I've one so as you know we are a Playmobil play ologist and that means that Ellie gets to try out a Playmobil toy every single month and this month is really exciting because it's all to do with like Christmas themed so yeah I'm going to quickly show you what they've sent us and and kind of talk to you what's in the boxes and all that kind of fun stuff so the first item we received is this one here this is the box to it so it's a plain m'ville 123 advent calendar and I really like this because it's a bit different to your average chocolate calendar so if you don't want your child having a chocolate or a treat advent calendar then definitely I would definitely recommend the Playmobil wrong because it's very different and it gets them excited every day to open a door of the effing calendar so this one Eddie's going to absolutely love I'm not going to open the doors obviously because I want to save it until and the first of December but if you don't know what an advent calendar is basically you open doors every every single day in December up until Christmas so it's got door number one up until door 25 I think this one 24 sorry so they've got a door up up until 24 and this one is all themed around like woodland creatures you've got a Santa a reindeer and any absolutely loves animals and especially like figures of animals we got us some for a birthday farm once and she hasn't got any like wood life one so she's going to absolutely love this I can't wait till December now so yeah it's just got which is going to be her favorite there's the cat and it's gone out she absolutely loves owls it's got a squirrel in the Christmas tree their reindeer Fox bunny rabbit and it's also got a little dog angel and Santa so there's just a bunch of really cool like Christmas themed figures there and she's already got the set with the aquarium and the zoo so she's going to love having these and she kind of put them with the zoo as well and so yeah it's really well it's a decent size she's going to absolutely love opening these I can't wait to like vlog it also you can see what's in the doors but i'm guessing obviously all these characters are behind one of these doors here so if you would like one of these i will leave a link down below where you can purchase one from this particular one is for ages 11 and a half plus and obviously they do other ranges so if your child is free or four or older they've got Pacific ones for ages and but yeah this is very like unisex a great way of getting them excited for Christmas obviously le dozen hundred percent understand Christmas church doesn't know who Santa Clauses and but she's just going to have so much fun with this and then the second item we received is this little pack here so all these came in this box and it's basically an everything that is in the advent calendar but it's a bit different so you've got a Christmas tree here and without the squirrel in its which is quite nice to kind of like you know bit of role play and she can create whatever she wants with the end figures so it's got a Christmas tree and it's all present here another little angel person some more kind of round ease with the sleigh and so she's also going to be having to sleighs with Santa and luckily there's a little sack of presents here so it's just so cute and such a fun way for like just mixing up Christmas a bit so this again is for any ages one and a half to two years and and if you don't want to actually buy the advent calendar then a lot of the stuff is in this pack just obviously minus a lot of the end woodland creatures and stuff so yeah thank you so much playing reveal I will literally play with this set obviously before Christmas but the first of the sem bar i will try and vlog em every day i'm not doing obviously vlog mr. sure but i'll try and vlog every day to see Eddie's reactions to the advent calendar so no she's going to absolutely love this so I hope you enjoyed this video I will leave all in down below and I'll speech you soon bye
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