Phase II AXA Quick Change Tool Post Review!

Hey guys how's it going this is a follow-up video to the other one I did about installing my phase 2 quick change tool post on my Logan 11 inch lathe I've used this thing I've had since the beginning of January now and I've used it for you know about 4 months and I've been quite pleased with it of course it is not an ax loris or an adored Orion and the price reflects that they cost about you know depending on if you get them on sale and on anywhere from 150 up to 200 for the ax a style the which is you know the nine to twelve inch I believe if you go up to the BX a that's I believe that's a twelve to fifteen and then the CX a that's for big lays most guys that have lays that big are probably I'm not going to say probably but if they're professional machinists they're going to be using some nice stuff but this is a pretty good little guy for the money I paid I think 180 for it because I failed to realize that I could have waited another month and gotten it on sale for about 150 from Enco online but anyways if you watch my other video which I can put a link up for it I went over a few things and one of the things I went over it got kind of lengthy little lengths here and I wanted it to but it showed how i milled my little plate here as you can see it's a T nut but when you get it it's just a flat plate that's threaded into this so what you got to do is you got to go through and you have to either pay somebody to machine it or you got a machine of yourself if you can get a machined it's not too terribly expensive to have somebody else machine it depending on who you have do it anywhere from you know 25 30 bucks all the way up to 50 60 bucks to do that little nut but if it's a full-blown machine shop they should be able to whip that guy for you if you got their measurements in no time and you know 30 40 bucks shouldn't be unreasonable and I spent I have a little mini meal and I spent probably two or three hours getting it right to where I wanted it because I had to take some small cuts so let's take a look at this let me tighten her down here again a few first impressions of this guy a little bit of wobble in the handle and I don't know if the more expensive ones have that or not but you know it's not a big deal it locks down really well and you know when I've I've had a little bit of chatter on this thing but it's because of my machine and my machine is older and I I've kind of worked some of those kinks out and like that's a nice thing about this is when I had my lantern tool cost I was thinking goddamn that lantern tool post is just you know it's so chattery and it's not solid and and here I found out once I got this thing that it was actually I have some bed wear and some of these screws and my Gibbs and stuff loosened up more than they should have been and I ended up tightening all that stuff up and now it's really solid and it works really great so that was a good thing that I found out with this guy but the lock up on here is pretty good once you know the I tightened all these down there's a I forget what size it is I can tell you here quick I believe it's a 4 millimeter or maybe a 5 millimeter on this top main screw and I tightened all those down good when I got it and then you can you know hand tighten these are loosing them whatever you want and then if you get them if you have one bit in there all the time you could tighten them and lock up and leave them one thing I did notice I heard another guy say that once upon a time these set screws in these bit holders were kind of junk and I first got it and I kind of thought well I don't look that bad and I used it a little bit and I thought well they don't work that bad either but I don't ought to explain it but after using them for a while you kind of get the impression that yeah they're kind of cheap and one of these days I think I'm going to replace them off for some good ones that are hopefully USA u.s. u.s. made but I mean they work they do the job this is the wedge style tool post if you didn't see it I'll make the piston style I wanted a wedge one because everything I read guys like the wedge ones more than the piston style ones and when you put this on there it's actually not much movement in there I mean if you can see that but it doesn't really move much and then let's see so not even a quarter turn and it'll tighten down the only thing I have noticed from using this thing a little bit let me grab my other bit holder here like say we want to use the boring bar and I flopped this guy over to the side sometimes that lever gets you fling it over a little too far and then you got to push it back and then it type you know tightens it down a little and go yeah it gets kind of I don't know if the the more expensive ones are like that but I've noticed that it gets in the way a little bit so you got a kind of you know work around it but it works once you get it in there it's just a little you know if you don't ever use boring bars it's not a big deal but for me I'm going to use them quite a bit so but the side one is really nice it seems to work better so yeah they're not I mean they're not much to these things one thing I should mention is that I did have to buy they come with one of these a standard bit holder and then the one that's in here is a standard one with a groove in it so you can put a boring bar in it the boring bar holder which it just showed you a second ago and then this neural ER and an extra bit holder for this guy then the last one they send you is a universal parting tool and if you notice this doesn't say phase tool on it or anything see those guys they say phase 2 hmm what's up with that here's what happened I got this set and I tried putting my cutting tool in here and every time I tightened it down it would flop my blade over to the side and no matter which blade because I have several cut off blades I tried them all and when I ended up happening is this piece that they this nut that they provide is so sloppy it's so horrible of machining that when it tightens down it slides over and it pushes the top of the blade out so what I did is I called phase 2 and I said hey my parting tool holder that you guys sent me keeps pushing my bit out and I don't like that and I don't want to have to fix it but what he told me before I said I don't want to fix it is oh you can check out you know I'm sure there's something on Google or something you can go look and and you know people modify them and make them work and and I told the guy I said you know what I really don't want to do that and I already bought one this is a chars and I'm pretty happy with this one I already bought a shards one off at eBay and it cost me I think this one was eighteen fifteen or eighteen bucks shipped it wasn't more than 20 but this chars one is way better over the phase 2 because this nut is machined a lot better and it fits a lot tighter whatever they did to make this one work this one works way better that phase two parting tool holder that they send you is garbage I don't know in the guy that I talked to was really nice and he said send it back so I sent it back and I'm waiting for it to win to hear back from him but you know you think they'd fit that but you know for 200 bucks I guess you're not you're not getting a whole hog lot that's kind of the only don't downfall to this set was this holder so like I said I bought a new one and I'll see what happens when they send me back the other one hopefully they'll send me a nice one that works so then I'll have two of them which is nice but so that's about it I mean for the money hands down ten times better than a lantern tool post this is money well spent I really enjoy it I think this is awesome I'm happy I have it I've been him in and hawin bought it for you know a year or so and I found I said what the hell it's go ahead and buy it so I did it and I'm happy I would never go back to a lantern tool post after I have this guy someday when I can maybe afford a Dorian or Norris yeah I'll get one of those but till then you know for 200 or 150 to 200 bucks this is money well spent in my opinion and you know just the ease of the ease of having all these holders and being able to pop them in there and switch from one to the other is so much nicer the one thing that I would like to do my only another complaint other net tool bit holder is I would recommend getting some more of these 2:51 ones just a standard tool bit holders and you can go on eBay and buy chars ones I had another I think char sells them for 13 bucks plus like six bucks shipping so 18 bucks but if you buy a few and me get a little disc ownership thing but if I had three or four more of these standard ones that would be great because it's always nice to have several of these and then you can plop them in and out and you know you don't need to be actually unscrewing them and fixing on this well anyways that's my little phase to redo phase 2 review so if you found that helpful please feel free to like it share subscribe add it to your favorites that's always fun and subscribe did I say that subscribe check out my channel I got tons of videos over 100 videos on there on different stuff including lathe work a little bit of milling machine gun smithing stuff cars all sorts of stuff we've got some crazy annoying dogs on there it's good waste time if nothing else you will I shouldn't say you will you may learn something so until next time stay safe take er easy and I'll see you later thank you
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