Portable Toilet Unboxing & Closer Look: Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365

Hello there folks I'd done wagons there you're joining me on both good old narrator wait a minute. This is a house yes we are in the echoey dining room of my mother's house.

I could mean only one thing we've got something big that's up to her right through the post to a box and well my goodness me get excited get ready take your seat there's a writer unbox of portable camping toilet what what is going on in my life. This is outrageous right let's get to B you may have just seen the door open up behind me I wonder just point out that that was the cat coming through not some sort of terrifying haunting. All right, then let's get to business I thought we would take a minute to have a slightly sped up actual unboxing section before the closer look just.

You can that get the general idea of how these things come packaged stuff you can see from Amazon this came in a slightly bigger box there but the box itself isn't actually as big as you think some are certainly not as big as I think and you can see here that we've got the Thetford cassette porta potties cube 3 6 5 toilet here that we're unboxing and basically I bought this to really just have a spare top part but the bottom storage tank is what I'm really interested in as I live on a small boat and I've got two of these storage tanks on board with one of the toilet tops already.

For me it's very handy to have a third toilet tank even though the emptying points on the canal aren't too far apart I just like to know that I've got enough capacity if anything happens like blocks in the canal or anything to stop me get into these places in a hurry anyway, that's on the coital.

Portable Toilet Unboxing & Closer Look: Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365

If we have a look what we get we basically get some little samplers of the toilet fluid one that goes in the top tank which is all stored in that top part to use of the flush and the other which goes in the bottom tank where all of the unpleasant stuff is stored until you empty it out we've got at least two lids this one goes up on the top tank after you fill that with water and the errant and also this bigger one which goes on the bottom as the as you definitely one on to keep the bottom storage tank as safely tightly sealed as you possibly can.

If we have a closer like now you'll it's all setup and we'll pretend that it's all filled with water in the appropriate levels.

You've got the top lid which is just what you expect then you've got the toilet seat part which again yes it really does have a proper moving toilet seat then here is obviously where things happen you've got this little lever at the front which you open its Paul sat across.

Not sure if you can tell that that went from the black sort of lay across the bottom there to just the open darkness of the tank below but basically that's the that's sort of the flush mechanism but then the actual flush mechanism itself when. This is all filled with water it sort of collects in this top tank around the bowl area you literally lift up this piston and that will pump water and the mixture to rinse it away aim down through this and then that sort of spreads around and goes into the bottom tank if we spin this around now then you will see we have fill up basically these tops the top tank in the bottom tank just slop together as simply as you would expect and you've got a handle on the bottom tank for when it's detached but you just have this very simple mechanism here you pull that across and incan lift the top.

The bottom section itself is nice and simple it's just one sealed tank you don't want anything going wrong with this part.

You keep the flush thing all locked in and that clips into place behind there.

That won't accidentally open up if you're transporting this around then equally the other important part is this section here now this twist act.

You can put that to the appropriate angle take that end off there and then basically lift it up and tip it out into wherever they suitable facilities you're in tipping this out into the other detail is to adds that it's also got this bun here that just left a little bit of air in as you're letting F in the flow agates.

It doesn't get a terrible glug in effect basically hey that's the only way I can wave it really but it doesn't bear thinking right to myself I'll definitely tell you that much and.

Yeah that's been a very quick at the effect fir'd porta potti cube 365 cassette toilets. This is going to be joining the other two storage tanks and one top part that I have for my little Mara votes.

That's a good capacity that I've got there if I'm out in the middle of nowhere I'm not gonna have to quickly make any little emergency boat trips hopefully but hopefully that's proved useful or interesting maybe it hasn't maybe it's been disgusting but until the next time please.

You can see they're checking out my videos the loads more developed the annual boat life videos some practical like this some aim more just enjoying the scenery and more pleasant things about boat like feel free is always to check out my short boat life books - you'll find links to those and loads more stuff in the description below until the next time though keep it toilet worthy keep it boat worthy and of course farewell.

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