PAW PATROL "Walkie Talkie" with Mission Chase Paw Patrol Toys by EpicToyChannel

Hey kids thanks more epic toys y'all check this out. This is from paw patrol on Nickelodeon it's chase and rubbles walkie-talkies.

Much fun hey Johnny Johnny come down Bob what are you doing he's on our belts oh he has mission chase no mission chases the paw patrol robot pretty cool huh Jamie's out dude have you seen these before did you shoot his net yeah here bring it over here let's show the kids what he does Johnny chase isn't a baby what do you do it he ties he talks he said it's making retire the binky's for I make them tired yeah.

Show the kids what this does pretty cool.

What is the net go inside. Okay, oh. Okay.


Shoot that Lucy whoa that's cool yeah hold on. Okay, phone oh. Okay, cool.

It's like a net key catch stuff that's a cool finish your chicken Eddie's gonna make you touch his badge and does all sorts of stuff says all sorts of stuff push these buttons check this out how do you make the light work Johnny knows better than I do soku let's see what he'll do. Okay, let's close this back max when you ready for mission yep hey way to go will she need depend on myself I'll see press a button bitch wait me knows what you want your heart cool that is.

Cool man let's do one more mission kay. All right, pushes bear CDD even real funny go Big Bear whoo-hoo stands up well she get it juice oh can he shoot himself can you shoot it or do you have to shoot whoa well you got me Jace come on you is.

Cool it's called rescue mission shakes hey don't play these. Okay, let's take this out of the box and have some fun. Okay, sounds good I wish they had your body Debbie Debbie say those are be huge walkie-talkies. All right.

Johnny has chase let me see chases face.

Cool and then I have rubble and you push the button here to talk Johnny drilling can you hear me Johnny can hear me yeah all the way down and you push the button if you want to talk and when you're done talking you say over now. Okay, here's a little menu Johnny I'm gonna hide somewhere in the house and you have to talk to me through your walkie-talkie to find me. Okay, count to 25 and then come find me somewhere in the house. Okay, okay oh I forgot to say over and out sorry over and out. Okay, okay he's looking for me now oh yes hahaha what your Tigers are cool huh do you love it. Okay, kids we're gonna have.

Much fun Johnny come here what do you want the kids to know they're.

Cool you love him yeah. Okay.

Now you count to ten and now hi sounds good. Okay, okay to ten right here. Okay, okay one two three. All right, Johnny I'm coming for you I have my walkie-talkie in hand thank you for being.

Specific buddy he's a spy where's Johnny where's Johnny go go go yeah go here nope. All right, are you in your closet wait a second wait a second Johnny Johnny. This is confusing hey Johnny where ya Johnny Weir yeah haha found ya was that fun buddy alright kids hey thanks for watching epic toy Channel we make how many videos today two or three videos a day click subscribe to give this video a thumbs up and if they like the paw patrol what should they type tech paw patrol in the comments below yeah yeah you having a weird conversation with your dog that's funny dude oh it's pop like give me a break kids thanks for watching we'll see you next time bye every toy cow.

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