Product Review: Banila co Clean It Zero Cleanser

What's up everyone my name is Leah and today I'm going to be reviewing the politico clean it zero cleanser this time.

It's absolutely amazing. This is the best thing to take your makeup off the first time I ever used it I knew I had to go get one for chenni because I knew it was going to change our lives and it has it is absolutely amazing it comes with a little spatula because it is a solid bomb that turns into a oil cleanser I have very very oily skin and when I first read about oil cleansers I was just like ah no thank you but oil cleansers have absolutely changed my life they are amazing apart from the fact that this product is amazing and it does exactly what it's meant to do it is great because it comes in multiple different types there is this one which is recommended for combination skin there's one for oily skin dry skin and sensitive skin everything in it like the ingredients aren't that awful and it is just.

Nice on the skin I just I could I cannot rave about this enough this was like twenty dollars or something like that and I was kind of like crap that's a lot of money but it really wasn't especially with how much you get and how literally need to use to achieve desired results it has a really weird smell I'm not even sure if it's a nice smell like they've put a fragrance in it I think to like cover up something that smells really funky I don't know it might just be made but it it smells a bit weird to me personally but that is like one of the only things I can fault it on it does exactly what it's meant to do I think it's pretty cool that it's like solid and then you rub it together and it creates an oil if I've got a lot of makeup on I tend to just use it dry and then wet it and gradually take it off but it is amazing it gets makeup off right away i am going to actually show you guys how well it works.

Filming in the bathroom is a no-go for me.

Product Review: Banila co Clean It Zero Cleanser

We are going to use this right here in my bedroom I have some water and i also have a face washer and a towel.

Hopefully this doesn't go too awfully but i think it's really important that i show you guys how amazing this works it does depend on how much makeup you're wearing but for them I'm wearing today I'm going to just use like this much i am wearing matte foundation though.

Maybe i might have to amp it up a bit I kind of forgot that I was wearing such diet dark eye makeup today that probably probably should have thought of that before I decided that today was the day to show it off. This is what happens well it is when I do it I if I'm wearing matte red or just any kind of really bright color on my lips it will go like everywhere on my face and today as you know it does happen I have gotten black everywhere I don't know I just feel like it's. Okay, to look like this for five seconds of your day to get rid of makeup up to get your makeup off properly I can already feel that all the mascara on my eyes is just gone like it is not going to be there I use two types of mascara and is just gone and I can also tell that my eyeliner because it's all now all over my face is totally gone and again I use two types of eyeliners and i have now repeatedly rub this into my eyes and i do not feel anything.

It also doesn't sting your eyes.

What i'm going to do now is wet my hands a little and i am going to rub it in a little bit more that went about as well as I could have expected it to oh god I'm just making it worse you know when you do something wrong and instead of stopping what you're doing wrong you just keep doing it I just have one of those moments you and there I went from being a six to a 20 lovely but that was really really simple I kind of feel dumb because I did this on a day when you know I was wearing really really really heavy makeup.

My skin went.

A ridiculously dark color but at the same time I think that just proves you how well this product works. This is a one hundred percent repurchase and the best part about it is my skin does not feel oily or gross afterwards but it also doesn't have that kind of tight feeling your skin can get it just feels nice I just love this I am 100-percent going to have to buy this online if I don't return to Korea before I run out of it I heavily recommend this to everyone it is amazing thanks for watching everyone if you liked this video please hit the like button if you want to see more reviews on Korean skincare and makeup please hit subscribe thanks for watching and don't forget to take care.

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