Peel and Stick Smart Tiles for Backsplash: Interlocking Tiles Installation Guide

Welcome to our installation guide for the subway style mosaic here's what you will be needing a cleaner that removes grease such as TSP a level a pencil a box cutter a ruler with cork underneath so it doesn't slip on surface while cutting a cutting mat and a measuring tape the first step is to clean the wall of any grease and let dry measure the exact height of the mosaic mark that measure onto the wall from the to bottom up and repeat that mark every 12 inch or so using the level and pencil link all the marks with a straight and leveled line you will line up the top of the mosaic to this guide line when installing these tiles always start with the corner the subway stile mosaic has uneven sides so that each mosaic can be embedded into one another when starting in a corner you will have to cut three pieces that are in excess once that is done we will apply the cut pieces to another mosaic in the spaces that remain now we have to corner mosaic tiles the space between the two mosaics must not show any white space so using the box cutter and the ruler simply cut off the white trim we are ready to start installing peel away a small section about two inches of the protective paper and fold align the top of the mosaic to the guide line and the corner and press firmly to set the adhesive once you are okay with the positioning of the mosaic remove the rest of the protective paper and apply pressure to the whole surface to stick properly now for the next corner mosaic peel away a small section about two inches the protective paper and fold align the top of the mosaic with the guideline and the corner and stick when you are satisfied with the alignment remove the rest of the protective paper and press firmly as you did previously from then on simply apply the mosaics one after the other overlapping the grout line and embedding them when you reach the end you might have to cut excess part of the mosaic or you may have to fill in the remaining spaces to do so simply cut the excess parts of another mosaic and press onto the remaining space of the final mosaic to complete it apply the end mosaic as you did with all previous mosaics when left with a smaller space than a mosaic to fill simply take the measurements mark it on a mosaic cut peel back the paper then press it to the surface you are now left with a wonderful new kitchen simple efficient and professional
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