Porsche 944 Steering Rack - Seal Kit Install & Tips

Hello everyone Travis here and today we're going to show you how to put the seals back in your Porsche 944 power steering rack here we have a 944 power steering rack completely taken apart let's start with the shaft seals as you can see we have four shaft seals here two of which are the same size we have two shaft seal backings let's start with the one shaft seal backing that has a beveled edge the other shaft seal backing is flat we're take the shuttle piece and put the shaft seal backing in set the beveled edge faces down and one of these seals that are the same size we're going to place it in the shuttle like this with the lip side facing up now you're going to press this seal in using a socket that fits around the edge of this seal and it's going to go in.

It's actually just a little bit lower than this housing right here and how do you know tell that it's all the way in as you reach your finger down the middle and you grab this seal backing and if it moves up and down it's not in all the way the steel backing should be pressed firmly down by the seal and that's the way you know that it's completely seated I'll take the other seal backing and seal now this one is flat it's just like a flat nylon washer and it gives the seal a place to sit now this one goes in the bottom of this long rack to all the way down there and first the seal backing goes in drop it down there and reach in from the other side and take the seal backing and it's going to sit in the little recess all the way at the bottom now the seal it's very important that the seal sits just like this.

The lip side is facing up when you drop it all the way down there it spins around you have no idea where it's at get it centered get a little flashlight look down there make sure it's sitting right again very important if you have it backwards it's got a link getting someone sitting correctly get your same sockets you use to press the other CLM couple extensions slide them down the tube tap them in place reach in here feel the steel backing if the little seal backing goes up and down and moves it's not Preston all the way keep tapping if it doesn't move and the seal is pressing it all the way down in its recess it's correct let's go ahead and take this largest shaft seal this large shaft seal does not have a seal backing it's got a machined recess.

It sits flat in here and it goes in the bottom of the aluminum housing with the lip side facing up just like this now you're going to put it in there get a socket that fits just around the edge of this tap it in place and again this seal is going to sit just lower than the lip of that housing.

Porsche 944 Steering Rack - Seal Kit Install & Tips

It's going to be just recessed in there it's going to go down the bottom and stop now we have the smallest shaft seal the top plate it goes in just like that tap it in place lip side facing this way and it seats all the way down against a machined recess it'll tap in until it stops now let's move on to the teflon rings for the pinion unit here you have this you have four Teflon rings and four ring backup o rings you're first going to put all the o-rings on the slots just like this and then take your Teflon rings working from this side put them in the second recess wrap it around 2nd recess wrap it around and then in its little home slide it in place now we have a smaller top long ring with a smaller ring back up and it goes in this little plate right here it's got a recess in the middle rolling back up goes on first like that that one ring goes in pops in place and there you go now we have this big ol ring right here thick o ring shuttle piece plastic washer goes on it came off of your rack it's not included in the kit and the O ring goes on just like that larger O ring back to the cap it goes right here in the recess just like that medium sized over if you look in here there's a little recess cut this O ring to sit the sole ring seals the tube to the aluminum housing it's very important that you get it in its groove all the way seat it completely that stays in place when you push your tube in these two o-rings right here we actually slide down this shaft and they sit right next to each other right in that groove I'm not going to put these on right now because before you put these on the snap ring has to slide down and go on first this end plate has to slide down and go next to the snap ring then you put these two on and then this piece goes down and it sits on top of the two o-rings right here other plate other snap ring just how you took it apart we have these two little guys right here these actually fit onto the breather tube fittings just like that they don't hold any fluid they're just there to keep the breather tube fittings in place very simple but I'm on like that these little guys you have eight of them when they actually go on each side of these banjo connections for the hard lines that run back and forth on the rack let one on that side one on that side don't lose them when you're putting the rack back together it'll leak little cap last piece you put on goes just like that now I know something you'll have some questions on the opinion unit how the bearings stack up.

Let me just stack these up and give you a couple hints.

I'm putting this back together. This is the bare opinion unit no bearings whatsoever. This is the bottom and on the bottom you have two plates and a roller bearing you have a thin plate a thick plate and the roller bearing goes in between them the thin plate goes on first the roller bearing drops on after that and this thicker plate actually sits down inside the aluminum housing and it sits just like this.

The taper is facing up see there's a taper right on that edge that faces up now this will sit down and it's recess when you go to put it together but sometimes you'll have a problem when you flip this upside down that will happen and these plate and the bearing have to sit on that little hat right there.

What I usually do is take a finger full of grease and just grease them.

They stick like that and when you put it in together they make sure they sit where they're supposed to be because if they fall down the roller bearing could land like this and when you tighten everything up it crushes it it has to sit just like that and everything stacks up to a very exact height now on top of this you have a little ball bearing let's drops in place just like that have a ball bearing race straps right over the top of that and then your final plate it sits just like that and this stacks up inside the little bit of housing just like that.

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