his hoverboard just press this button he is ready to hover shhh when he's all done with his mission paw he can hop off and climb into the air patroller oh there's one pup now the next pup is rocky mission paw Air Rescue rocky he can fly with his air cannons take his pup pack off and he's ready to hop into the air patroller then we have Zuma he's got a cool pup pack black and orange and take that off here he goes can we fit them all in here good question we've got three more pups to go to do here is a rescue Marshall look at that cool pup pack is water cannons really really neat mission paw to the rescue take his pup pack off he's climbing in the back we've almost got all the pups here is Skye press her pup tag right here her wings come out let's take to the sky take her pup pack off we go she's climbing it now the last one is chase watch this whoo now he can glide he's got his glider he is flying one two three take that off and hop back in the air patroller but wait we've got another rider. This is the mission Paul rider.

Close this up and here is air rescue rider and rescue rider over here and then. This is the new mission Paul rider he's got a skateboard.

Let's put him on his skateboard he's riding around ready to save barking bird with his pub and when he's all done saving barking birds he can take his skateboard and put it right there on his back he can carry it around just like a pup pack he is.

Cool and let's see will he fit inside here he'll sit and look at that ears inside the air patroller with Robo dog we're ready for takeoff time to take off mission Paul to the rescue then if we need to fly in an airplane switch it up and they landed time to get out these are some really cool toys I can't wait to get the brand new mission Pau air patroller we'll check that out but if you have any questions place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys time to get out everybody to juice here we go everybody unload Shay Skye Zuma rocky Marshall and rubble thanks guys Oh Hennessy is all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one all the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you deep leg if you did pick the Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved yes be safe.

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