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Hori brings us the Pikachu battle pad hey Nintendo fans and collectors lithium here for my channel Nintendo collecting bringing you an unboxing video and probably a mini review of just how this controller actually feels in your hands.

Thank you very much for tuning in this thing looks pretty fantastic actually I'm pretty impressed Corey's known to make pretty decently high quality third-party items for Nintendo these are officially licensed by Nintendo though there was no original Nintendo GameCube themed controller with Pikachu on it and there was some for Mario Luigi Wario and a few other characters throughout the years but there's never been one for Pikachu so. This is kind of neat my wife absolutely loves Pokemon and loves Pikachu and loves Mario Kart that's what she's probably going to hopefully use this one for the box packaging for this looks a lot like all the box packaging for anything Wii U related that's official you have the blue style here with a good picture of what this will look like says Pikachu on it obviously if you can just tell by the picture kori it does say up here but it does have the official Nintendo seal of quality.

Apparently this thing should be pretty decent on this side here it tells you a little bit about how the buttons work features push style oh and our buttons if that's what you're looking for turbo functionality which is pretty awesome enlarged control pad which is probably bigger than the one on the original GameCube on the back here does say a little bit more information about the console if you're interested. This is the USA model there was these were out in the States originally and the side actually gives you a picture of the side of the controller that's pretty neat on the bottom cute little picture of Pikachu with the Pokemon battle pad name on it.

That's everything let's actually open this up and take a look at what. This is like there's one little seal here that I have on mine maybe there's no seal depending on where you find it in your area I bought this one at EB Games I believe it was something like $30 somewhere around there.

I'm also going to compare this to the PDP fight pad because that one I thought felt a little bit cheap if you watch my review of that one.

Just put this over there this does come with a small instruction manual for you collectors out there that want to hold on to these kinds of things I'm not going to look through that that kind of looks pretty boring to me and probably just describes how you take care of the controller and how it works neat little cardboard insert that looks a lot like the official GameCube inserts of the past and this one is in a baggie it looks like there is one piece of tape on this just going to pull that up pull out of the bag and let's take a good look at this alright.

We've got a completely plastic controller obviously this one actually feels a lot lighter than the PDP controller. This is the official GameCube size though I believe but I'm gonna get to that in a second.

Let's just take a look at how this controller functions I guess we do have the different speed buttons here you have it says five ten and twenty as a little slider there that you have with the turbo functionality you have the turbo button on and off it looks like with a little LED light that looks like it would glow green I believe the Select home and start buttons are in yellow on this as is the turbo button and the other buttons look like they're very comparable in color at least the original GameCube controller I do have an original GameCube controller right here and the controller does feel a lot lighter though it feels really light I'm not sure if there is any weighting in this one it's probably just the plastic casing actually the C stick and joystick I'm trying to compare them they feel similar to but not quite as good as this one feels a lot more like plastic to me actually it feels a lot emptier that maybe just because the housing of the controller the a B buttons seem that they're responsive enough I'm not sure if they're the exact same they're very similar anyways it's hard to tell without actually playing it actually looks like the B button is slightly larger on this controller that might just be my eyes but the d-pad without question is definitely larger than the original you can see right there the original d-pad actually I had problems with on the GameCube controller is too small.

This one is bigger I don't think the gamepad it might be a slight improvement anyways and these is R and L buttons are said to be what's push style.

Let's see the push style is any different.

We have the R on the L buttons they're really really quick to hit on the old game view controller obviously the rnl buttons took a while for them to actually go down. This is ed irons and all our buttons actually that's what those are but the RL buttons are very very quick tap doesn't take you that long to give that force feedback pressing all the way down this one's a lot faster actually.

The controller in terms of shape and size looks like it's about the same let's just check out the height of this and how it was designed it really does look like they took the casing got Nintendo's permission and did it the exact same.

Maybe these are the official ones whereas the PDP ones aren't as official height looks same with looks the same I think it is the same housing anyways but it doesn't have that same matte finish it looks like these ones are more gloss finish or glossy finish it does say hoary here.

You can tell obviously that this one's not an official Nintendo one or anyways one of the original Nintendo game controllers here's the PDP fight pad vs the battle pad.

PDP makes the one on my left and Hori makes the one on my right I really feel like the one on the left has a lot more weight to it it feels a bit better actually in your hands but it's not the original design of the game view controller.

If you're used to holding an original controller in your hands you're probably going to want to get this one these buttons though for Zed are and said I'll take a while to go down Alan our are the really quick trigger on this hoary pod though it really depends on your preference or your style this definitely feels like a cheaper controller but it's neat them it's themed with p2 of course this one as well you also have to plug into a Wii Remote.

If that's what is negating you from actually buying this you might want to try and just eventually find the GameCube adapter for your Wii U and play with an original GameCube controller.

This one I would just say it does feel really cheap but it's nice that it has the original design of the game controller I do like that and the d-pad is a lot better.

That's the pluses but the negative is that it's definitely a bit lighter it depends on what are now buttons you're looking for because the rnl buttons on this one take a little while to go down as opposed to the PDP which seems a lot faster.

Let me know as a comment below have you used this before what are your thoughts what is your review or recommendation would you prefer the PDP over the horror horror or over the Hori one or vice versa thank you very much for watching feel free to fill that like bucket follow me on all the social media links in the description below the video and remember as always go collect them all and keep smiling while gaming.

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