Pepe Tools 4" Guillotine Shear Demo & Review in HD

Hi guys Dave Wilson here again know when you're cutting wire you might use a pair of flush cutters or interrupt us when you're working with sheet or strips you might use a pair of shears of jewelers tin snips but what happens when you want to work with something bigger maybe using heavier gauge material or you want long quartz or repeated cuts all example of Sam well as always our friends over at FX Hills we've got the perfect solution for us.

Come with me let's take a look at it follow me. This is the pepper tools 4 inch guillotine shear made in the USA and. This is part of a whole range of guillotines made by Pepe this particular one is the smallest and it features tool steel sharpened blades an adjustable miter and it also features an adjustable measurement gauge for accuracy and for repeatability and as you come to expect from pepper tools its precision engineered solidly built and beautifully finished with plated steel powder coated aluminium now when you first receive it and unpack it you might need to attach the handle and the depth gauge.

The depth gauge screws into a small hole at the side here and you can see its profile to only go in one way and the screw attached is underneath.

If you flip it on its side you can see a little hole though where it slot sim just tightly talked with allen key provided and then turn it to the right way up likewise the handle attaches with a small grub screw and hopefully you can see it down there.

Pepe Tools 4

Again use the allen key just loosen the grub screw and again the handle is keyed it will only go in one way around.

You want the flat portray Seng to the right put the handle in tighten up the screw and make sure that the handle is firmly affixed and then finally just check the knob on the end of the handle and make sure that that's fully screwed down now before first use you really need to calibrate the machine and you do this by loosening both of these screws at the side here and then pushing the depth gauge all the way in as far as little gore and you might need to just push down at the bottom that to make sure it goes in once it's in as far as it'll go you need to adjust this top plate here.

That it is aligned up perfectly with the zero once it's perfectly on the zero just tighten up the top screw there and it is no set and accurate now obviously I've just got it loose here.

I can move it round and sure you bought it's absolutely vital that this thing is bolted down to a bench ideally you will go all the way through your bench unused bolts and you can see there are four eight millimeter diameter holes two at the front and two at the back and you should use these for securing the device.

This particular unit is designed to cut up to four inches or approximately 100 millimeters it's designed to work with anything up to 20 gauge non-ferrous metals here for example I've got a four inch sheet of points of a millimetre copper and as you can see it cuts it with ease but this will be very difficult to cut by hand with a pair of shears now I was an experiment I've got here a sheet of blue anodized aluminium unless I want to cut off one and a half inches.

I set the depth gauge to one and a half inches and just screw it down at the top make sure that my guide is set perfectly to zero.

It's a 90 degree cut and I insert my aluminium all the way in.

It touches the gauge the depth stop pull down the handle and court and. This is the piece that it cut off and just to double-check you can see that it's precisely one-and-a-half inches and I can continue to court over and over again and all the pieces will be precisely one and a half inches just does another little test here. This is a 5 mil slither high cutoff and the thing you'll notice is it's perfectly straight it's not all curled up like it will be if you've done this with shears and remember. This is your soft aluminium.

Very very impressive now apart from cutting at 9 degrees The MITRE table is pre-scored at 15 30 and 45 degree angles.

Here I've got it set to 45 degrees know it doesn't matter which side of the line you use the main thing to remember is that you've got clearance and your piece will actually go through the blade here you can see here perfect right angles perfect miter every time precise repeatable and simple what more could you want from a tool no maintenance wise all it really needs is just a little drop of oil on the move-in purse every now and again just on the side of the blade and in the bushings there where it moves and according to Pepe it should last 10,000 cuts before it even need sharpening.

Again the quality that you've come to know and love from Pepe tails I must say I've been using this for a few weeks now and I'm not just saying this because I'm making the video I genuinely love this tool I don't know how I ever managed without one the accuracy and the precision and it is.

Simple you just pull the lever and you get perfect repeatable results every time.

Check out the range if you're looking for something bigger pepé also make larger ones and really larger ones.

Check them out as always guys be aware of fakes and the imitations get genuine pepper tools and you know you're gonna get great quality you won't regret it trust me.

I've been Dave Wilson thank you very much for watching and I will see you on the next video real soon bye for now.

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