Product Review From A Tech- Valterra Easy Slider Hose Support System

Hello everybody got another product video here today today we're looking at the Belle Terre easy slider support system it's a mouth Tara easy slider Schuerholz owes support it is basically a couple of pieces of plastic that slide together.

Got one of these the other day have to look at the price i don't remember after that in the comments somewhere actually it was like at came to I was like twenty dollars and some change the club member price I think some like that.

They have another version that is a two piece that's like thirty dollars but it's a little bit longer.

Storing a little bit differently but I was a specific reason I looked at this now i installed one the other day and what I also did was I made some brackets I had a piece of shower channel i think is what this was symbol on that line it was basically the shower rail where shower with Hillary swapped out of shower door not a plasma cutter and cut it and bent it to make a basically little steak with a holder and you'll see down here how that two of the middle place.

Product Review From A Tech-  Valterra Easy Slider Hose Support System

I did this the other day with one of the rails and the the holders have been really happy with how. This is fall together.

I decide to get another set because the new camper has a longer distance between the outlet and the ground inlet for the sewer then the old one did the old ones closer to it becomes shorter trailer as well.

We're going to extend this today basically we have the other accordion supports under here which is what we've used for a long time I have two sets of those I can move and play and work with the ground and you know they work real good with this link don't when something a little different solid ETA will give those a try instead the work.

Far my kills I don't get a second set to extend it out.

We're gonna get set get under here and headed prep two just to extend and show you what we've got and let's know how things are going see in a minute ok.

This set up here that they've got when you look at the picture and look this up online you'll see it's made with this chain they'll hang around George sewer outlet and then extends out from there you adjust accordingly and its really. This is not ready to go kind of thing the the eyelets here there's no hooker idea business open I did not use that that way and didn't plan on that way.

That's something thinking mine these have original that allow these to slide together that keeps them from popping apart but they will come off when you do get them apart far enough though they will separate.

If you wanted to use one or two or all three or four this matter six you get the capability because they will slightly event and continue to stretch which is what we're going to do I also made these rails I'll show you one of these again I cut a bevel in the end angle to get with it more areas to drive to the ground make a little easier for me and then I cut notches.

That I literally could just take the hammer keep a little angle and open up the edges like.

To give it a little cradle now I can do this as far as I need to or less than e 2 I want to give you an example of what why we'll get this set up little bit i'll show you get in a minute. Okay.

We're back we have it all set up the easy slider support sewer support hose to a post important from Belle Terre on what we've got is two sections of it.

Here's where I ran to is that because we're going to double hoses or it makes this connection down here the connection pieces are thicker than the host they make it rise.

We still had a little bit of rice what it is I've made two separate sections i left the accordion style rack up there towards the left towards the front use my supports that I made for the back area.

Now it's pretty close to level it flows really well I'm really happy with it I think for the cost and the value to its a good product I could see having you know a couple sets like I've got I mean a compartment cuz you never really know when you get in a weird place before we did like most people have them jacked up with blocks and boards and all that kind of stuff yes you could take two you know one by fours and a on the other into V put them in a little bracket but I think. This is really versatile and for the value and the size and the weight load you that you would be transporting it's worth the value one thing about my brackets just the way we made them well got one left over here going to use and I'll show you on end one thing that kind of probably designed the flat area here will action lay down shim on some when I lay this down spread these out slightly.

When I put the hose in there this little flat area right here actually allows me to put little gems if I need to have a little bit of adjustment but not too much.

That's why I've done there and you can see on this back one got two little put blocks of wood there now just enough that I get that slight amount in there which is something you don't have with the accordion styler such you don't really have the extra versatility and that's why I made those that way.

A little tip you can use but for the products today think we're real happy with it something worth the value if you have any questions let us know don't forget to subscribe we'll see you next time I'm good.

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