Printing Logos Using a Epson TM-T88V Printer with POSitive Products

This video will show you how to load a logo into an Epson TMT 88 Model V printer and then print that logo on a receipt using your positive software product logos must be installed into the Epson TMT 88 Model V printer using a special procedure now first make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest Epson printer driver and then you have to download the separate utility program.

If you go to POS epson comm and look up the TMT 88 model V printer you'll see all the downloads available for that printer including the printer driver and down at the bottom of the page you'll see utility you want to use the latest one and in our example the latest one is version 1.3 one.

Download that and install it once the utility is installed you'll find it under all programs Epson TMT 88v software in TMT 88v utility when you run the utilities you should see your printer show up click OK and then over on the left-hand side we're going to click on storing logos now you'll need to go to change logo mode and you must select key code non-use mode even though it says not recommended. This is the mode we have to use for positive software products.

Select that and click OK next we'll add our logo image.

Click on add we're going to put in the positive logo and let's see we'll use error correction for our half toning to give it a little better image.

Click OK now here we can change the size we can we can increase the size but we'll leave it where it was we want to Center this on the page you can do a test print.

If you click on this it'll print out a little slip showing you how the logo is actually going to print on your receipt everything looks. Okay, go ahead click store the printer and the logo image is now stored now take note that up here it shows you the name of the image and it shows you which mode were in this number here is very important we must create a custom receipt file within positive.


It can command the printer to print the logo.

This number one is our identifying number that we'll use in just a moment. Okay, once the logo has been saved you can go ahead and close this out now that we've installed the logo in our printer we need to modify a 40 column receipt form.

It prints the logo.

In your positive software product go to maintenance station manager select the station you want to work with click Edit under printer slash email come to invoice now we already have our receipt printer installed it's set to receipt matrix printer we have our Epson printer driver selected we have our generic receipt printer selected as our physical printer and by default we selected form 6 which is just the generic 40 column receipt this listing shows us all the predefined forms we have already loaded into your positive software product now we can't modify any of these.

We're going to create a new form by cloning.

We're going to work with our generic 40 column receipt printer form and clone that.

I'm going to come down here to clone now we need to give our form a number and when I create a custom form I like to give it a numerical relationship with the form I started with.

Since we are using form 6 as our template we're going to make this form 106 and we're going to call it 40 column with logo click. Okay, and we're going to clone the entire form. Okay, and as you can see form 106 was added after form 99 now we're going to move over to the right side of the screen I'm going to click on header to make sure I'm displaying the header command codes I'm going to come to the first line and notice we start at line 1 column 1 I'm going to click here.

Everything below that turns yellow then I'm going to right click and I'm going to select shift down as you can see our line number now starts at 2 that's because we want the logo to print at the top of the receipt.

We want this to be the very first command that's sent to the printer now I'm going to come down here to add now your positive product talks to your printer in a language called decimal code.

Our we're going to tell it where on the forum we want to start printing and then we're going to tell it how many numbers we're sending it as part of the command.

We're going to start it line 1 column 1 and we're going to be sending it for decimal codes.

In the field name we're going to search through here until we come to decimal code the next line are the actual commands we're sending to the printer to make a print to logo.

The first number is 28 followed by a comma don't put any spaces in it's just 2 8 comma the next number is 1 1 2 then a comma now remember when we loaded the logo I pointed out that the logo was number 1 you can actually put multiple logos into your printer and then select which one you want to print by entering that number here.

If we had like 3 logos and you wanted logo number 3 we would put 3 for our next number in our in our example we have just the one logo.

I'll push in put in one and a comma and then our final number is four eight leave everything else the way it is and click OK now we have our command to print a logo at the very top of the 40 column receipt I'll come over here to select and you can see we have form 106 now selected as our receipt form now to save some time I've already made some invoices or some receipts and we'll simply reprint them.

I'm going to select the first one click print click default and now we'll show you what the logo looks like and that is what our logo looks like on our forwarded column receipt if you have any questions contact your dealer or positive support thank you.

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