Planters Heart Healthy Mix Review

Highbury welcome to big j reviews the viewer had asked me if I could try one of these up a nose nutritional hardy health makes I hopefully i got the right one because i know how they have different brands and you know i'm not really sure how to take this up review because i really do like nuts i'm not really sure what makes these nuts healthier healthier is it maybe I know elements are pretty good for you and walnuts or. Okay, p cons are good hazelnuts but I'm not really sure what makes these super healthy I thought all nuts as you guys can see the nutritional facts right here that's kind of harsh sequel to declare low-sodium uh yeah ok good source of fiber all nighter good size source favre is little muslim.

I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be what's.

Special about this when they cost me these usually cost about seven eight dollars just this can write here but I got on special I'm not really sure where put five dollars it was about five bucks a little bit over five dollars.

Let me open this up see what's special about these nuts they look like regular mixed nuts to me I don't see anything really different I mean as you can see some are burn a pretty good mixture. Okay, let's give a by to see how it tastes tastes like us or other than those low salt looks like they barely put enough salt I don't really taste anything different and I do when I by traditional mixed nuts not sure if it's a I mean is it organic or I mean I really don't know what they do to make it healthier kind of just looks like they put this all you know that's what it tastes like maybe it's the mixture a special type of mixture maybe most of mixed nuts don't have a I don't know pistachios I mean I love a wd mixed nuts it's I mean I always have it in my house your trail mix or cashews you know would I buy this again beyond 4tube I wouldn't the reason why it's kind of expensive and I'm not really seeing how healthier. This is I mean maybe you guys could educate me aren't nose cut all aren't aren't all nuts kind of made the same maybe some have less pesticides or other than that as far as taste I meant to say anything different.

I probably buy it again it's kind of hard to gray this because i lost you can't give squirm this I really can't um I don't already know how to grade this 50 hasta to it's just mix nuts to me.

For that viewer for the request thank you very much for requesting it but I think in my opinion I'll just stick to whatever brand I usually buy first of all it's a little bit cheaper lot cheaper and I get a little bit more this I had to get our special five bucks this can for five bucks I can get a really big bag of mixed nuts now it might not have all these special hoods in there I'm gonna have the hazelnut but honestly I really don't miss it.

Alright well thank you very much for the request.

If you have any comments suggestions or requests in the comments section and once again thank you very much watching.

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