PAW PATROL Surprise Toys Magic Chase Ionix Jr + Blaze & Disney Cars Toys & a Paw Patrol Toy Video

Stop the animal of that's right yo Romeo for PJ masks oh no Romeo what are you doing here I count to ruin your surprise hey kids feature watching this a toy channel I'm Justin visit from the paw patrol it's a block set it kind of looks like LEGO DUPLO but the company's actually called ionic jr. and. This is chases pup out it is.

Cool if I just reach inside here I'll pull out the chase toy that it came with oh thanks what's what's going on that's not that's that shade that's not what I was looking for something's broken here guys I'll go ahead and put this back because I want to show you the chase toilet this came with. Okay, and I'll just hold it we call out but. This is not what chase looks like I know you guys to see the pilot roll you know a case looks like it matters about it but it's a nickel. Okay.

The paw Patrol is on Nickelodeon and these are toys from Nickelodeon whoa. Okay, how many of these you guys recognize I recognize a bunch we actually have a few of these already. Okay, let's see we got I'm hoping for Chucky I love the Rugrats amount of kids who are you hoping for are you hopefully getting one there let's see oh sweet patrick Star from Sponge Bob Square Pants Patrick is super cool pajamas is cooler yeah that's right chase from the paw patrol we're go ahead and put Patrick back in there.

That I can show you chase from the paw patrol that's definitely not chase that is actually blaze from blaze Ramon swishing oh let it on his face let on buddy this place that actually came with a really cool chase oven super sensor but for some reason oh I'm having difficulty finder Oh on the booty come on come on autos booty again I'm not trying to the booty I'm trying to put tires there you go [Applause] awesome blaze you're super cool but we're looking for our buddy chase from the paw Patrol. All right, blaze we'll see you later and just like that I have changed that I can show you I feel a lot of publishers videos guys and this looks nothing like chase maybe she's inside no oh sweet these are from the grocery game you see these toys.

PAW PATROL Surprise Toys Magic Chase Ionix Jr + Blaze & Disney Cars Toys & a Paw Patrol Toy Video

Go like shopkins but they're gross food it's kind of funny they're made by moose toys and it's totally the same premise as a shopkins but it's groceries like this burgers kind of gross looking has mold on it. This is a croissant which also looks gross but not what I was looking for cool but not what I was looking for. Okay.

Finally I get to show you what I've been waiting to show you in this place that's not please it's like a Stegosaurus monster truck. This is a hardflip whoa see how hard you have to push down cuz the tail.

Big oh I get it it was off-camera that's a hell oh you see that one I'm getting good at the diamond oh no fail let's try again oh oh. Okay, the other was super hard because they the tail just wants to hit stable I don't want the tail to hit the table hang on I want the tires to hit the table ha ha ha crazy cool awesome oh all I did it I did it.

Cool but this place that came with a really really neat looking Chase because Chase is on the case all over the place and I just want to show it here Alakazam alakazoo meeee there is chase that's not chase.

Who is this I'm doing the stars cars. This is boost oh sweet oh it's a color changer that's super cool ok look look Oh Maggie's just kind of like busted over a few. This is pound sweet.

We always saw the Lego Batman movie the other day and we saw the trailer for the new Cars movie oh my goodness it looks.

Good but see I just like rubbing them I like rubbing them the color will change like that Alex Sam alakazoom pretty sink and cool but not we are looking for will go ahead and park him back in there because I really want to show you guys chase it's gonna be.

Awesome. Okay, here we go and I there's nothing what a stuffed animal of that's right it's me Romeo for PJ masks Oh Mel Romeo what are you doing here I come to ruin your surprise Rumble it's weird I have allergy.

My voice sound weird but today your voice sounds weird too maybe we both have allergies I guess.

Dude I have no use for your buddy we'll see you later Oh uh-huh you light it on again we're gonna get them guys I know we will presenting Shh that's that's not that's definitely I've seen chase before and that's a camera definitely not what we are looking for come on magic surprise we want chase we want chase we want change we want chase we want chase we want change we want. Okay, so. This is chase but that's not the chase start again with this awesome Alex Gina place ability was inside oh maybe chases inside preserve tuning chase what in the world is c-3po from the Star Wars going inside of this paw patrol surprise that is too hysterical I've got to put him back in here because he does not belong alrighty with a little bit of luck chase will be in there hold on do you ask you what I see get look hold on is that Marshall in every snowmobile we look like some of us just like yep it is that is hysterical its mission flag Marshall from the paw patrol in the cotton light outfit with effort oh that's really weird I don't know what's happening here what was in here with with the paw patrol pup house were chased right here and I'm dying to show you guys J I don't know I'm kind of feeling like giving up but I'm just gonna keep going because I really yeah sweet. Okay.

But. This is shape from the paw Patrol you probably recognize them and the cool thing about this set is you can build it ever you want you can put Jake on this look ah look he's like hey I'm town house you can hang upside down you can just on his head you can make him fly you could even put them on here and you're just chillin he's just chillin a little decoration for the pup house pretty sweet pretty sleep it's really fun it's pretty tall too it also tells the paw patrol lookout itself and and that's really really big you want to see how big he is he's almost as big as frightening mcmean right here whoa if he blaze is this big.

Comparatively mcmean is huge and chase is really big - well I would if I could split McNees he's like really big I don't know if I can whoa well he's like near that he's metal you like sturdy metal whoa that was crazy I've never done that before whoa-ho don't put your hand in oh it would really wow it would really hurt your hand too tired of rubber but he's just a chunk of metal oh man that is.

Cool Oh crash we ratchet show you oh oh you see that when he got this part right here and this part hits the tips of table-like first you can go super hard crash ohh crash oh sweet. This is.

Much fun oh it got my foot. This is.

Much fun.

Let's open this up Oh Robo dog Oh No Robo die no what are you. Okay, buddy oh we just totally smashed double dogs sorry bud put Robo dogs in let's see if chase can fit inside of this Oh almost fit his ears get stuck but that's. Okay, it's not made for him anyway, it's made for the regular size chase because chases on the cake.

That is chase any soup oh no oh no he's getting slimed I thought it was over but now change is totally getting flying to the seven alien I'm weird that is million that's super creepy oh and it's on my finger oh my think Oh gross oh it's like boogers not oh.

Gross oh it's all over space oh that is.

Yucky look grill chase shut up he's like what is going on we also have one more supplies oh oh yeah oh cool this was kind of rare. This is this is rocky but this rocky came with the rocky hovercraft no submarine whoa yeah it's super super cool.

Much.when hey guys thanks watching epic toy channel I'm Justin give this video a big thumbs thanks.

Much for watching now I'm going to take this monster truck and drive it in slime Oh gross Oh gross look around blah blah blah blah oh it's all Oh Supergirl got like tired germs on it it's all dark and whoa it just spewed out of my hand I swear Wow right Wow hey thanks for watching we'll see you next time ruff wrong you.

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