Personna Lab Blues Razor blades Review! And Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne Review!

Hey guys! and girls girls are watching to write today I'm reviewing another persona blade the last persona blade i reviewed were the medical prepper them you could see that he says to blow my finger there for hospital use well as the crap ones now I'm trying the year sonal up balloons and they come in exactly the same packaging I'm actually got with a pack of a longer dear I got a lot of blades mixed blades in the cardboard box and that we're going quite cheap and this unused pack 100.

Hopefully good have 700 m coming as far as that.

Quite looking forward to trying that I've also tried persona I should wear also try the Chinese persona plates and which are currently I've been tired of these ones.

I can tell you will tell the difference.

Personna Lab Blues Razor blades Review! And Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne Review!

My shaving cream will be derby just the normal flavor normal there's a jimmy cream have a normal flavor terms of kind of slip boring really but I've got a tube of it.

I'm going to use this or not you know any Derby cream i really like is there the lemon i'm a soap mistake that's not bad on the oil is by a king of beards and that is peppermint.

I'm going to pre oil and the oil just go out a shower how is everybody what you all been using recently anything good I think new one hundred percent badger this time and really like this one I can't remember why I got this one but I really like that the handle you know and the boy she's really good come and where I got it from somewhere online.

I pop the blade in I always try a new blade on the same saver and it is my basic it's not aggressive go play it and barley victory shaver I mean gold-plated was only like five pounds don't think.


Look if I go see how to get on it's normal shaving cream wow. This is looking good good brush this I'll be kind of good tip when it goes I need to find out where I got it from it is a good brush you can see does a brilliant job though whoa loads how easy this just goes on op just more watching now just crazy isn't it.

Big as well that looks almost as big as my head.

Looking forward to try these persona bites is persona collection I mean about these ones and two more episodes to try persona of the wedge don't have that standard blade.

Much lava here I'm used again that's also and Israeli disorders be interested to see which is my favorite the prep ones i found don't get many shades out of them but like you know I mean my favorite but. All right. Okay, Oakland A's and. This is definitely gliding I actually think from the first part is actually better than a medical crush I seem to be I don't know why they don't use these ones but then I guess is maybe it's how it's made with people's skin conditions and things when you're in hospitals this message is very smooth blade be comfortable more cream on the road still may take cheap stuff.

Much fuss good that one to myself what others amazingly sharp ladies still not about Jarvis beliefs move loads of selfish you can already find job that just few little touch-ups here gotta get rid of some others as well yeah always a bit here really smooth probably said that many times already some lava left now if you want creamy you want creamy look at this. This is beautiful it's this way you feel as loved as on for months are just having a good day let's get this all the Rings I think the bush helps massive legs I like the ball brush I think we're having more thermos oaks let me clear this the board which works better with dreams yeah that's off mmm good change that it's nice to have it better quite a while since I've trying different blades had a good shape for that just not my friends it's just really nice really nice and smooth and I'm grateful for that water access worked on home everywhere. Okay, aftershave bom should I go with many varieties there we go if the nivea barb it creamer anivia cuz i smooth shave smoothed off from things everywhere today oh yeah hmm I want to get this stuff you need a lot less than some of the others it's really condensed Nivea when you can notice tougher hey whoa boy let's go away from usual now let's go with this let's go with some sandable Cologne Taylor's of old bond street I've got a thing for the tailor smell is like this better than they have to shave actually been to the cologne sound the word lovely oh yeah just gone 60 minutes it's not bad going actually.

This stuff is good stuff um luxury sandalwood color I really like this you know it kind of reminds me of something you get he reminds me like 1970 stroke early eighties yeah it does haha it's nice you know he's got a lot of traditional we got in here very perfumey and woody cinnamon and it's not big strong in there well yeah I recommend this and go back to the blades well the personas and.

On your pack there's the first one I've used and i'm glad i've actually open them because they are exactly the same single wrap same as the medical prep just here's the medical crap blades just to show you say packaging turn up to confuse them yeah yeah title to get each mixed up on the back I think it's the same packaging is exactly the same.

Just when you get the blade the medical prep is this for hospital use only and.

I would recommend persona blues or persona live blows how do you want to call them smooth shave made in the USA it's pretty good let me press I should prefer these two Gillette's to be honest but I've got a lot of G laps to try a lot a lot of different varieties of Gillette.

I'm really impressed with them they're good no cooked smooth shave beautiful feels good hey guys as always like subscribe and comment leave a comments below I'll get back to you and reply um yeah good saver too comfortable smooth really nice glide no tugging definitely one of my favorite blades then um we'll have to try probably not worth buying 100 I don't know if you two bodies besides in a pack of 100 I have no idea how much they are i got them with packs and i got about 500 blades or mixed together but some had packs of 100 I've never been used.

I will be getting rid of the ones that don't like them. Okay, happy shaving guys and as always I appreciate you watching and thank you for being supportive until next time happy save it.

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