Paw Patrol Toys Mission Paw Vehicles Air Rescue Pups Apollo the Super Pup Racer Mission Cruiser Toy

Presenting a growing little ones video hey everybody we've got more paw patrol mission paw ties they came in the mail and I cannot wait to get them out of this box we've already done the mission paw Cruiser and it is.

Much fun we've done the little rubble figure in his digger goes in here and then it sends them flying out we have Robo dog the mini miner and Skycycle they store in there like that but we don't have the other vehicles I wonder if that's what's in this box let's find out oh I see some red could that be our favorite pup Marshall it is. This is Marshalls rescue Rover and he will go in our Cruiser.

We'll have to check that out and. This is really really neat he also has an animated mission card and to figure out what the secret mission is we will have to put his mission card in our pup pad ideal if your icon Walker.

We will have to put the new mission card in our pup pad and see what it has to say I see where other pups we might have gotten oh it's rocky in his repair cart look at this he has a little tool arm on the back and an animated mission card here's our rocky figurine and rocky goes inside his vehicle and inside the mission cruiser very very neat who else do we have hey it's Apollo its the Apollo racer. This is really cool I wonder if he will fit inside the mission cruiser he doesn't come out of his vehicle but he is really neat looking I love Apollo he is one of our favorite pups let's see Oh chase chase with his three wheeler his three wheeler police bike and there is the chase figurine ah Zuma. This is Zuma's hydro ski his mission card has captain Turbots boat oh no it looks like gets in trouble I wonder what's going on there Zuma that's all of our pups.

Paw Patrol Toys Mission Paw Vehicles Air Rescue Pups Apollo the Super Pup Racer Mission Cruiser Toy

Let's start unboxing them and then put them in the mission cruiser Skye cycle is really neat because it can fold out like this and turn into a helicopter now she can fly and when she lands on the ground folds back under and turns into a bike helicopter and cycle here's Robo dogs vehicle he comes out his little pup paw symbol on the front and rubbles mini-minor the front on his mini-minor turns this alright let's get the rest of our mission pavia khals out let's do chase first got it uh get chase out of his box here is his mission card oh no it's humdinger what's he up to I'm sure he's causing trouble humdinger from foggy bottom let's put it in the pup pad and find out what trouble he's causing let's push the red button and see what the mission is hey I need you and your three wheeler oh no humdinger has stolen the paw patrol it's gone missing.

We need chase and his three wheeler and we need sky in her sky cycle there we go chase and Skye found humdinger and the paw patroller way to go.

Their secret mission was to find the missing paw patroller and bring humdinger to justice here's his bike and here is chase his front legs move he's got a cool black and blue outfit on and there is his three wheeler it rolls around whoo toppled over we also have the chase action figure and. This is the air rescue mission paw and his action pack.

There is the mission Paul action pack and the mission pas vehicle let's see who should we do next let's do rocky I wonder what rocky secret mission is has to do with a farm.

Let's put it in the pup pad and find out breaking the fence on that for rock I need you at your call card oh no the fence is broken on the farm.

Let's get rocky I eat you and you are played and rubble and they fix the fence and now the farmer Yumi's cow is back inside the fence way to go paw Patrol rocky and rubble fixed it now let's look at Rocky's cool vehicle look at that it's got a cool tool arm on the back he's ready to repair and fix see here is a little rocky figure and his arms move he's got a green and black outfit on. This is the mission Paul rocky there we go here is the mission Paul action figure in the air rescue pup and he has his Air Rescue cannons and his pup pack comes off just like that.

We have rocky and his mission vehicle and rocky and his air rescue mission paw there really cool who is next let's do Summa Zuma and his hydro ski wonder what his mission is should he choose to accept it here's captain Turbots boat let's put it in the pup pad friend rock whoa whale-watching Zuma I need you and your kite rookie oh no he ran into some rocks hey are you and you're quick.

We need chase and we need Zuma and they fixed it look at that captain Turbots boat is all ready to sail again great job Zuma and chase here is Zuma's hydro ski and Zuma fits right in there his head turns he has a black and orange outfit on it rolls around can't wait to race these guys in the mission cruiser here is the air rescue Zuma and he has his pup pack on mission paw air rescue Zuma and Zuma now it's time for Marshall put his mission card inside the pup pad and hit the red button little Hootie the owl has injured its wing Marshall I need you and you are correct you court oh no the little Hootie owl has injured his wings.

Let's get Marshall I'm on it guy I need you and your guy cycle and sky looky they helped him now he can fly he's up in the sky what a great job Marshall and Skye and helping little Hootie here it is Marshalls rescue rover that kind of looks like a ambulance / fire truck / police car he is really cool go his head turns here is Marshall with his air rescue pack mission Paul Marshall has an action pack just like that and mission Paul Marshall with his vehicle now let's get all of these vehicles and check them out in the mission cruiser let's start our race with Zuma Marshall and chase.

Let's see who wins Marshall wins by a nose oh it's a little snug but he does fit oh there he goes.

The little racers can fit in there if you want them to at least Apollo's can and they kind of roll out just a little bit I chase wins Marshall wins that time now let's try some other pups Skye wobble Robo dog Robo dog wins robo-dog wins again and still robo-dog [Applause] we've got some mix-and-match Zuma's in robodog's vehicle Robo dog is in Sky's vehicle and rubble is in Zuma's race time but I just want to share this cool video with you if you have any questions place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys thanks guys oh hey I've sinned is all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and there is none not even one none righteous not even one will the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life you declare if you declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave you will be saved yes you will be saved.

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