What could keep dropping everything and I hit the light hey guys.

I have been collecting my garbage once again I just hang this bag in the bathroom and as I use products I just throw them in there but it's gettin kind of full.

I thought i would show you guys whoa dust mmm i thought i'd show you guys what's inside and give you opinions on these products. Okay.

The first thing. This is actually my third bottle of this and it is the etude house wonder pore basically it is a toner that's what it looks like and it's a seven in one total pore solution it deep cleanses pores maintains pH balance controls alert amount of sebum minimizes the appearance of pores refined skin tone keeps the elasticity of course and moisturizes inside and outside of the skin and I've been really loving this and I just realized I did it instagram line and somebody asked me about poor stuff and i forgot to say this.


I've been loving this it just makes my skin feel clean and i feel like it makes my skin feel good too like it's not drying you know what I mean. Okay, ah. This is my favorite face mask I think I do face masks probably every day but. This is my go-to when my skin is poopy and it's just the Aztecs secret Indian healing clay mask and you can get this off of Amazon you mix it with apple cider vinegar and it kind of hurts it totally like pulls on your skin while it's doing it it kind of hurts when you do it it kind of pulls on your skin but it really really get the gunk out and I think of that mixed with the apple cider vinegar especially like really really cleans your skin here is another one I always havin some sort of exfoliator in my shower I've had this one I probably wouldn't buy it again it's the clean and clear blackhead eraser the reason why is because it has the little scrubber beads doesn't make my skin feel like I like it when it kind of hurts a little bit and this one it just doesn't really scrub enough for me and it does have sale acetic acid it says you're supposed to see fewer black kids um I don't feel like it it's that great I just used it till it was all gone. This is a product that I love and I'm wearing it and it's probably one of my favorite foundation oh so. This is a product I love and I'm already on my third tube of it it's probably one of my favorite foundations now it's the L'Oreal 24 hour foundation infallible Pro matte foundation and I am in the color son beige I do like it because I don't feel oily at the end of the day I feel like it does a really good job of covering my skin is just one of my favorites okay. This is the magic in the air by Bath & Body Works shower gel it smells.

Beautiful and I the sense in here i usually don't really like sandalwood or things that are too floral this one the key notes are almond flour sparkling persimmon white iris with vanilla bourbon and fluffy sandalwood this smells.

Good you guys my husband used most of this even though it's like a floral scent he liked the smell of it and it was gone like that. Okay, I feel like I've had a hard time finding this to replace it it is the simple moisturizer and it's a light moisturizer I really like it because it doesn't break me out it doesn't feel heavy um but yeah I haven't been able to find it and I used it for years ok now this thing i didn't like it's still full it's the degree sheer powder invisible solid antiperspirant I just don't like it I don't like how it goes on I don't like how it feels and it leaves a white residue i just i don't like it i usually use the gel whoa. This is another permanent fixture in my makeup collection it's the mac mineralize skinfinish i use it to top off all of my makeup I just always have replacements of it I just like how it makes my skin feel a lot of other mac products really break me out i do use the prolong wear concealer which i think i have one of those in here too but um this one does not break me out and i just really like how it looks on my skin um here's another scrub that i had in my shower for a while and it's the acne stress control power clear scrub and i didn't like this one either and i really like the Neutrogena acne stress control foaming face wash I just didn't like the scrub it made my skin feels stuffy or something. Okay, if you're in korea or ever go to korea one of my friend sends me my contact lenses from korea and I think the optometrist there gives her these contact lens solution.

She sends them when she sends me my contact lenses and. This is called pure sickle contact lens solution I don't I've been wearing contact lenses for 24 years you guys it's a long time I feel the difference when I use this when I feel like my contact lenses feel a lot more moisturize they feel clearer and I can wear them longer without feeling uncomfortable.

I don't even know what the brand is is just called pure sickle config one solution i wish i could get more of that. Okay, now. This is one of my favorite smells from Bath & Body Works it's a beautiful day. This is the foaming hand wash. This is this and i usually have in the kitchen.

I thought i would show you guys ah. Okay, three more things um. This is the Jergens natural glow daily firming moisturizer I use this a lot of my legs and kind of like on my chest because I don't really show this area lot as you can see like even from this to my face my arms get super dark because I'll warlike cut off sleeves but then this will be white my legs will be white.

I kind of use this I like it because it's not such a harsh color change it's just very gradual and makes your skin look really glowy.

I like that even in the winter time here's another part to permanent fixtures in my makeup collection that I had to replace. This is the Maybelline eye studio blackest black gel eyeliner. This is the eyeliner that I wear almost every day anytime I have eyeliner on. This is the Islander that I'm using you use it with a brush the reason why oh this one's like all gone I had another one that i left the cap off of an all dried out but this one's all gone I've used all of it I really really like this one and then my other permanent fixture is the mac pro longwear concealer and I use a lighter color for under my eyes and then I have a darker color for my skin I like it because it's very liquidy and workable but it's very full coverage and after it sets it's not cakey it doesn't like settle in your fine lines order. This is my go-to concealer that I have to have at all times as well.

Anyways you guys those are my product empties for now I hope you guys enjoyed that if there's any products in there that you absolutely love more products that you use over and over and over please let me know or products that you hate I mean sometimes I love something and you might hate it I might hate something you might love it but I do like hearing other people's opinions on things you guys I hope you guys are doing really well I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas and I'll talk to you later I.

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