Pistachio Macarons | Byron Talbott

Today I'm going to show you guys how to make delicious pistachio macaroons and as long as you follow this recipe exactly how I presented you should be alright so first up we're gonna make our white chocolate and pistachio ganache which is going to be the filling for our macarons so in a small sauce pot you're going to add some pistachios a heavy cream and some butter and bring this up to a simmer while that's simmering away you're going to add your sugar and then continue cooking for about five to ten minutes or until the nuts start to sort of soften and infuse with the cream as soon as that's done your throw it into a blender mix this on very high speed until the mixture is blended till it's completely smooth and then you're going to pour some of it over your white chocolate chips and make your ganache all right so once the ganache is all finished up you're going to start making your Italian ring so in a small sauce pot you're going to add some water and sugar and bring this mixture up to 250 degrees but while you're waiting for that to come up to temp you're going to add some egg whites to your stand mixer and put it on medium to high speed and get those egg whites just slightly frothy once the syrup has reached the 250 degree mark temperature you're going to start slowly drizzling it into the egg whites and this is how you make your attire meringue and you're looking for stiff peaks and your meringue all right so once the meringue is done you're to start sifting all your dry ingredients so here I have some pistachio flour which is essentially just whole pistachios that have been run through a food processor to really fine and some powdered sugar you're going to want to make sure to sift these very well otherwise your macarons can tend to be a little lumpy once that's done you're going to add it to a bowl and then add the other half of your egg whites in this recipe to it and make almost like a pistachio paste once this is all good well I'm mixed you're going to add your meringue 1/3 at a time the consistency you're really looking for is almost like cake batter but most macaroon recipes will say that the consistency should look almost like flowing lava once the macaron batter is done put it into a piping bag fitted with a round tip and start piping them out onto a baking tray lined with some parchment paper or a Silpat like I have here and leave just a little bit of space in between each macaron otherwise they'll tend to spread into each other just because the batter is just slightly loose talk with a little bit of ground pistachio flour that you have reserved leftover and you're going to let these dry for about 10 to 15 minutes before you bake them once you do bake them they will bake in a 300-degree oven for about 10 to 12 minutes all right so it's been about 12 minutes and these macarons look absolutely delicious so I'm gonna let these cool down for about 30 minutes before I try to pull them off the mat but once they have cooled down flip half of them over and then start piping in the white chocolate and pistachio ganache and then take the other half of the cookie and sort of just smush that filling in between both of the cookies and there you guys have it a beautiful pistachio macaroon all righty so I'm all done with this pistachio macaroons recipe these look absolutely fantastic I'm really excited the way these turned out they look pretty good but there's only one way of telling so I'm just going to bite into one of them and try it out so see how it goes mmm really good just like a really thin shell on the outer crust of the macaroon cakey Center and then a really good white chocolate and pistachio ganache this is killer now one thing one tip I would give you guys is sometimes the shell can be a little bit too crispy right when you take them out of the oven so a lot of recipes said you should mature your macaroon for at least 24 hours before you eat them but honestly they're absolutely delicious right out of the oven or you can you know let them sit around for two days or so and they get really tender and the filling sort of absorbs into the Mack Road a little bit so it just makes her a really tender and slightly crisp macaroon but like I said they're great straddle oven really excited the way these turned out pretty good macaroon and this has been a long time coming a lot of you been requesting this recipe and finally I'm getting to it I'll be making more macarons in the future there's like so many different varieties you can make up like a million different colors million different flavors but I think the pistachio macaroon in general is probably probably the most popular I would say but that's just my opinion so hopefully you guys enjoyed this recipe please comment below for future videos thumbs up and subscribe if you did enjoy the video and this is going to be on my website so this is going to be the featured recipe this week for my website so go check it out I'll have that linked below and probably annotated somewhere around here so you can click on and go check out my website this is the first time I'm sort of shouting it out so please give me some feedback on it and tell me what you what you'd like to see on the website so see you guys next time with some more delicious recipes bye everybody you
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