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That's it they you know they were sets yawning that's all right how good does that look so being and Bronte and loving pistachios I've hunted down some of the finest mustachioed treats I thought it was appropriate to order one of everything and I'm gonna eat every single one of them hey guys my name's guys turn from bono harvest and we're on a journey to source the finest ingredients we use in our everyday cooking we're here to find the people the places the land that produced some vibrant flavors are weird everyday so here in Bronte Sicily two source of - pistachios now come with me and let's go fun source we're brontë this is gorgeous located at the base of mount Aetna's Bronte and it produced some of the world's finest pistachios that locals call them green gold but this wasn't always the case as the structures aren't local to the area but actually introduced to the Romans first and then 900 years later by the Arabs they invaded masala so let's go for a walk to town out see it we can find Bronte mystically Bronte they've even got their own twist on the classic arancini which is like it Sicilian Street food and it's got like pistachios on top it's a risotto ball that's been fried Oh delicious on our way up to the top of Terra Manor we're in the epic view that out it's gorgeous isn't it it's a volcano you can imagine something so harsh arid and old we produce pistachios so tasty and be the main income for a small town at the base of it it's pretty amazing tomorrow morning we're heading to the top of that thing find out why and how pistachios grow so well in this region so we caught up with Manuel he's a geologist he's gonna teach us a thing or two about that Etna Wow oh my god welcome to the Ox Valley this is a very interesting point this is the natural limit from the Holt crater the volcano Etna started under the sea and arrived it in this point well in frot do you see the last crater born in the top yeah the southeast crater so the southeast crater is the newest creature is actually still active a active absolutely and the last eruption only two months ago so that lava day is still hot exactly we'll go right side this Refresh lava Oh baby lava you reckon we can get to the top yeah okay awesome let's do it all right so we're at the top of the crater we're gonna see all the way down there every house stunning house more does this make you feel so the pistachio plan itself is actually a desert plant and it's Mount Etna that provides the perfect perfect environment for these guys to really grow and flourish it's this volcanic rock and ash that really makes the pistachio from bronty stand out from everywhere else around the world hold so many vitamins and so many minerals sort of unbelievable so we're headed back down to the base of Mount Etna to catch up with Maximilian his family's been in the pistachio industry world pretty much forever okay Maximilian yeah show me around yeah everywhere flashing the blonde poppy statue is considered one of the best be structure in the world yeah this is the perfect place for the pistachio Plains perfect height perfect temperature because of the volcano the minerals yeah how do you know when a pistachio is ready the white corner is perfect the colors it goes from green then to red and then what yeah okay so the harvest and you have people just going yeah yeah the obvious is every two years for the quality of data structure we collect and then keep out the field and then they dry we do all the processing yes and then we try to sell you know how much would one tray pistache would that yield 35 40 kilo per - yeah what's your favorite way to eat pistachios we start you with pasta appearance-based of restructure and then of course ice cream yeah yeah for my last recipe in Sicily I'm gonna do a ricotta and pistachio stuff squid we're sort of cooking amongst these pistachio trees in amongst a black volcanic rock and you could say I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place cuz we're at a volcano on one side and my biggest critic on the other so let's not make our pesto it's an untraditional pesto I'm using pistachios instead of pine nuts or almonds but it's gonna be the basis it's gonna add a lot of flavor to the stuffing itself so it's really simple so first step will be to dice our garlic really fine to make the pesto so just like you would an onion you're gonna slice down one way and then slice the other way and slice a little way through so that's really fine and and not to sort of harsh you've just got a grater or a microplane that'll work as well nom being CEO will not shoot pickle thing doesn't believe I'm a chef so garlic super fine straight into the poll all right so we've got a bit of Parmesan cheese and then we got some unroasted pistachios as well so I've gone unroasted peeled because once that sort of goes inside the squid and heats up all those oils gonna release into the actual stuffing itself good couple of spoonfuls of pistachios palms and cheese that's gonna melt through and just make this rich and delicious next is that basil so a good handful of basil I'm gonna pick these leaves and chop through them nice and rough nice and rustic doesn't have to be super fine it's just about the good quality ingredients so there's lump your birds a lot and then you're just gonna run your knife through it just shift not it as far as possible am i doing good so bezel straight into a bowl and then we'll add a big glug of olive oil in there as well should be enough and we're just folded through look at the colour just that shows the basil you know it's like a rustic hand shot pesto all right so I'm gonna put that to the side then we're gonna start cooking the remainder our stuffing mix so first step it's a slice an onion and a trick with slicing like dicing onions is keep the root on and it holds the onion together so slice of garlic fine I'm loving a dices and just gonna slice it it's gonna cook down and to be tender and then we're just gonna go a little bit of that chili as well add as much as you want and if you like it hot add more like it medium a little bit less than you would if you added more that's gonna go into a hot pan or a bit of oil all right so next is some lemon rind and some fennel seeds if you had a microplane you could microplane it but again I'm gonna use my knife and keep it nice and rustic and you just want the yellow none of the white stuff that's all you want just there know what we're gonna do is a slice for that lemon rind in there few fennel seeds as well give that a toss through and then we'll welt some spinach it's just gonna wilt down and soften up so that'll actually collapse and cooking so actually quite a small amount so that's ready to go to wilt it down it's soft its tender what we'll do now we throw a couple of spoonfuls about pesto and with our wilted spinach that's going to go in there give it a fold through back in the bowl it's gonna make it easier and less messy when I mix the eggs so two eggs straight in there as well and then a good spoonful it'll clutter on top of that give that a good mix through it's still a bit of heat in there as well so I'm not gonna cook it it's just gonna soften up that Parmesan cheese I just help it all bind together all right so these are a squid it's been cleaned up already all I'm gonna do is take your skin off there's time to stuff it so you're just gonna take a knife I'm just gonna run it just take these little wings off and then you can literally just get your fingers in there and just pull the second out of it all right so room stuff these little guys pack them all the way and then just leave a little bit just enough to put a skewer through it to hold it together that's about how you want it once it goes in the grill the squid itself is gonna contract and shrink around it you can get your skewer it's gonna go through the end and that's just gonna seal it off and when it goes in the barbecue so nothing falls out listen to that all right so that's actually not gonna take long at all so we squid you anyone cook really quick or really slow anything in between is nearly tough chewy and horrible so it's about four minutes either side we're gonna char marks oh that looks good I'm just gonna hit with a little lemon juice and then that's ready to come off I reckon waiting on our chopping board how good does that look so that's pretty well what you're after it's like just called through tender it's not overcooked getting a slice laughter so we're just gonna plate it a little bit of pistachios and then with lemon wedge on the side and they're known as giving us some fresh because they show has literally plucked off these trees or just there's time to dig in and and get her feedback for you fingers crossed don't be shy don't be shy one little one the whole family gets up for this more yeah thanks for having us fantastic yeah thank you alright so pistachio stuff squid was delicious but now it's time for dessert so I'm gonna do like a Sicilian treat we'll actually it for breakfast which is a bit weird but it's delicious bit of brioche cut open and then some delicious epic pistachio gelato straight in there and cram it with some pistachios that's not going to do because it's hot and this luscious delicious oh my god that's gonna be so epic let's give it to the hungry masses okay make a mess how awesome zap have beautiful Bronte good people versatile purse - yes Oh guys thanks for watching and make sure you check out next episode of sauced a tastemade calm
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