PDP Wired Fight Pad (Wii U) Unboxing and Review | 8-Bit Eric

Hey guys! whats up. This is 8-bit Eric today I'm going to unbox PDP's wired fight pad for the wii u it is compatible with super smash brothers and it looks pretty fucking neat I got the Super Mario version there's other themes including princess Yoshi there was also Wario Donkey Kong others as you can tell it does look like it's inspired by the gamecube controller.

Let's go ahead and open this up here take a look at it alright.

We're going to go ahead and open this. This is very cool looking packaging I actually think it's pretty neat I always hate opening packages like this because I just feel like the box is badass by itself alright.

We got it open let's check out our goodies alright.

We got a nice little pack here and of course it's wired to the end of the controller we got nice little instructions tells you how to operate it should be a no-brainer right to controller and here we go. This is the gamepad look how nice that is the Mario logo the wii logo two joysticks now if you come right here the bottom is blue just to shoulder buttons on each side gamecube style what's nice about. This is that the top is pretty glossy but the bottom is blue and it feels like it's not as slippery as the top.

It feels really good in the hand you have the buttons right here that resemble the Gamecube the c-stick d-pad analog stick you got the plus/minus in home looks well done and it connects to the bottom of the wii remote.

Technically it's wireless technically.

PDP's wired fight pads are very well made I love it there each character theme perfect for smash brothers they're relatively cheap they're able to find them online as well as in department stores they're well built that doesn't feel like a crappy third-party controller it's an official licensed Nintendo product.

That makes it even better it goes into the bottom of the wii remote and it works rather well it's responsive it's perfect if you can't afford a gamecube adapter for your wii u then. This is a very definite alternative the fact that it's configured to be similar to a gamecube controller makes it a little bit accessible to those that long to play with the gamecube adapter it does read as a pro controller.

I don't know if that would bug some of you but it personally doesn't bug me in fact i loved playing with this thing the only downside is is that whatever better you have in your rear emotes you're going to drain them pretty good but these are nice little controllers I highly recommend you check them out.

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