Plantronics Audio 478 USB Stereo Headset Review

Here we have the plantronics audio 478 stereo USB headset and I bought this because I wanted a headset that I could use at home and on the go with my desktop in my laptop and just have a simple USB plug in what's really nice about these and there's a couple pros and a couple cons it's really nice about these is at least on my Windows PCs all I've had to do on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8 is just plug this in and it just instantly works the headphones and the microphone just instantly work this has a noise cancelling microphone I've used it to talk to people online and they say the sound comes through very well I like the ear buds here because they are the softer foam rather than that older style of that kind of plastic e rubbery material that can get hot and sweaty I like these they just soft foam as you can see they swivel.

They'll fit your head they also go up and down here.

We have a swivel action up and down and then they also bend in and out and that's also for storage which we'll get to.

The microphone can swivel everywhere the earbuds can swivel and extend.

Lots of nice options for getting a good fit they have this controller here which you can very simply adjust your volume up and down as well as mute your mic and. This is actually for skype I don't use it for skype really but if you have skype and use it for phone calls often you can answer an end calls right there with that.

If you were going to use this for skype calls you have that it's just an extra button i don't use but i do like the volume and the microphone mute being right there that's really nice now these do fold up they are meant to be able to travel with.

Not sure which side i should put in first guess it doesn't matter.

Basically they go into like that and then i guess just wrap the cord you know up a little bit cord is nice and long that you can you know use it on a desktop and a laptop wherever it's got plenty of space comes with this little bag you could throw it in and then you know you could travel with it and the bag is plenty big I'm just being clumsy and getting it in there slowly.

It has a nice little travel bag it easy to travel with works on all my computers very simple and it's just a nice little inexpensive headset that had good reviews there's and that's why I tried it because the reviews that had you know a lot of women four out of five stars it does sound very good i've used it for everything from music to games the sound is fine quality of course we're not talking about two hundred dollar amazing you know headset here but the sound is very very good for the price the only negative I have about. This is it has two cords here most headphones nowadays they'll have the cord just going to one side and they'll run the extra wiring through the headset.

You don't have to have a cord on each side it's not a big deal it doesn't bother me too much but that is the one negative I would give to this they would be better if they had just a cord on one side rather than two.

In the package as i was showing here that's all that you get in the package there's no software or anything you need it's just your headset bag and little instructions.

Again that's the plantronics audio 47 do is 478 stereo bluetooth headset have any questions about it let me know see you guys later.

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