Pistachio Ice Cream | Byron Talbott

Today I want to be showing you guys how to make pistachio ice cream now a week or so ago I showed you guys how to make peach ice cream and this is going to be a very similar video to that except I'm swapping out the peaches with some delicious pistachios so hopefully you guys enjoy this video on let's get in the kitchen making this pistachio ice cream so the first thing I want to tackle in this recipe is of course the ice cream base and for this base I'm going to start out by adding cream and half-and-half and this is going to produce a very velvety and creamy texture to ice cream next I'm going to add my egg yolks then sugar and of course pistachios because I'm making pistachio ice cream after that you're going to take this mixture over to the stove turn your flame on to about medium to high heat and you're going to cook this mixture for about 5 minutes or until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit this is going to pasteurize those egg yolks also this is going to infuse all those amazing pistachio flavors into the mixture so after you're done cooking the bass take it off the heat and give it a quick blend and depending on the consistency of ice cream you enjoy you can either blend this completely smooth or keep it fairly textured with the pistachio still sort of intact and that's how I'm making my ice cream today once you're done blending the mixture to the desired consistency that you want pour the mixture into a bowl that you can chill down to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit or so and just put it in the freezer which will take less time and instead of putting in the refrigerator once you're done doing that you're going to pour the mixture into an ice cream machine or here I have a KitchenAid attachment for my KitchenAid that's actually really really nice and this is going to take about five to ten minutes in order to churn into ice cream once the ice cream is done churning return it to the freezer so it stiffens up a bit so you can scoop it and that should take another maybe half an hour or so you you you so here I'm just gonna scoop out really small portions of pistachio ice cream I'm gonna garnish them with a little bit of raw shaved pistachio then drizzle some chocolate over the top and then freeze them for about an hour or two and these will serve as a great party snack and really if you have a craving for ice cream you don't have to commit to the whole jug you can just go to your freezer and pop one of these in your mouth and you will absolutely enjoy it and love it they're you know mildly covered in dark chocolate and you could eat them with your hands nice and frozen and that little shaping of pistachio like dust on top is kind of a nice touch so see how they are really good the pistachio ice cream has almost like a honey flavor I don't know for some reason when you cook pistachios a little bit of sugar it just takes on this sort of floral honey like flavor which I just absolutely love really really good nice and creamy my last video when I did the peach ice cream I was hoping for a little bit more of that peach flavor but this the pistachio is just blend really well and you could really taste a very very good recipe hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please subscribe thumbs up and comment below for future videos and I'll see you guys in my next video bye guys
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