Pistachios: The Best Snack For Weight Loss

Why is it so quiet in here because my entire audience is stacking on a treat that packs a huge contrition or punch it's a hundred percent natural lowers cholesterol fights inflammation and they help you lose inches off your waist like a taste so what is it you're gonna love this it is the Betty a Chicano rebecky don't you love this yeah I just love walking in pistachios getting pistachios making a mess with pistachios what kind of nuts do you like to eat cashews almonds walnuts pistachios all tree nuts yeah I love not to talk about them all the time I got little secret for you in addition to the fact that I love pistachios they're not really nuts or seed we call them nuts because they sort of look like nuts right after these babies they look like nuts but they're actually a seed and they remember the cashew family so we go ahead and just call nuts to make life simpler for everybody so I want to show you how these pistachios beautiful as they are psych up against the other nuts come on off your luck walk carefully yeah you're crunching you're opening nuts as you go okay so these are all nuts I love - I love walnuts but pistachios actually have more protein than walnuts I love pecans they have more potassium than pecans and cashews so good but there's three times more fiber in a pistachio than in a cashew there's another reason I'm really excited about pistachios there's new research that shows it can help you lose inches off your waist oh thank god now I know so many folks out there I go ahead gear today so many folks out there say I don't like to eat nuts because they're fattening can I please make this okay clear everybody it's not true it's a myth it's always been a myth so why is that I'm gonna get in that today so when you get hungry what do you feel like ah honestly please chips chips dip salsa with the chips okay like you feel cravings for those things alike that you have to get them yeah let's go through what's going on here and I'm gonna show you why pistachios do the opposite so I built you a model of the stomach here there yeah here's your stomach here's my stomach okay now you let's just say you like pretzels all right oh I think those pretzels and pour them in your stomach and show what happened when you pour presses in there all right that was about as much as press as you'd normally have but think about this carefully you put those pretzels into your stomach but they didn't stay in your stomach please little bit right here state I guess but that's gone too now and why is that there's no protein in those pretzels the secret here is protein when you take cashews or walnuts or pistachios all these these have proteins in them especially my beloved pets pistachios so you keep going you're not hungry you know you're not full because your stomach completely dump that all these calories into Towery take some more but finish the whole thing off finish the whole bag off and what happens you're hungry you get yeah keep going you pour them in there there's no staying power simple carbohydrates no protein they flow through there finally get a little bit in there and you feel like maybe I can stop now compare that to the pistachios with all the protein they have right because of the ability to slowly get digested they rapidly experience and even if you eat a lot of them it's still a lot less and what you're getting here and you don't go back for seconds so I'm very happily content with a stomach that's full of pistachios all the protein all the fiber and that keeps me feeling comfortable I'm on my diet but I'm not craving anything this is why people lose weight eat nuts like pistachios if you have taking the biology blubber and nudge it in the right direction okay but I'm not finishing there's more right there's another reason that pistachios are so beneficial to us when you eat them on a regular basis they actually very interesting we help the healthy bacteria in your poop you want that now that you're convinced about those things let me talk about dosing and then want to ask you what you would do with this information okay here's my pistachio prescription I want everyone out there to have at least a one ounce serving if they can every single day a one ounce serving is about 50 of these things right so it's just you know in itself is reasonable but you can eat a lot more that if you want and I would get them unsalted yes good add your own salt you can add garlic chili powder you can get her mind anywhere you can get him shovel to run show which ones you prefer more shelf gel yep well interestingly you would think to shell a pistachio there so a lot of little people opening these things up right yeah right well it's actually cheaper to buy them she'll you save money we did the math the by them shell you get anywhere you want so you know what this is your present for today are you alive buy more yes booty for stash is out there now Oh
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