Product Review - Portable Painter

Hello everyone.

Here is a rather random review from me. This is the pocket-sized portable painter this was sent to me the designer has contacted me some time ago and asked if I would like to try this out and I said yes because I already knew it was going to be pretty decent because I had watched Christina Werner's um review of the same thing and I thought it was pretty cool now I will start off by saying that I don't travel I'm stuck at home most the time.

I also don't like get out and paint you know out in nature and that sort of thing. However, I still think. This is pretty cool.

It comes in the box just like.

Product Review - Portable Painter

Packaged all nice and smooth and the cool thing about. This is you slide these apart like.

So you've got two wells and then you've got the actual pallet itself and what I think is the neatest thing about. This is how it works to attach to your wells.

There's little like notches in here and they just slide right along and I sit really secure.

You can do that on both sides just like.

And the whole idea is this can then sit on your leg.

That you don't even have to because like a lot of pallets will have that little ring.

You can hold it in your hand etc do your thing well the idea with. This is it can sit on your leg and the Wells will coming it will hold your leg and then you have both hands-free you know to hold your project to paint etc.

I think that's actually really cool and it gives you like a good sized little Wells here for your water.

I do like that a lot and then you've got a little pallet itself bunch of mixing space you got three kind of larger areas for mixing and several smaller ones.

I really like that to you and then the actual little pan themselves standard like half pan size I'm pretty sure let's see if like other brands of 1/2 pounds will fit let's see if I can get little here nope. This is a little SH minka pan and it won't fit.

Just an FYI if you do have your own specific like little half pounds on that the chances of them fitting in here are slim.

Just be aware of that. However, I was really excited to get this because I got I splurged and got several Daniel Smith tubes through Ellen Hutson she had them on sale I'll have links to all this but I got the watercolor essential set and then several somewhat random colors that just really stood out to me to make this palette.

My palette is going to be completely random in a way I'm sure not to most people's taste but I just wanted to fill this with colors that I knew I was going to love and use.

I do love though that these do come out.

If I want to switch them around or eventually maybe I'm not sure if you can get separate ones of these because they're kind of a unique I guess shape or whatever but that would be nice too.

That I could have extra whether than just depending on if I was actually going to live somewhere you know you could flip out a few and you carry the ones you want etc.

That's really neat and I do like how these are sitting in here because again most pallets you know like this it's this standard metal sort of piece and then you've got your tray and then everything is just kind of sitting rather loose you know.

They'll move around etc which doesn't really bother me but I know for some people it does.

I do like this idea.

I'm going to get to filling my little and then we'll just go from there. Okay.

My little pans are all filled is that coloring all gorgeous that is the Daniel Smith opera pink I have been wanting this for.


Pretty anyway. Okay.

The pads are filled they're only you know need some time to dry which is fine this also comes with a brush and it is dual ended which is kind of cool too.

You've got a larger tip and a smaller tip.

I think that's kind of a neat idea it seems like a little decent brush.

Yeah I like it I like it.

It just flips over like.

So that will fit right there in the little palette and then this just folds up you can slip off the wells dump them out and everything can collapse back to gether.

All in all I think. This is a pretty decent little palette and if you're someone that does like to travel or you know just go out and about and have some water coloring on the go I think this would be pretty cool because yeah it's a sturdy little pallet everything slides off and then when you're done with it I want to do it the spikes I don't want to flip this over all these colors are drying then we've done with it it fits together nicely then you can slide that onto there and it holds it all in place I think that is really neat you you Oh righty everyone the next morning.

There's a bit of sound from construction everything but I wanted to kind of share my little final thoughts first off the Daniel Smith watercolors are fabulous what little little tiny bit I played with them my palette is kind of a ridiculous mix of colors but I love them they're fun.

Yeah as for the actual portable painter itself I think. This is really cool when I use these colors I'm going to be obviously using this palette even though I'm not going anywhere but I do love just this setup I might not necessarily um always fill these when I'm using this at my desk in fact I'm more than likely won't because I like having like my larger like separate water cups or whatever but I like how I can have this like propped up a little bit.

Then because knowing me I've always got like stock going on my desk you know.

I can kind of stick it under there and this isn't getting in the way it's kind of propped up.

I think that's actually kind of cool.

Again though if you're someone that does like to go outside and paint on the go or travel or whatever I think. This is a cool option and if if I do get the chance to do any little bit of traveling I would problem more than likely take this with me you know with a little bit of paper I've got my brush and everything.

Just to have like some fun with.

I think it's neat I will have a link to it in the description box below my video as well as to my blog I'll also have links to these fabulous daniel smith watercolors I got these from Ellen Hudson they are just amazing and I'll be playing with them more you know as I'm creating them whatever.

Thank you all.

Much for watching and subscribing and thumbs up in my video and for commenting and all that I really appreciate it and I will see you all very soon in the next one bye.

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