PLAY and LEARN Shopping Basket Playset, Learn Fruits and Vegetables Toy Food

I know some magic do you want to see me make this egg turn into a bird ready one two hey guys welcome back to toys Unlimited this is Matt and today we have a toy from the learning journey International today we're gonna learn about all of the food in here plus we're gonna have some surprise toys as well so I have my shopping basket ready it's full of mystery toys and grocery items and we're going to go ahead learn about some items you can find at the grocery store but also we're gonna find some surprise toys as well the first item that we found in our basket is a roasted chicken stiffen that looks really yummy really this is my pet bird and we call her chicken but it's definitely not this type of chicken our next item our eggs we have one two three four five and six let's see if we can find a surprise mmm this is series number one and it looks like we can collect disney key rings we have Princess Cinderella she's one of nine characters that you can collect in this series I know some magic do you want to see me make this egg turn into a bird ready one two three bumpy I made a red bird I wonder if she's going to help us find some more items in the grocery basket so our next item here our burger patties we also went grocery shopping for some cheese I found another bowling bag this one right here is Simpsons series number one and there are a total of ten characters you can collect that right there is Sookie the bird so if you hear a wolf whistle that's hurt let's see what we've got we got Dumbo so this is how Dumbo looks like he has a little camera case and he's flying up high above it that's really cool hmm we have some ketchup and we have the condiment mustard it looks like Sookie found the carrots because I give her Karis every morning with her breakfast you can't go grocery shopping without some cereal so we have some cereal as well we have some rice and it's easy quick rice it makes cooking really easy we also have a large part of milk now with our giant milk carton we have a mafia which is also little milk characters when this one right here seems to be the main character we had a burger patty some grapes we have some cheese and we have some pork job honey now we have lots of items left let's tip our basket over like this and see if we can find them all we have some laundry detergent and to be healthy this comes with an apple I know sookie loves apples we have a box of raisins and we have a little hot dog now here is another surprise awesome this is from a yummy world and it's a keychain this is really cute it looks like a soft drink beverage it has a lemon slice and it has a cup with two cute eyes our last two items in here of course you cannot cook without any seasoning because when your food wouldn't taste right and to be a grill master you need some charcoal so let's go over all of the items found in our shopping basket today what's the help of our chicken from the six eggs Sookie we have cheese carrots pork chop roast a chicken rice milk ketchup and mustard some seasoning and with our five eggs left I think it's time Cinderella turn our chicken back into an egg I guess it's time baby she's doing me Boppity oh I miss that bird already we have a hot dog burger patties hey burger itself it comes with raisins charcoal and Apple grapes cereal cheese and lastly our laundry detergent we also got some really cool surprises today so guys thanks for watching another video from toys Unlimited this is Matt and I will be putting in the description box where you can buy this toy also we'd like to thank the learning journey International for this toy I'll see you guys tomorrow in our next video don't forget to hit the thumbs up and subscribe to our channel if you want to see Sookie in another video let me know in the comment section down below bye guys
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