Pistachio Trees Load For Harvest

Hi it's Chris from Crow quest and in the Central Valley today it's a mid to late September and in addition to being almond harvesting time it's now coming up on a pistacia harvesting time and thus ash trees pistachio trees are surging in plantings in California there's literally thousands upon thousands of acres and over the last 10 15 years the trees have just been I've been planted in very large amounts pistachios are really gained in popularity I have to say it's one of my favorite nuts to eat while I'm driving makes a boring drive interesting and a very healthy nut to eat as you can see the nuts are produced in abundance on the trees and in this case they're all mechanically harvested the days of actually hand harvesting almonds and pistachios or walnuts of left us decades ago you could easily grow trees like this in your backyard you can see the fruit is just about ready to harvest has a little husk on it in the side there's a hardened shell and then from here they get roasted with different flavors you may be familiar with in this case that shell just pops open and there's a fresh up a stash fruit right here but they do need to be roasted and dried and obviously we know that they add many different flavors to that I picked this particular spot to stop because there's trees of different ages this is a young nursery tree about two years of age the typical starter tree that you might procure from us or anyone else and these are pistachio trees of other ages we have 24 inch box trees of this size that would begin our producing fruit at this time this is about the size of a 15 gallon tree from us pistachio trees have a ratio of approximately one male tree debri five female trees so you do need to have more than one tree in your backyard properly prone they make a great summer shade tree they're a very durable and strong tree have no significant pest issues that I know of obviously squirrels would be an issue for getting it the fruit but you can either use a defensive measure measures like a hot chilli sauce or hot chilli powder around the plant material to keep them off or frankly to shoot them so these are pistachio trees thank you for your time I might add pistachio trees live in the high heat of the Southwest southeast they are not a tree that does really well in high summer rainfall areas they like it as dry as possible and as hot as possible you
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