PC Master... SOUND! - G4ME ZERO & G4ME ONE Gaming Headsets Review

Hello again I am blunt II and I know lately I've been pretty heavy on covering console stuff because well you know two next-gen consoles hitting the streets is a pretty big deal but today Sennheiser have announced two new premium pro level type gaming headset and their first call of duty is to those of you with mouse claw RSI there is some console love here too but we'll get to that and I've been lucky enough to be playing with these until today secret gaming headsets.

I can tell you all about exactly how good or crappy they are spoiler alert they're good.

They call them the Gafoor meet zero and go for me one and yes I'm sure they want us to pronounce the number four in the name as an a sound.

It spells game because you know certain fonts make the number four look a bit like a capital A but you know I'm kind of a personal hatred of trying to cram this kind of idiotic 1997 stole leet-speak into a goddamn product name.

These are and can only be the go for me gaming headsets as far as I'm concerned the two models are pretty similar in many respects but I differentiated a bit.

There's a solid choice depending on what your personal preferences are one of the things they share in common. However, is a very very simple but very very smart and I don't know if any other headset out there does this certainly no other ones I've ever owned did and it's friggin beautiful in its genius see instead of having an inline control or some kind of switch or button on the headset themselves to mute the microphone the mute switch is actually built into the articulating arm.

When you swing the boom mic up and out of the way it automatically mutes the mic.

Clever easy intuitive it's one of those little design things that just makes me tingle without elegantly clever it is and while we're on the mics these sound from them is a serious cut above most other gaming headsets in fact the whole voiceover for this video has been recorded using the co for me 0 headset and I did test with both of the mics and they are identical in their sound.

Whichever where you go you are assured of crispy clean voice speaker the microphone boom itself is nice and strong and solid and thick and of course it has a flexing section to help you position it for the best quality and avoid popping your microphone and breathing into it with your nose and stuff like that which always sounds awful.

Let's look at the differences now the key for me zero is designed as a closed ear pad meaning it'll very strongly acoustically isolate you from the noise of the outside world and it's pads are made from extremely soft leatherette and have a dual layer of memory foam while the go for me one still has the same over the ear cups that surround the year but they have a plush velvet on the cushion pads and they don't seal out or indeed in sound as strongly as the zero does but they are supremely comfortable and also cooler to wear because of course velvet versus leather it means getting sweaty is much less of an issue for long playtime sessions with do much more breathable Gafoor me ones both hazards actually weigh the same they're a little over 300 grams but the one feels when you're wearing it just a bit lighter I think it's got something to do with the difference in the fit and feel of the material of the pads but the zeros stronger noise sealing and isolation means you are going to get a bit of a richer sound from it in both cases though the sound is great regular viewers may already know I've much faith in Sennheiser for the build quality and especially for their audio quality and I guess unsurprisingly seeing as these are built with the pro-gamer premium types in mind with fancy german-engineered speakers and stuff but they sound fantastic it's a very crisp but not harsh sound and there's plenty of bass for some lovely thick sounding explosions and the like and again the zero has a bit of an edge on the lows two things to the stronger acoustic isolating seal but in both cases the clarity and fidelity are really very very nice both units have a dial on the side for quick and easy onboard volume adjustments both have a nice long cable that has a tough braided cover to keep them safe from accidental damage and a velcro strap.

You can keep it all from getting into a tangled nightmare when you're on the go and speaking of being on the go and travelling with them that's where these zero has another trick over the one the zero can fold flat and it even comes with a very lovely bespoke plush semi-rigid case to keep it all safe and sound they've both got the standard split plug arrangement for the PC players out there of course but there is also an adapter you can get if you want to use it on a Mac and indeed in your iPhone or iPad and stuff like that but here's the cool bit I believe that exact same adapter is also just the thing for the PlayStation 4's new headset plug on the DualShock 4 controller I haven't tested this as the ps4 isn't quite aa seashores just yet but I'm pretty damn sure that the 3.5 4-pole connector is exactly what the ps4 once.

That's gonna be pretty damn sweet too.

If you're deciding between - anywhere you go you're going to get great sound and quite a lovely mic a big long 3 meter cord the nifty trick with the boom mic mute switch and both are light and very comfortable.

Where's the decision making well if you're a traveling pro gamer the 0 is the best choice it's superior at blocking out outside noise and if you're in a big hall full of other gamers and crowds and stuff or at a LAN party it's beautiful and of course they fold flat and come with the hard protective case to keep your investment sound as a pound as well bonus but if you mostly game at home you may give the edge to the one it's more open design and better airflow mean it's more comfortable for very long play sessions and by more comfortable I have a sameen it's less prone to causing sweaty ears syndrome than the enclosed leatherette cups of the 0 but in truth they both have crazy soft and gloriously comfortable fits to them and in fact as I was finishing up writing the voiceover for this video that's.

Comfortable I literally forgot I was wearing the go for me ones I'm typing away and I picked up the zeros and I tried to put them on over the ones I was already wearing now that is comfort people know why when we're talking about price the 0 wants just under 400 of your Australian currency units and the 1 shaves $30 off that at 360 995 recommended retail price.

Like I said these are unmistakeably premium and stuff and purpose-built for the serious pro gamers hopes but if you're the kind of person who can justify buying a headset but the shiny end of the spectrum like these I highly recommend putting the Sen ease on your list they're an extremely well thought-out design and made from the best of Sennheiser's materials and components and as far as I'm concerned that combination will only ever lead to very nice things happen to my years not.

Much my wallet but my ears they frigging love them thanks for watching hope this has been handy for you I am blunting and we'll catch you next time.

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