Paw Patrol Weebles Magical Mission Cruiser with Skye & Chase - Learning Colors for Kids

Now let me press upon it. All right, here we go oh my goodness oh hey everyone I have paw patrol in the back let me pull around.

You can see then we've got a real big surprise for you today let me just pull around here we go oh my goodness what are those they look like bubbles let's go ahead and get them out of there look they never fall over let's do that again check this out never fall over [Applause] they're just like magic or something oh my goodness I wonder how far we can get them to go let's take three guys in here and let's see how far he can go huh let's go Howlin wasn't very far with Marshall and farther Oh Marshall won that round Marshall you got to go again and then we'll do suma and Skye now let's see you can go farthest on this one guy didn't get too far moving Zuma got a little farther than Skye try Marshall again Oh he barely passed through but Marshall still winning let's try to my again but with rubble ok let's try this again I'm doing pretty far Oh looks like Zuma beat Marshall that time well looks like Zuma's the overall winner mm-hmm but they just won't sit down will they ever on their head nope. Okay, let's do this one more time. Okay, on your mark get set [Applause] rubble you know over got stuck here you go oh my goodness I thought you guys could never fall over but I guess you can check it out. All right, well are you guys done being levels where do you want to be wobbles a little longer I wanting something out. Okay, we can turn you into something up let's get all of you into the bus here we'll do three at a time Zuma rocky and rebel. All right, we're going to close this up there we go looks good I'm going to push this button and they're going to be all change. All right, are you guys ready let's go ahead and push that button oh my goodness can you see inside of there ah oh my gosh they're Cowboys now oh my gosh big Cowboys with their packs on that pretty awesome huh we didn't know that was gonna happen oh look how cool these guys are as Cowboys. Okay, you guys you better hurry and get in here.

You guys can be Cowboys -. All right, when we open it up you'll be hit ray. All right, let's go ahead and open them up what their super pup they're not Cowboys oh my goodness look how super they all are they're incredibly super oh my goodness. Okay, well why don't we go ahead and try that again. Okay, who wants to be something up me me me Peas. All right, let's do sky and hello Hubble and one more rocky. All right, let's do Skye rubble and rocky we're going to leave Zuma chase and Marshall.

They can be whatever they want. Okay, let's close this up. All right, now let me press the button. All right, here we go Oh oh my goodness look what they've turned into fared Minges pops ooh look they have these cool belts and ninja outfits with a bandana around their head little tie oh my gosh oh they have the whole packs on rubble and Skye.

Paw Patrol Weebles Magical Mission Cruiser with Skye & Chase - Learning Colors for Kids

Cool I wonder if we can make them fly out like the levels let's try here we go Oh oh my goodness they rolled farther to the little did whoa. All right, how about you Marshall Zuma and chase let's see you roll out Oh front flip uh-huh I think Zuma was the coolest seated up front flip oh my goodness. All right, well look at all you guys dressed up in the cool outfit uh-huh. All right.

You bye to paw Patrol right paw Patrol grab a. Okay, let's go ahead and open this baby up hi guys look what I brought with me today all these fun toys we have and I have this special egg that we're gonna open up at the end.

Do you want to see do you want to see some of you swim I think.

Let's start with who's this Zuma. This is suma what we're going to do is get this little twisty thing we're gonna VIN it oh here we go oh my goodness look at him swim keep going Dylan has a rough time there you go running in the sky let's see who else we have we have rocky.

His spinners on his side. Okay, let's watch insulin oh I like him a lot I like rocky a lot Jesus I like him as a mermaid the club we have we have tracker he looks pizza staying tight in the swimmer as Zuma good he can't oh that's like a butterfly butterfly stroke. Okay, because he's.

Good we should have a race let's do a race between tracker and Zuma.

Again they're not Zuma and spin up record then we're going to let him go at the same type ready go.

Now you gave up keep going keep going oh it looks like tracker won that one but Zuma's on his way back let me go ah way back oh look he's catching up the tracker Oh Oh looks like that's it for them now look let's spin up wolf Rocky and sky [Applause] [Music]. All right, you guys ready honey mark. Okay, go each other Oh Oh guys on our way back and Rocky's going home who knows where Oh looks like sky pop I don't know about a tie look what else we have we have these fun little water squares. Okay, let's go ahead look oh let's go ahead and open up this egg oh look at all that water coming out like a shower take a shower everyone you need a shower after swimming. Okay, let's go ahead and open this baby up whoa what is that hat it's a little Lula mermaid.

We have a swimming Zuma and a mermaid Zuba let's squeeze this little Lina oh. Okay, look oh my goodness that Square is deadly oh my goodness I liked that surprise well now that we're finished Clemmy and everyone needs to take a bath.

Look what I brought all sorts of bath paint let's go ahead and wash some of these guys up first let's start with this really we got paint on sky we've got a soak a little bit sky. Okay, now let's use some of this chase back paint it's I'm gonna squirt a little bit on shake oh. Okay, now you soak a little bit chase next one we have is Marshall. This is red.

Let's squirt some on Marshall and let them soak in the last color we have is a yellow and it's for rebel we don't have rebel.

We're gonna put it on little bit. Okay, and then I brought this big brush to clean them list guys done soaking. Okay, let's clean you up sky go green sky got oh my goodness turns off rinse off sky woo you're making to water all agreeing to plot fit marshal will forget all the dreams bath paint off of her.

She's spic and span as we get all the greens and we got it MC you're all out there we go. Okay, our next one going to be chase chase your blue all over you and you're already blue there we go right off rinse off mm-hmm get the rest off with our fresh oh it's even in your ear shape your nose under your eye in your mouth under your chin how's that like everybody both Peace Corps in a bubble and easy there that was funny let's get all that water out hmm. Okay, now it's clean Marshall he's rinsed a lock.

Let's just forget all that red stuff off of him even though it does match his hat a minute no actually he might have eaten some of it Marshall mm-hmm there's our clean Marshall. Okay, we have one more it will assume uh forget all of that I'll see you Emily Armour main lookout clean there we go we got all of our clean paw Patrol and our friends fun swimmers. Okay, say bow.

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