Planter's Mixed Nuts vs Aldi's mised Nuts, why spend more? : The Foodie Reviewer

This is another episode of the booty revue with the foodie reviewer hi I'm the food reviewer and i'm reviewing few food today and today we have planters mix-ups they retail for about 5 50 in the grocery store and. This is in comparison to lesser or less expensive mixed nuts that you can get it all these for 274 a container same size container it's got 10 point 3 ounces 292 grams and a serving size is one ounce which according to the always is a little under a fourth of a cup of yours of both of a cup for measurement 31 nuts there's 10 servings per container.

What exactly is in this container it contains peanuts almonds cashews pecans Brazil nuts peanut oil and sea salt and it's manufactured on a in the facility August that contains that.

If you have an hour's you please do not eat this it contains 170 calories per serving which it once again is this little scoop right here less than a quarter of a cup calories from fat hovering 30.

Its peanuts it's messy oils.

What we're going to do now is we're going to open up this Tanner top here and immediately I can tell the difference between the mixed nuts between the the planters makes us and the nuts from all these right and down there it says Eliminator supposed to be less than fifty percent peanuts they all be says.

Too but you can tell right off the bat by looking at this that right on top you know it looks like there's maybe a quarter container from peanuts.

Obviously you are getting your your value here when you do spend more money.

We're talking about two three dollars more container close up but how do they compare in taste apparently all these variety of nuts let me just try one I media cashew it tastes the same money take just the cashew the cashews are there are whole cashews here I get to see a whole cashews in the oldies container let's try it almond but we'll see the almonds taste more moist in the planters container versus the Aldi's try a Brazil nut we'll say the Brazil nuts do a little bit smaller than they all these Brazil nuts everything is lightly salted.

It has a very clean crisp taste the most part I mean they taste like what they're supposed to taste like a tissy cashews you know bazzill Nastasic Brazil nuts there's very few peanuts and taste a little bit different in the peanuts here basically everything in this vacuum sitting here just feels a little bit more moist everything in the aula container was just a little bit drier feeling to it.

That's good or bad this up to you and what I spend 23 dollars more on a container of planter's nuts vs they all these nuts I actually would I enjoy food I enjoy eating and I would definitely spend two three dollars more for some planters nuts just to get the whole cashews and there's less peanuts here.

You are getting more more value for your dollar here you are spending two three dollars more you're getting two three dollars more a product and once again. This is the food reviewer during the to interview I'll give planters peanuts a surprising two thumbs up when I first bought this container I didn't think that I would find any value I'm usually buy generic foods.

I get the most for my value of just I didn't think that the planters peanuts the mixed nuts would be worth it but they're signing off oh yeah if there's any other product or food product you like me to review just send me an email at the food interviewer at gmail com and Appa sure to start posting them.

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