Paw Patrol Toys Marshall Chase Rubble Zuma Roadster Race Car Toys Mission Paw Lighthouse Playset

Presenting a growing little ones video look at this guy we've got new paw patrol toys. This is Marshalls racecar roadster for blows look how cool that is we're going to check it out and race it on our lighthouse racetrack but we don't only have Marshall we also have chase look at this kids chase inch roadster got his police car emblem on the front and these are really cool you're by Spin Master and they don't come out and ahead don't turn but they're just like the little racers except for their race cars then we have room rubble rubble on the double ready to race you what this kind of looks like a jeep and zuma-zuma school vehicle is ready for racing we love to race let's take all of their tags off and then we will start racing of Marshalls roadster he's free from his tags and take this one off says chases roadster. Okay, then we have rubbles roadster take that tag off. Okay, and last but not least Zuma's roadster yeah now let's get that race track out Rover oh we've got our race cars and our racetrack and we've got some other vehicles over here to go on the racetrack. This is going to be a lot of fun let's get started who's going to be first marshal goes first he's in his red race car we've got our track all the way to the end.

Let's see which card goes the farthest we'll sit him up here on your mark get set go he made it to Wally let's put him right here and let's do rubble next rubble made it next to Wally.

We'll put him right here he made it a little bit further Zuma's next do I made it to the same spot rubble dead now it's Chase's turn can chase go any further on your mark get set go Wow chase made it a lot further let's see if Marshall can be chase oh not that time but he did make it a little further we'll sit him right here now it's too much turn whew Zuma made it a little bit further but he still didn't beat chase now it's rubbles turn on your mark get set go GP chase way to go rubble can anyone go further than rubble did let's find out here's Apollo the super pup I wonder how far he'll go he went up next to Wally.

Let's try out rocky. This is mission paw rocky see how far he can go Wow rocky went super far he's got a cool vehicle a see if anyone goes farther than rocky mission paw shake let's see how far he goes Oh crash do-over he crashed again he was not doing.

Paw Patrol Toys Marshall Chase Rubble Zuma Roadster Race Car Toys Mission Paw Lighthouse Playset

Well one last time Oh yep he landed right here the shortest distance of all of them now let's try bye chase you can't go any further oh you went up next to Wally how about jungle rubble his jungle digger oh he made it a little bit further how about rubble in the mini-minor he made it up next to Wally here's mission post guy he made it up the jungle rubble here's mission Paul Marshall see how far he makes it he made it up to jungle rubble here is Zuma mission pause Zuma your marks get set go oh he crashed on the bridge you get another try there he goes he made it pretty far oh oh stuff to Rocky here's Robo dog do we think Robo dog can beat rocky let's find out on your mark get set go hey be Rocky he almost made it all the way to the end Robo dog is the winner today I was excited to share these cool toys with you if you have any questions leave them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys thanks guys oh it's all happen and all fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you deeply if you did pay the Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved yes you will be save.

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