Phase II AXA Quick Change Tool Post, Logan Lathe Install

Alright hey guys its Spitfire again sorry I've been gone for about a month I've been busy away so first off I'd like to thank all the people that have subscribed like doubled my subscribers since last September so in the course of about three and four months dealt with my subscribers so that's awesome keep subscribe and keep liking and before you go in here check out all my other videos when you're done watch this one I got a bunch of the ones I've got a bunch more coming I got a bunch of gunsmith ones I'm going to do some barrels and stuff and I don't know whatever random stuff my channel I got you know several topics I got going on but I mainly focus on guns and cars and a few other things so once again thanks guys appreciate it so today what we're going to do is go over I got myself a new phase to cook change tool post for my 11 inch Logan lamp and what I'm going to do here is just go over crack your own box here open it up have you guys see what it looks like when you get it I'm just kind of go over the procedure of getting it on my lathe what it takes to get it on there so let's get started alright so here's my billing invoice from end I got this from use encode com I know they make the sell a whole bunch of crap but here's the part number 251 111 and Kruse encodes number so on or off you you can just search it up to quick change to a pulse level it'll bring up what you need all right so let's crack this guy open get my knife here comes in this little box phase two the quick change I can't see it but nothing super fantastic about it that's a label from nkow shipping stuff so I've been one first off I apologize the background noise I got some stuff going in the washer here so I've been wanting one of these for quite a while and I finally bit the bullet here a few days ago and this ship really quick it was only like a couple days it took to get shipped to me actually two days to be exact to two or three days whatever it was because one as of January of 2015 it was 185 bucks then they had a deal going for free shipping so so that's not too bad so here's the actual tool post and I forget at all reason I want the Phase two is because I did a lot of research and a lot of the guys say for the money the phase twos are pretty good if I had a ten thousand dollar lathe I would probably out go out by Anna loris or a Dorian but from everything I read these seem to be pretty good and there she be phase 2 quick change stock number 251 level so I can already see that my big not tear or my tea nuts is going to need to be milled I kind of figured that so I'll just set that right there for a second here's my knob knob job stick that in there for the hell of it because it looks nice there's little flats on here that you can tighten this down with the wrench so just do that right now cut a wrench handy and your little crank good there we go I got the wedge style everything I've read everybody that talks about is the wedges are the best so we're better but they're the best but everybody likes the wedge style more so then the piston style so there's no tool post cool kind of exciting there's instructions on all these boxes too if you not sure how to put stuff together let's throw all this crap off to the side now all these guys are given the different tool holders there's an earlier and a another folder and more sharpens sorry get a little excited here boring bar holder just a standard to a bit older I was reading somewhere online that actually some guy got out I think it was a bo star or something which is probably the same damn thing as this but they just put a different name on it he said they're packed with grease these aren't really packed in Greece or a little light grease on there but they're actually fairly clean which is nice instructions pile of instructions and last but not least here is our parting tool holder so we go six piece kit I'm gonna order some more these guys because you know never have enough of these I heard one guy on line say that these set screws are garbage so I'll test those out and see if that's true or not that guy that reference that was a machinist I mean he does machining for a living so I'll check that off but so this thing should be ready to go other than a little cleaning but this is the guy we're gonna have to worry about here so let's take this over to my lathe and and see where we're at all right so here is my setup now I hate this thing it works it's done its purpose for probably about 6070 years but time for this guy to go away I probably won't completely go away but for the most part what you can do if you're getting your dimensions is you can take this T naught and get your your width and your thickness I'll get a good idea but as you can see we're we're quite a bit oh man get out your lighter were whiter and we're deeper and I just ain't going to work the way it is right now so what we're going to have to do is we're gonna have to machine this guy if you don't I've got a little mini mill and it's actually a really nice meal my little mail that I'll be showing you here new they're about 3,000 bucks so the price of a good used full-sized bridgework you know if you can find a deal on one for our chinese made one Bridgeport's are probably a little more than 3000 but but this little mail I got here is a pretty good little machine so we'll get some measurements here and I'll probably start milling so first thing I'm going to do to get my measurements here now to clean this guy out you know what this is actually fairly clean but I got some few little chips and stuff in there and this one's kind of nice because I don't know how almost ladies are but I just noticed this at this exact second I got little raisins here so this has been milled out deeper than my sides here so I got little rails on each side here just kind of cool um also what happens on some of these lathes is this tea you can't see it here but underneath here it's not square down here it's been kind of chipped out but I got quite a bit of material back in there that's a common problem with these things sometimes people have to replace and due to that so let's get a marker and uh and uh these paper whatever know Right donor damn it all right just remember a second ago when I was talking about so here's our t-nut here's our tea and our cross light my lathe and it's not too bad online ashram chunk like that missing out of it that's because somebody didn't have a tool post in there tighten off or whatever the deal biz but I still got quite a bit of material back here that's still in really good shape so this is hopefully what yours looks like what we do here not too difficult you're going to want to leave will take take your old on here wipe it off we'll take your old one and measure it and see see where we're at with it because that'll give us an idea of what our new one should be close to my CalPERS so let's see let's measure it like this and this one is different from side to side which is no surprise one point four one four and one point four three seven so I'm going to say one point four three seven there with or sorry or happy or with and then our thickness to 93 to 95 to 8 to 88 so we'll say it to 95 0.295 thickness so that will be this thickness and then being that this guy is thicker we're going to machine this t in there better come up here and measure this and there are better ways of doing this but this will get us pretty dang close 1.008 of course I'm sure that will be different not 1.00 to look over here one point zero one zero this should be dead-on point nine nine zero 99 all right so then we go and measure our actual with here 1.46 zero one point four or five zero so that one four three seven so it's pretty damn close on 450 and it's tough I don't have the right tool to measure inside the middle here so we're gonna call it one 450 and 3:15 3:11 3:17 3:17 so we'll go 311 cuz that was our least and then what we got one more here give you that one as one inch or 50 km Gupta all right there we go those are three measurements we're going to need one 450 that's from here to here 311 that's the height and then 100 thousands that's this measurement here and then I'm not sure I didn't measure this plate that came with it but I'm sure that'll end up up in here somewhere it'd be great if it went like right up to about there but it's not really necessary with all this support down here I don't really you know that's just redundant there so let's measure it up and sticker on the mill here if you don't have access to your own mill one thing you could do is there's usually machinist your own that'll machine these out for you you just get your measurements you can get your exact measurements off your cross or your compound and then you can subtract however much you want five thousand sir you know seven thousands on on each side and subtract that give it to your machinist and they should be able to machine this guy out for you it might cost you a few bucks but they're gonna do a really nice job and one thing to do if you're having somebody else machining you might want to machine it a little bit you don't want to have machine too much off because if if it's too sloppy you know you can't put metal back on there so you can have them cut it a little large you know maybe a couple thousands large larger than you think you'll need it and then you can always like come back with a hand file and file these edges off so I'll get cutting here I'll show you a little bit and then we will I'm sure this will take me a good hour so to get this guy done on my little mill here but we'll get her cut up and we'll stick her in my lathe and see how well it works so let's get rolling all right so I changed my mind I'm going to do the ends first just to get it all down to the correct width and then I'll do my T slots because then I don't have to worry about calculating punch extra crap I have it set up in my mail here on end so what I figured is I'm going to cut one hundred ninety seven and a half thousands off of each side so I got this side set up and then off to flop it around and refigure or if I can find a shim that's or make a shim that's one hundred ninety seven thousand so be even better than I can stack this on top but I got a set in there I'm just going to mill away here a DS go down to a smaller mail bed and shove it way up in my collet because of my large apparatus here but we'll get cut in here I'll grab some cutting oil and go to town here I have to slow my mill down a little bit but make sure we're not locked in and I'll just take it white godparents and it seems to be cut pretty good I don't go very fast with this guy because it's a little little late a little meal but I'll get rolling here I'll cut quite a bit then I'll show you guys alright so there I got my first side shaved down and my nice you know it's been a while since I've easiest thing but my head is just ever so slightly out a tram that's maybe a I don't know one ten thousandth of an inch there but I mean all across here it's is pretty damn flat so I could I took a couple passes back over there and clean that up but I don't really care it's just great the way it is that's the only bad thing about a little machine like this is you can only work so much material I mean these this machine isn't set up to do heavy stuff so one other thing I forgot to mention besides a machinist if you have a local gunsmith in your area they should be able to take care of this for you too most gunsmiths have a big milling machine or a little milling machine whatever but if your gun Smith and you're doing this for somebody else you probably want to have a big machine otherwise it's going to take them too damn long and they're going to charge you too much one other option if you have it milling attachment for your lathe that'd be even better that's easy enough to do on your lathe just get yourself an end mill and if you got a call an attachment that's even better it's basically the same thing as a meal like this so what we'll do now is I'll flop this guy round cut the other side and then we'll get to the tea cuts I want to show you that I'll just flip it out and cut it and then I'll show you the next step here alright so I cut my width of this guy down and I got a set up now I measure it over and I'm cutting my tea slot out I'm going to do this side and then I'll cut this side like I said my little mill I don't go very fast for this weapon it took me about two hours to get this where I wanted and I went back and cut it down if once because I wanted it a little narrow than it was I'd out this guy in with an indicator off the base of my mill here so I'm in 224 thousands and I'm I'm deep 175,000 so on my plate here so when I cut this side and then I cut the opposite side here hopefully we'll test fit it in my lathe and hopefully it'll fit right in there I'm going to finish cutting this guy it's pretty bored and watching me cut this because it takes so long and it's slow but I'll finish cutting this I'll show you what it looks like and then we'll see if it fits all right we're done cutting our T naught and here it is turned out pretty good I had one little mess up there but my piece was not down on my block all the way when I started cutting and I realized halfway through but my ends are good so I got maybe a couple thousands there that I got my bit cut but anyways there's our T nut or our new now peanut you can see it there t let's turn around it's a t anyways let's take this baby over to lay them and hook it up all righty so we got our T nut let's check it out see how it fits here and slice pretty get in there and there's like very minimal wiggle that way very minimal if not any wiggle that way so we did did a pretty good job there and I got it so it fits I got a little tiny wiggle that way so I got it so fits bass basically both ways but since outsides tighter for some reason will stick without alright where's a post the moment of truth $2 oh all right give my hand all the way here in a second so this guy is the phase to AXA and loosen that up just a little bit so I'm going to slide it so this is a Phase two AXA model I have an 11 inch lathe here and by the looks of it this guy is going to be pretty dang close to where I need it to be hopefully now it has to be because I can't get a bigger one so let's just check it here so that's pretty cool all right so we get it where we want it just I got this my compound setup for threading here I don't have not sure what size wrench this guy's will just grow you'll press on crank her down sweet look at that that's friggin awesome friggin eight yeah friggin sweet so I've been wanting one of these forever and a day ago let me move my camera back just a little bit here and crank my guy in here like I said if you're thinking about doing that T nut by hand because trust me I've thought about it and oh boy I spent about three hours on my little mini mill milling it just because like I said it's a mini mill and it can't take big hunks off if I had a big mill I could have whipped this guy out in half hour 45 minutes with my measuring checking cutting double-checking because when you're doing precision work and you want this guy to be pretty precise because it's going to be you know on your lathe and and it's a very integral part of what you're doing here you want to get it as close as you can to fit inside your little T slot here so to get you know you can take all the measurements in the world you want but it seems like no matter what how many measurements how good of measurements you take you always got to fit it and so I went back I don't know about three times I cut it I checked it you know as a flower to off where I wanted to be and then I came back after I cut it and checked it and you know I was dead-on so I said three or four times trial and error um let's grab a bit this is just a blank bit so take your time when you're getting this guy in and and if if you can't have a machinist do it or machine it out yourself because you're going to be way happier with the results that you yet from a machined piece versus trying to do it by hand I don't even know how that it take you forever to do it by hand so unless you're like an old retired guy with nothing better to do you know maybe you want to spend a week whittling away at that thing I'd be alright I guess sort of do now is I'm just checking this out so I want to kind of see I'm going to crank over actually I'll spring our tail stock up in here and see kind of where I'm at and this is you know this is just for my own for my own I know what you want to say for the hell of it one of these days I'm going to make a quick change or a quick tie tone for my tail stock but another day so I'm doing is kind of checking where my center line is and see anything about exactly the nice thing about these is you can stick one place tighten that down tighten this guy down of course with a wrench and there I'm right on center it's all cool is out then I got that guy granted that's just a blank but get that guy set up and coming here next time but chow ground it's not tight but ready to roll so and then we're dead on center again there you go guys the phase 2 quick change to a post for the money I think it's going to be pretty sweet I don't have seven eight hundred dollars to spend on Dolores or a durian so this is pretty cool I'll check it out see how it works see how I like it maybe make another video here in a while and let you know how how it did sorry you can't see what I'm doing there but so yeah sweet quick change and go this way if we want to yeah pumped I can't tell I'm excited a little slop there but I don't know if the alarm so the other ones are like that but I guess you get her tight any going order so chip jaw I gotta get some more of these guys because those would be nice to have other than that there you go that's if you don't if you're going to have somebody machine this I don't know my cost you fifty to one hundred bucks they have machine that probably not maybe fifty bucks 75 bucks to machine that little T nut but it's well worth it like I said you can have them do it oversize a little bit and then you can always file it down by hand you can fit it that probably the best way to do it if you're going to have somebody do it because you hate to have them undercut and be too loose some people might not care but I do there we go alright so that was our quick change tool post install and kind of semi half-ass review not really but I haven't had a chance to really play with them yet hopefully I will in next couple weeks here what I plan on doing here in the next two or three weeks I got a 6mm barrel coming from Excalibur barrels there are new company out of Cal spell Montana I've never used their barrels I've shot you know carves Kriegers while little does Rock Creek and all those good guys Douglas a bunch of other ones but I'm going to get this barrel from X caliber and and chamber in a 6b are I'm going to do that on mono in 1917 Enfield actions so I'll go through I might actually do a series of videos on putting that whole rifle together - the action because I already did the all-day action work on it so barrel thread chamber muzzle may be contoured I don't know it's a straight inch and a quarter so not really contour but so those things and I got a stock for it too I got a cool it's got some figure in it kind of a semi benchrest varmint stock that I might throw it in so I might do some videos on that to see how once again if you guys like my videos please subscribe like them comment feel free to ask me any questions I'm usually available to answer whatever you guys want to know and yeah till next time take her easy shoot often if you shoot and be safe on your lays and tools have fun see you guys later thanks you you
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