Portable Toilet Unboxing + Demo Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365

Hello there folks these are the hands of me dan Brown from sort of interesting and. This is a fete furred porta-potty cube 365 and well it's certainly not a sentence that I ever expected to be saying but we're about to unbox a toilet now did you ever expect to hear that in the video that if you're watching a anyway, like this fetch this off to this point.

Let's move on without favor adieu aim I say just now that for anybody who doesn't know I live on a boat and.

I have a couple of these on boards and then there's various places along the canal that you can empty em and the toilet situation is probably one of the biggest and most frequent questions that I get asked about all aspects of living on board.

I thought we'll do a proper unboxing of this.

Portable Toilet Unboxing + Demo Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365

People can have a proper in-depth look at what it's all about and I'll do a proper video on the exact setup of where you can empty and what that's. All right, along the canal in another video.

But let's dive in definitely not literally though I suppose being an unboxing you need the 360 as well hello there me it's that I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Let's go for it and. This is at this point now that pop this open now one of these all set in your back between I'd say 70 and 90 quid depends on where you get it from if I pop this up here with the camera you can see that's pretty much exactly like it expects them to be in the top of the box.

The moment of truth here you have your toilets and well as you can see it's pretty much what you expect there these are two separate parts. This is the bottom tank. This is about obviously the top tank and the bottom tank is obviously the waste tank where all the unpleasant stuff is collected and if we pop the lid open here you will see that it comes with a few we're free samples of the toilet fluids and the few little bits and pieces.

If we have a look here first of all let's say you've got your samples of the toilet fluids one for the bottom one for the top tank and then here we've got the two caps the cap for the top tank and but once again the bottom tank there.

As you can see we've got the lid up there and well this part here is where you have put the chemical for the top tank in any water that you want to go in the flushing mechanism or the flush itself is. This is called a piston flush where you lift that up which sucks a load of water up and then press it down and that's squid the water out and around the rim there and obviously it's got the top chemical in as well obviously just generally helps with the cleaning and flush process then obviously you've got your toilet seat and then ultimately when everything unpleasant is done and it's sorted you've got your a bottom tank for top CF it needs to go down into which basically you have a handle on the front here which you pull out which pulls a door across from there everything goes down and my goodness me you want to make sure that to close up pretty sharpish and well that's pretty much the general overview but then obviously there's only.

Much that this could hold so. This is about a 21 litre capacity.

That needs to be emptied into the next stage.

It's at this point that we want to make sure that this top part is keeping this completely sealed enclosed and if we spin this around give you a quick 360 you'll see on this back back here we've got a few bits and pieces going on and the handle that I'm always too scared to hold it by when it's full but there's this catch here which when we pull that should in theory allow us to lift the top tank off and then well you're separated out into the two tanks and now we've got a waste tank on its own here.

You can see it's got this same tube to empty it by which flips itself I'd once once again that cap there would be on this normally if it's in use the I give this way I don't dare think about what might happen if you haven't got that screwed on tight and basically then it is a case of taking it to one of the places on the sides of the canal in my case there's marinas and places like Ellesmere where there's services that you can empty these out and it is literally a case of hold your breath hope for the best and tipping a guitar and then you've got this part here which just left a little bit of air in.

It stops and I hate to say this on this subject but it stops it basically a clogging and splashing came to a certain extent and helps the empty in process and well basically at the end of the day you need to play put your lid back on take it back on boards fill it up with water and chemicals.

It tells you the exact team amount that's needed and then once again put your top back on and you're all good to go obviously make sure everything it's nice and secure when you are using something like this because as I say it doesn't bear thinking about how long something like this can go.

Anyway, that's been very quick unboxing and a look at the Bedford porta potti cube 365 thank you very much for watching if you're interested in all sorts of random stuff make sure you subscribe and if you're interested in narrowboat life in general definitely keep your eye on my channel as there's well hundred videos there already and there's hundreds more to come.

Thank you very much for watching until next time have a fantastic day and well farewell.

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