Planters Maple Mesquite BBQ & Vanilla Bean Whole Cashews and Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Mixed Nuts

Today Kevin and I have some new plan jurors signature nuts that we want to try for you I have the vanilla bean whole cashews the sun-dried tomato and basil these are premium mixed nuts and I have the maple mesquite barbecue cash these were nuts are not keeping all especially casual cashews are very very pricey oil kind of bike yeah you're supposed to be a summer boy you have a look at it these are vanilla bean cashews and they look it's all they look like they have a powder on them but they look like you know low cashews.

I'll have a picture of each one at the end hello oh shoot oh you can type in all of them no no it's not right strong or you're not sure everything birds they're mostly caching I definitely most of an old me know I don't like it I think it's good you didn't get a lot of it on me I think it's all not closed up out of it mm-hmm yeah the more powder you get on it the better now that Mike that I took has less power.

I got less of that flavor but they're good don't like they are good and we've been better if they like had a coating on them to hold the powder on them right because the powder there is some powder on the log this ball a lot of it just falls wrong I should've given you the calories I was excited the drum no one ounce 28 grams about 18 pieces or 160 calories 28 grams yes 160 follow. Okay, all the Sun dollars. Okay, no one a problem these next these are the sun-dried tomato and basil premium mix next you have cashews almonds pecans and construction we were worried that the barbecue might be strong.

We want to try these first again these have a powder on them there's a pistachio there's a pistachio almond I mean I cash it for common pecan yeah yeah that's not a pistachio first tell me the bulb design no like you Richard you just grab a handle really good monkey bar Femina good spice like I'm Italian player you had barbecue in your mouth for that I don't have an item like a pizza yes we've had potato chips mm-hmm that have had the same my bran but yeah that literally tastes like a spaghetti sauce no yeah not a sauce more that's because spaghetti sauce yeah that tastes like a ragu that's good I don't know if I want you to tell them I think it's very good for me it would be dangerous because it is.

Bad it's got a good salt Tong do then you also get that that tomato and basil sauce pecan flavor I love that.

You're out tomato flavor yeah I don't even taste the possession of that zone haha good day it's strong good first day you you literally get all the flavor the sun-dried tomato of the the spaghetti sauce flavor room I mean you really don't place the nut itself at all no no really make basil what's the strongest flavor is they could have put one kind of nut in there a bit good just they could have good because because it's a boy like how about the boy or the nuts but now I love that I wish something else that's wrong yeah you you wonder but vanilla bean is not supposed to be this room now these are the maple mesquite barbecue cash then again here 150 calories I'm looking forward to these they look yellowish now mustardy color I got a smokey playroom yeah that's what it is it's smoked not really good people I like them but all you get is snap toys this more literally all of this just smoke I don't get maple at all no and your own good barbecue you know your barbecues I shouldn't say we smoke what is it that's ever smoked smokehouse peanuts or.

Maybe they should have called it that something something with this there's the stuff that's called some of them slept oh thanks good cold with that liquid smoke that's what they should have called you know liquid smoke planters signature peanuts that summer - they do remind you of barbecue but it doesn't have that sweet barbecue flavor no I don't think.

No maple no he's missing well for me out of the three I love these these are the best ones nothing they're delicious if I had if I weren't eating like it's just a handful I walk by and get a handful I buy like this and I'm gonna sit down to eat a lot of them or I rather have these nuts snap yeah how does I can handle a lot more of these than I couldn't go in the vanilla honestly if you like cashews you get that they're just they say actually you're all I mean to me Ronnie you takes this vanilla I don't really get him in Oklahoma they just taste like cashews to me right and it was like he was a white vanilla flavor but I thought it was there I did but out of the three that was good going I would break skip though and yeah because it is such a light flavor but I will have a picture for you at the end.

That you can see all the little power powdery middle and the coloring oh and thanks for watching.

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