peel and stick stone mosaic

Picture so when it came to our kitchen backsplash I knew I wanted natural stone but the thought of all that mixing spreading and waiting to use my kitchen well all those things held me back but then I discovered a smart line of self-adhesive stones that are natural beautiful and incredibly easy to install they're also lightweight enough that you can carry them home yourself with peel-and-stick stone tiles I was able to bring the beauty of natural stone into my kitchen and just one afternoon it's never been easier to renovate or decorate your home with natural stone peel-and-stick stone tiles feature authentic stones mounted on an adhesive backing all you have to do is peel off the protective film line it up and stick the mosaic to the wall it's really that easy because it's so thin and lightweight peel-and-stick stone tiles can go directly on top of drywall or even right over outdated tiles with the help of a few standard tools you can achieve professional looking results with less mess less expense and in less time and it was so easy I started by drawing guidelines on my backsplash area planning the layout of my installation then I began placing the mosaics at one end and worked my way across lining up each sheet and pressing the sheet to the wall when I needed to divide the sheet I simply made my measurement and cut through the sticky back with the utility knife sprayed with cooking oil or when individual stones needed to be cut I used a tile cutter peel-and-stick stone tiles are available in two formats grout ready and groundless flush bit so you can choose the look that's right for you traditional setting materials require a 24 to 48 hour drying time but peel and stick stone tiles are ready to be grouted right away with no delay or for even faster installation select one of our grout 'less flush v designs just hours after purchasing my natural stone mosaic I had a finished backsplash that looked like it had been professionally installed I also saved money on supplies save time and best of all I finally had the natural stone backsplash in my kitchen that I'd always wanted peel-and-stick stone tiles are ideal for renovating bathroom showers and tub surrounds to the thin stone sheets can be applied directly on top of outdated tiles saving the mess of tearing out and disposing of existing materials the natural stones can even update fireplace facades create accent walls and highlight ceilings or add a creative touch to furniture and mirrors find your inspiration today with our stylish array of sizes and patterns complete with the designer range of accessories murals and borders used to accent your installation you'll feel good knowing that our stones are eco-friendly using 60% less raw material with peel-and-stick stones you'll avoid the hassle and waste of removing existing tile and the smart adhesive backing is mold inhibiting and free of odors and volatile organic compounds stone installation doesn't get better than this anyone can install peel-and-stick stone tiles to renovate decorate and add instant value to their home try it and I think you'll discover what I did Galen stick stone tiles are the best way to bring the beauty of natural stone home
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