PLANTERS Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Hey guys! original board is here got some planters deluxe mix nuts and what makes this.

Unique look at that I can't really zoom in there because I have them using my iPhone here but it says now with California pistachios look at that mixed nuts with pistachios now you know I've always loved pistachios but when I was a kid pistachios were not.

Easy to come by it seems like everything is coming out with pistachios now pistachios ice cream that's why I've been around for a little bit now but I shows you how old I am and now everything is coming out with pistachios back when I was I was a kid my dad used to take trips to a California to visit family and I've to Mexico to visit family and I he used to come back with a pistachio nuts and they were amazing because you could really find them here.

It was always a nice treat.

There you go I'm thirsty lyrics nuts like pistachio nut.

With a pistachio.

Did look good now. This is in the car let's go ahead and bust this bad boy open i picked this up at our walgreens it was 22 for eight bucks on cell usually it said they were usually it it was there 799 I think it was each not too expensive 799 or if you have your urine walgreens card you get to 44 or I'm sorry 2484 bucks each.

I went ahead and got the 248 four bucks each.

You know what they'll ask me a little bit but i'll eventually me I likes them too max doesn't like that swept me and I will dig through this and finish this up.

What's going to pass this up oh yeah look at that look at those off to stash your nuts in there look at that beautiful pistachio nuts and that smells good yeah that's what's really good this has no peanuts which is good is usually when you buy them if you buy mixed nuts with peanuts and it says less than fifty percent peanuts you're probably gonna have eighty percent peanuts in that container if not more.

I'll try to avoid getting peanuts if you like peanuts that's that's fine I like peanuts but uh if I want peanuts I just buy a cheap one of these with just peanuts instead of buying the mixed nuts which are more expensive in the roasted peanuts anyway, mixed nuts avoid the peanut ones in my opinion but this one has cashews almonds Brazil nuts pecans and pistachios the cons are pretty popular now at 82.

Let me go to epic on the concert version I think this will be the Brazilian up I'm guessing not really sure what these a cob up yeah this will be the prick a Brazilian up but the only nuts are. Okay, I'm not like a huge fan of them but they are the cashews and almonds you know those are the classics and mixed nuts gotta have those this would be really good if I have macadamia when I was in Hawaii they had macadamia farms and you could get macadamia nuts really cheap and she has should I have something to drink last but not least your pistachio yes pistachios pretty amazing i love pistachios so. This is really good in my opinion mixed nuts are pretty good especially planners punishes to the brand their kind of spending cuz they are the brand but they have they have been nuts but now that they've thrown in the pistachio in with the mixed nuts call it the lot mixed nuts that's that's that really good really good mixed nuts right here that's an amazing idea. All right, now now they need to do is like I said throw some macadamia nuts in there if they wanna throw peanuts and make it like five percent peanuts and now that'd be the perfect perfect mixed nuts right there.

Pretty good there you go planters deluxe mixed nuts pretty good thanks for watching stay tuned for more don't forget to comment like subscribe down below you can follow us on facebook at small town adventures follow me on twitter at original bodies by.

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