Toy TV oh look it's the mission cruiser again I bet his rider and he's brought some more surprise gifts with the paw patrol mission paw transformer puppy I wonder what he's brought us today oh no that's not writer yeah that's white it's not white it's just me Romeo and I'm really where we sorry about all the bad things that I've done but I took this inclusion I probably shouldn't have you bastard. Okay, good I bought supplies is.

Romeo you brought surprises for us yeah I did I bought supply T for every would oh boy and go out there to see because I felt really bad about odd things I've done and I just wanted to make up for hmm this sounds kind of fishy Romeo don't take it the wrong way that I'm kind of worried about your surprises don't worry mister hint all major places our friendship wages the inside your life disappointing we're a second they're supposed to be surprises in there oh I get it now Romeo you were tricking us were you you weren't gonna give us surprises at all that's really mean no no no I was really gonna give you the plane keys close up the missing clues Oh again and see if the surprises appear. Okay, Romeo we'll try this one more time and see what happens. Okay, let's see if there any surprises hey there are surprises in there oh boy I wouldn't wanna kind of surprises Romeo has brought us hey look it's a frozen surprise disney frozen wow what else do we have in here look it's my little pony surprise and the Care Bears figures surprise oh wow and what is this one look it's a Furby surprise Wow these are really cool hey let's see what's in each one of them let's start out with this one oh boy I wonder what's inside this blind bag hmm let's find out ah oh wow get all the ponies on the back you could get ah I see which one you got oh wow ooh look at her who is she let's find out oh wow it can't looks like huh Ken looks like butter I must see oh here's her thing its button belly see button belly wow she's a cute my little pony pony Wow let's see what else we've got these Romeo you brought some cool surprises here we didn't think you'd bring surprises like this oh wow let's see what this in a frozen one see what's inside the frozen egg gotta open this wow it's really on there good for is right there let's see what's in it oh look cool let's take him out of packaging oh he just fell out he's got a little stand that he and stand on put him on.

That he can stand I think he goes the other way look at him he's a cool one and let's see what's in our Care Bear surprise package oh wow I love the Care Bears look it's funshine bear funshine bear Wow Romeo these are cool surprises.

Far the funshine bear My Little Pony and frozen I wonder what is in the Furby thing I see oh look it has his own eggs little boy and see what's in here oh look it's a little birdie and a packaging thing let's get it out I was like a little Mexican furbies look at him he looks really really happy he's a happy furries Wow Romeo these are some really cool surprises you brought us thank you very much but mr. hands we're not doing yet their moisture plages oh there are Romeo huh I think. This is empty I think you're just trying to trick us again let's see you open it up look there more surprises inside the mission cruiser with the paw patrol mission paw puppies Wow Wow look there's frozen good look there's there's more all managers awesome finish there's more Thomas and Friends and oh there's my legacy Wow and what is easy all laugh I'll look another camera and that ID oh man there's just.


Many in here. This is.

Cool if it's awesome Ronia. This is.

Awesome which one are we going to start with first I think we should do the frozen one first don't you frozen is.

Cool let's see what's inside a frozen egg oh oh look it's Elsa oh wow let's put her on her pedestal Elsa here she goes oh she's gonna freeze everybody whoa stand back Romeo Elsa might get you oh wow that's awesome I want to open up our Thomas and Minnie's next and see what we get inside those because it's always a mystery toys are awesome especially surprise toys like Thomas minis ooh looky here it's Gordon it's a racer Gordon wow that's.

Cool Richard Gordon is awesome and see what's in our next one oh boy oh boy oh boy I just read a few here that packages make noises it reminds me a candy - hey I love candy Oh licky licky licky it's a victor and he is a superhero it's a super Victor Wow it's awesome oh man here's another one honesty was in this one Oh Lucas Thomas its Thomas ricky gervais he's.

Cute oh boy Thomas is awesome Thomas minis. Okay, here's another one. This is our last time I sneeze and then we get into the other toys ah that's cute hey look everybody it's Edward I always thought it was Thomas until I looked at it really well and realized it wasn't talents because Thomas and Edward look really the same except for a few small things like the back gear and stuff cos L and Isaac can sing the cannon yes bass calyx is saying hook head will is cool get in Wow. Okay, guys now let's move into our last ones that we got out of here I got the Care Bears I see who's in our Care Bears Oh lookie lookie the game is harmony bear all harmony bear is really cool Wow how many bears awesome and let's look at our little empties these are really cool tickers aren't all a lot of different ones you can get what do we have here all your kids a little pony and is striped like peppermint oh this turn around this way we go on.

Cute it's a pepper net pony just using this little oopsie pack lunacy - it's in here oh look it's a little baby ow wow that's.

Cool oh man we have a lot of really cool fun fun fun toys that were in the surprises there were a lot of them and will mean you gave them to it yeah went every wanted to play these in achieving home wanting to I get there better be going now wait a sec aroma oh you took the mission Cruiser from the paw patrol pups yeah I did uh-oh oh no I didn't realize did the mission cruisers had the paw patrol puppies in it yes it does Romeo and it's got the super paw patrol mash'em paw patrol puppies and they're coming after you for stealing the mission cruiser we get chase on the case Zuma look at him roll into action and because Marshall Chase is on the case Romeo those were some really cool surprises but you can't take the mission cruiser without our permission and that wasn't pretty nice of you to do it.

We're going to transform and take you back to the lookout and point you in timeout for kicking the mission cruiser paw patrol mission call super pups transform into the Transformers. Okay, paw patrol mission paw transformers let's get Romeo out come with you paw patrol mission part went for murrs not know I gave all these cool prizes to all the kids and get to see I'm open up and the surprises will realize them but you put this boys money fund I'm not going in timeout then you can't catch me I'll be back poppet world joins for my pod swing well I guess Rome he was going to get away but he did bring some really cool surprises didn't he yeah yeah he's dead chase he brought some really cool surprises well Chase is on the case and we'll have to get Romeo next time but we didn't get the mission cruiser back roads really find mr. hands he was really fine baby we'll see you next time bye wow. This is really fun wasn't it Bobby yeah why isn't mr. Hank and the pop is crying right now and everybody was happy yeah and the kids at home we're happy too if you like the paw patrol transformers and you love our mashup videos give this video a like right now and if you really love our surprises give this video a like - yeah and we'll see you next time on a fun adventure that was lots of fun you can subscribe to tweet i'm TV by touching the little photo of body in the middle of your screen and you can also touch the other photos to watch more videos right now.

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